God's Design for Man and Woman: A Biblical-Theological Survey
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God's Design for Man and Woman: A Biblical-Theological Survey  -     By: Andreas J. Kostenberger, Margaret E. Kostenberger

God's Design for Man and Woman: A Biblical-Theological Survey

Crossway / 2014 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW536990

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Stock No: WW536990
Crossway / 2014 / Paperback

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Product Description

Equipping a New Generation to Live Out God's Design

This thorough study of the Bible's teaching on men and women aims to help a new generation of Christians live for Christ in today's world. Moving beyond other treatments that primarily focus on select passages, this winsome volume traces Scripture's overarching pattern related to male-female relationships in both the Old and New Testaments.

Those interested in careful discussion rather than caustic debate will discover that God's design is not confining or discriminatory but beautiful, wise, liberating, and good.

Product Information

Title: God's Design for Man and Woman: A Biblical-Theological Survey
By: Andreas J. Kostenberger, Margaret E. Kostenberger
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 380
Vendor: Crossway
Publication Date: 2014
Dimensions: 9.00 X 6.00 (inches)
Weight: 1 pound 3 ounces
ISBN: 1433536994
ISBN-13: 9781433536991
Stock No: WW536990

Publisher's Description

A husband and wife team—both biblical scholars—set forth a robust biblical theology of gender, examining key texts, employing sound hermeneutical principles, and considering important historical influences related to the Bible’s teaching on manhood and womanhood.


The eclipse of the family in human society is one of the most disastrous developments of our age. Sadly, the eclipse of the biblical model of marriage and family has also happened within far too many evangelical churches. Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger come to the rescue with biblical and theological insight and practical wisdom.
-R. Albert Mohler Jr.,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Models the best of Christian discernment about matters of gender, theology, justice, roles, and gifts. It is faithful in its representation both of God's character and our own propensity to sin, pastoral in its application of faithful biblical hermeneutics, insightful in its explanation of original word usages and their application, concise in its framing of hot-button issues and the hermeneutical fallacies that often fuel them, and charitable in its handling of the motives of those who disagree.
-Rosaria Butterfield,
former, Syracuse University; mother, pastor’s wife, and speaker

A refreshingly clear, well-informed, balanced, thorough, biblically faithful overview of the teachings of the entire Bible about manhood and womanhood as designed by God and intended for the joy and well-being of both women and men. A significant achievement!
-Wayne Grudem,
Phoenix Seminary

Scriptural, thorough, scholarly, irenic, and practical, this vital resource will help any serious student of the Bible understand God’s good, wise, and wonderful design.
-Mary A. Kassian,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The brilliant and respected Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger are wise experts, guiding us through the Bible for a substantive, gospel-rich, and pastorally applied theology of masculinity, femininity, and the goodness of our differences by God's design.
-Russell D. Moore,
President, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

Whenever we consider our God-given design, we must do so with humble hearts. What a gift to be able to appreciate how the triune, eternal God made us! This study on God's design will be useful in every field of Christian work all over the world.
-Gloria Furman,
Pastor’s wife, Redeemer Church of Dubai

Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger have teamed up to write one of the most helpful, comprehensive, and practical books to date on what Scripture teaches about God's design for men and women and its implications for marriage, families, relationships in the church, and in our society.
-Stephen J. Wellum,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

God's Design for Man and Woman is rigorously biblical, and the exegetical work is what we have come to expect of the Kostenbergers. Those who believe in the inspiration of the Bible will find this presentation compelling and hard to dismiss. Even those who do not accept biblical authority will, if honest, respect the arguments that are made. This book will serve the church of the Lord Jesus well.
-Daniel L. Akin,
President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Returning to a topic on which they both have already shown mastery, the Kostenbergers here round off their achievements with a full, lucid, and compelling demonstration that all Scripture treats male leadership as the creational pattern. Complementarians in particular will find here an invaluable resource, as indeed will any other open-minded Bible students.
-J. I. Packer,
Regent College

From Genesis to Revelation, Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger masterfully present God's plan for manhood and womanhood in the home, church, and society. This thought-provoking, insightful, and theologically grounded resource could not be timelier. This is a must-read that I highly recommend!
-Monica Brennan,
Liberty University

The authors break no new ground; they do not intend to. What they have done is put together biblical material in convenient and broadly comprehensive textbook format - material that brings together historical surveys, along with some exegesis, biblical theology, and pastoral application. One need not agree with every detail of the argument to see that this book meets a need to inform students and others who are new to the debate of some of its most inescapable parameters.
-D. A. Carson,
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

This unique and accessible book presents a positive, constructive, and winsome case for the whole gamut of biblical teaching about the divine design for men and women, as well as much practical application for how to live it out in both the home and the church. All who read this book will profit greatly by both their biblical theology and their godly example.
-Gregg R. Allison,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Moving beyond debates that discuss men's and women's roles in isolation from one another, Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger take a biblical-theological approach that seeks to understand God's design for men and women from the progressively unfolding narrative of Scripture. Responding to the profound influence of feminism, the authors call on men to exercise leadership in ways that exhibit genuine care and responsibility for those they are charged to nurture and protect.
-Daniel I. Block,
Wheaton College

This meaty (but not technical) volume will equip readers to grasp the beauty, utility, and missional importance of being created in God’s image, male and female. It deserves a wide readership in church and college or seminary classroom.
-Robert W. Yarbrough,
Covenant Theological Seminary

Using the primary picture of the household and pointing to a call for men to carry out their calling, this book is a careful and sober study of biblical texts. It calls on us to reflect on what Scripture teaches, making many important points along the way.
-Darrell L. Bock,
Dallas Theological Seminary

The Kostenbergers have thoroughly researched Scripture concerning God's design for men and women, and their efforts have produced a book that will challenge much of what the church does today. Anyone wanting to devote serious study to the topic of men's and women's roles in the church needs to read this book.
-William Jones,
President, Columbia International University

For years now, Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger have labored to help the church recover a biblical vision of manhood and womanhood in the midst of a culture that is moving increasingly away from God's design. We are so pleased to see the fruits of their labors gathered together into this wonderful new volume. Thoroughly biblical, deeply theological, and also practical and accessible, the Kostenbergers have given the church a great gift in an hour of great need.
-Michael J. Kruger,
Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

The whole of the Bible helps women understand their purpose as followers of Christ. The Kostenbergers have served both men and women by unpacking the distinction of gender roles and sexual identity in the entirety of the Scriptures. This is a personal, well-researched, comprehensive, and very useful book.
-Kay Milioni,
Pastor's wife, Open Door Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

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