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    1. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      Heaven Has Blue Carpet: A Sheep Story by a Suburban Housewife
      January 19, 2015
      Quality: 2
      Value: 5
      Meets Expectations: 4
      I enjoyed the book. However, the spiritual content is not all all correct. I was interested in the book because we as Christians are sheep of the Shepherd (Christ).
    2. Northern Michigan
      Age: 55-65
      Gender: female
      2 Stars Out Of 5
      good but contains some misconceptions
      June 11, 2013
      Northern Michigan
      Age: 55-65
      Gender: female
      Quality: 3
      Value: 4
      Meets Expectations: 2
      As both a raiser of wool sheep, and a Christian I was really excited to see this book. All sheep and all shepherds are individuals, and have different experiences- but Sharon states that her sheep just would not come when they heard her call- and that as a general statement of sheep just is not correct. Perhaps with 6 children and 2 adults in the family, their sheep just didn't have a single shepherd figure- or with their very unique sheep handling system of frequently lying the sheep on their backs for hoof trimming or bathing (crutching); her sheep just don't want to come. Our sheep are also self-centered and will not come if they have just eaten and have comfortably settled down to chew their cuds- but our flock leaders (sheep always follow other sheep first!) always answer my call with a baaa. [Flock leader sheep are always mature, strong healthy individuals- that the rest of the sheep wait on to lead them. Flock leader sheep are chosen by the sheep themselves, but a shepherd will get rid of a leader sheep that chooses to lead the flock astray.] Very comfortable sheep baaa to let the shepherd know where they are, and sort of say "if you want to be with us we're over here." When the sheep are even a bit hungry, or stressed in any way the sheep do come when the shepherd calls. Very hungry sheep come very quickly.

      As a Christian I found the book too charismatic.
    3. New York, NY
      Age: 35-44
      Gender: female
      5 Stars Out Of 5
      Wonderful Journey
      January 9, 2012
      New York, NY
      Age: 35-44
      Gender: female
      Quality: 5
      Value: 5
      Meets Expectations: 5
      Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your heart and daily trials with us in your journey with Christ! You have done amazing things with Jesus as your Shepherd! I want to share this book with everyone, but it touched me just where I needed... so know I will be re-reading it again, and have to buy other books to share! Whether you find yourself as the helpless sheep dirtying your own food/water, or the shepherd with fragile sheep who've been abandoned, or anywhere in between, this book is a great reminder that God's love is big enough!
    4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      January 29, 2010
      Joyce Player
      A wonderful book, funny, sad and eye opening to the relationship we have with our heavenly Shepherd. You will not be dispointed with this book.
    5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      December 17, 2009
      Kathy Knupp
      I haven't finished the book yet, but am finding it very interesting and enjoyable to read.
    Displaying items 1-5 of 8
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