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    Lady of a Thousand Treasures - eBook
    Sandra Byrd
    Tyndale House / 2018 / ePub
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    A Gift to Delight Any Romantic !
    December 17, 2018
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    A captivating romance of Victorian England by the accomplished author of The Daughters of Hampshire series, Sandra Byrd.

    Eleanor Sheffield's life is invested in the family business of appraising antiquities and must continue through downturns of economy, her father's death, the failing of her uncle's health, stealth of an employee, and outstanding debts. And the one she had hoped to count on has failed to return from his European travels. Until Harry Lydney's father's death.

    The funeral is revelatory. Eleanor has been chosen for the unusual task of determining what is to become of Lord Lydney's vast collection of reliquaries. Two options, and one doesn't favour his son, Harry, the now Lord Lydney..

    The door has just swung open to the mysteries, gothic, and atmospheric of this unusual story. Told in first person, we travel the streets and alleys of London's working class with Eleanor to the houses of upper class London clients and clubs as she evaluates their riches to keep her own bills paid. A tightrope that is never balanced. As is her heart. In love, yet never sure if the focus of her love is committed to her.

    Tension mounts as mysteries deepen and Eleanor's heart questions everything. No one proves trustworthy and revelations of the wealthy create confusion as she determines to choose well for the outcome of her assignment. I was totally immersed in the drama of Eleanor's day to day. Emotions connected and propelled my reading with an urgency for her to reach just conclusions.

    Well researched, the historic details intrigued with Byrd's competent research. Readers were treated to the beauty and excesses of a bygone era. Then the opposite, as Eleanor unceasingly cared for others of lower means and circumstances, servants, and women imprisoned by debts owed. Eleanor's own efforts to keep the wolves from her door informed her concerns, care, and prayer for all those she connected with.

    A book filled with discoveries, solutions, and resolutions. But in the end, the romantic carried the reward of most worth. Tangible. Expressive. Two hearts find their home in trust and in truth.

    A superb read.

    An outstanding novel.

    Recommended. And certainly, perfect as a gift to delight any romantic.
  2. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    Antiquities and Intrigue!
    October 25, 2018
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    What an interesting story! The plot in this novel drew me into the story immediately. The novel opens in the fall of 1866 at Watchfield House in Oxfordshire, England, home of the late Lord Lydney. Eleanor Sheffield, a lovely young woman who loves all things antique, is handed an intriguing assignment which will take her years of experience as the daughter of a conservator and evaluator of antiquities and her personal knowledge and judgment to assess and unravel. To complicate matters the new Lord Lydney, a potential heir, is home from abroad bringing heartbreak and uncertainty with him.

    Eleanor loves her work in dealing with antiquities. However, she struggles with her own difficult personal life since her father's death facing great uncertainty during this time when women were not expected to be knowledgeable or capable of working. As she deals with an ailing uncle and an employee with too much interest in the business, Eleanor will have to work hard to maintain her integrity and hold on to her business. As she strives to hold her family's life and business together, she must also sort out the affairs of her heart.

    So many questions trouble her as she seeks to unravel the mysteries that keep cropping up. Who can she trust? Where can she turn for help? Who should she believe? The intricate twists and turns will pull you right into the story. The historical components of the book are very detailed and interesting. Sandra Byrd does an excellent job of incorporating real historical elements into the story. The characters are intriguing and well developed. I personally love books with strong women and this story certainly delivers. Readers of historical fiction and romance will definitely enjoy this book.

    This ARC copy was received from Tyndale House Publishers and Netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.

  3. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    Where your treasure is. . .
    October 17, 2018
    My rating is 4.5 stars

    Harry was chronically late. Eleanor had even come to expect it of him. And she felt that his tardiness reflected a lack of care for her. In fact, there were so many little signs, and some bigger ones, that maybe he couldn't be trusted. People all around her were cautioning her against him.

    Poor Eleanor was in a difficult situation. She didn't really have anyone she could confide in and had gotten to the point that she really felt that no one cared about her. That she wasn't treasured.

    Through many hardships, Eleanor clung tightly to her faith in God. At times that faith was little more than that of a mustard seed, but it was enough to see her through. In addition to her faith, I admired her greatly for her kindness to others, even in her difficulty. More than once, she sacrificed greatly to benefit others.

    Despite an overall tone of melancholy, Lady of a Thousand Treasures was a treat to read. The slightly Gothic style and feel of the writing made me think of Jane Eyre. There was a great mystery with danger and unexpected twists. The author wisely told the story only from Eleanor's perspective to not give away any hints of what was going to come.

    In the interest of avoiding spoilers, I will refrain from saying more about the story itself save the fact that the absolutely most romantic moment in the book occurred in the most unexpected place. I would have never expected to give a swoony sigh in a location and circumstances like that.

    I learned so much about the collecting of antiquities and reliquaries in the Victorian era. I also got to go inside a prison (Eleanor visited some women there to minister to them). How abominable that one could be thrown in prison for stealing bacon and be sentenced to one year! And that those who had the means were treated better than those without.

    I had a delightful time reading this book. It was very different from the contemporary series of the author's that I have read and yet I believe I enjoyed this one even more.

    Read with a Preview at AmongTheReads.net

    I was given a free copy of this item. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.
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