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  1. Is Christianity Good for the World?
    Is Christianity Good for the World?
    Christopher Hitchens, Douglas Wilson
    Canon Press / 2008 / Trade Paperback
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    A very illuminating exchange
    September 21, 2015
    J. Luis Dizon
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    Our current morals are therefore just a way station on the road. No sense getting really attached to them, right? When I am travelling, I dont get attached to motel rooms. I dont weep when I have to part from them. So, in the future, after every ferocious moral denunciation you choose to offer your reading public, you really need to add something like, But this is just a provisional judgment. Our perspective may evolve to an entirely different one some years hence,or Provisional opinions only. Morality changes over timePOOMCOT for short. Douglas Wilson

    This is just one of many clever quips that Christian Apologist Wilson provides in his debate with the famous Atheist writer/speaker Christopher Hitchens in Is Christianity Good for the World?: A Debate. Originally published in the Christianity Today magazine, this written debate has these two electrifying personalities engaging in the issues concerning the moral claims of Christianity, whether they hold up to the scrutiny of proponents of the New Atheism, and whether Atheists can provide a non-supernatural explanation for morality and human dignity.

    In this book, Hitchens lays out the most popular Atheist arguments against Christian faith and piety, arguing that Christian ethical principles are as well as being incredible and mythical, immoral (p. 22), that such laudable teachings as the Golden Rule and loving ones neighbour exist prior to and apart from the revelation of the Bible, and that Christianity has resulted in its share of atrocities that neutralize its moral claims. Wilson responds by pointing out that Christianity explains how these ethical teachings could be known by non-Christians by pointing to the biblical teaching that even the Gentiles have the law written on their hearts (Rom. 2:14), as well as pointing out that from a Naturalistic Evolutionary perspective, not only does Hitchens (and other Atheists) have no grounds for making expressions of moral outrage, but that our moral concepts are subject to evolutionary processes, which means that our morality could evolve to the point that what is considered moral today would be immoral tomorrow, and vice versa.

    I highly recommend this to readers, because it shows what the common Atheist arguments against Christianity, as well as to show how these arguments can be defused and shown to be absurd and incoherent from the Atheists own worldview.
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    July 15, 2009
    Sterling Dare
    This is a debate between the atheist, Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson. Pastor Wilson with gentleness, wit and clear logic challenges Mr. Hitchens to validate where his values come from. Mr. Hitchens after much ranting can only say that moral values evolve over time. You must read Mr. Wilson's reply and the acronym POOMCOT. Mr. Hitchens comes of badly in this debate, but he remains not only an atheist, but truely detests Christianity. A great book and you should also read Wilson's "Letter from a Christian Citizen.
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