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    1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      The best study bible ever!!
      December 17, 2016
      Janice Roberts
      Quality: 5
      Value: 5
      Meets Expectations: 5
      After I became a new convert, my Pastor told me that if I really wanted to learn the bible in more depth to get this book. This has got to be the best bible ever. I have read over the years so many other versions of this great book, but none compares to this one. I love it. If you really want to grow in knowledge and gain more wisdom, purchase this bible. This is my fourth one. Enjoy!!
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      I'm Astonished
      September 12, 2016
      Quality: 0
      Value: 0
      Meets Expectations: 0
      I just received this Bible a little while ago and I am very, very impressed; any photos or videos do not do this immense work enough justice. The bonded leather large print edition is absolutely beautiful and I'm somewhat speechless with the tremendous amount of work Finis Jennings Dake put into it; no one who possesses this Bible can ever complain of having nothing to do. Now having done a lot of research into this study Bible before buying it, I realize that Dake is a Pentecostal Dispensationalist and so not every one of his notes are entirely in line with reformed orthodoxy. All study notes on any Bible, for that matter, unlike the Biblical text itself, are the words of men, and hence are prone to error (I even found some questionable notes with my ESV Study Bible). But on the whole, it is mine opinion that the Dake Annotated Reference Bible is a most excellent one and I couldn't recommend a better study Bible. This will be my one Bible. I only wish there was a study Bible with the same amount of work containing notes of the reformers and those of the English Calvinists and their American successors (the Puritans).
    3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      Dake Bible
      April 12, 2016
      Edward Gaughan
      Quality: 5
      Value: 5
      Meets Expectations: 5
      Excellent study Bible. I may not go along with all of Dakes opinions. A lot of his opinions have been interesting and educational. I would recommend this Bible to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and form their own opinions.
    4. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      Dake Bible
      April 1, 2015
      Quality: 5
      Value: 5
      Meets Expectations: 5
      CBD did a great job and the Bible was in great shape when it arrived.

      Although I do not see all things the way Finis Dake did, This annotation will have many new thoughts and ideas, it is not your normal commentary. I really like the way it provoked thought and caused me to dig deeper and firm my understanding of doctrine. Well worth the time and investment.
    5. 3 Stars Out Of 5
      Not bad, could be better
      February 27, 2015
      Mr. Doby
      Quality: 3
      Value: 4
      Meets Expectations: 2
      The information in this KJV is very good, Some what opinionated . Not saying that is a bad thing. The only thing I do not like about it is the print. It is VERY small , not dark enough , very hard to read for an old guy. If you are looking for a study bible this one is great. Make sure to order the large print !
    Displaying items 6-10 of 319
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