1. The Giver and the Gift: Principles of Kingdom Fundraising
    Peter Greer, David Weekley
    Bethany House / 2015 / Trade Paperback
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  1. K Johnson
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Informative and concise book from the perspective a fundraiser and a donor
    June 19, 2023
    K Johnson
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    This is an excellent and rather short book with principles and observations in the first section of the book from the perspective of Peter Greer, a fundraiser for HOPE International, and in the second half of the book from David Weekley, a wealthy donor to HOPE International as well as a long time friend of Peter's. The book is divided into 20 very short chapters preceded by a Forward and an Introduction, and followed by a Conclusion, Acknowledgments, Appendix, Notes, and About the Authors. For this review, I decided to include a summary quote or statement from each section or chapter.

    The Forward by Fred Smith sets the stage for the conversation about donors and ministry leaders and the importance of a healthy relationship rather than one of power, control, or manipulation. The Introduction compares two forms of fundraising and this book will focus both on the giver and the receiver and the importance of the relationship between them.

    Part 1, The Gift

    Right away, Peter Greer, a professional ministry fundraiser, explains his shift in understanding fundraising. Initially, he viewed it as a poor orphan begging for a handout but through a couple of divine encounters, he shifted to see it as a Kingdom partnership where together both parties can accomplish something together that neither could do alone.

    Chapter 1: Christ-Centered, Not Me-Centered

    "At its core, fundraising is spiritual. Doing it well means listening for the Holy Spirit's guidance." p26

    Chapter 2: Listen First, Speak Second

    "Raising the bar means refusing to see fundraising as a transaction, but rather as a relationship. And deepening relationships means spending far more time listening than speaking." p30

    Chapter 3: Generous, Not Greedy

    "When we model Christ's generosity, it has a tendency to spread. Generous fundraisers often spark generous donors who inspire generous staff around the world." p33

    Chapter 4: Clarity, Not Ambiguity

    "Having clear plans and goals provided an important level of organizational accountability, as well as a seriousness about our partnership with supporters." p36 "It's not enough to tell a donor where their money will go; you also have to come back and tell them where it went." p37

    Chapter 5: Real, Not Rose-Colored

    Always be truthful and trustworthy.

    Chapter 6: Patient, Not Overambitious

    "Unsolicited proposals are often unwelcome proposals, similar to a door-to-door salesman interrupting the family dinner." p43

    Chapter 7: Confident, Not Arrogant

    "For the best of both the donors and the organization, funding needs to be in line with the full mission." p47

    Chapter 8: Long-Term, Not Short-Lived

    "At its heart, a partnership isn't just about the money - it's also about the relationship." p49

    Chapter 9: Grateful, Not Entitled

    "Good work begins with gratitude in both the one making the gift and the one receiving it." p53

    Chapter 10: Represents, Not Uses

    People, including cold children, had to wait two days for onsite blankets to be given to them because the NGOs wanted publicity when they were distributed. The people in need should be served but instead were being used.

    Part 2, The Giver

    "When I act on that responsibility and give freely of my time, talent, and resources, I feel an awesome joy." p63

    Chapter 11: Stewardship, Not Ownership

    "When we use our gifts to serve God and others for the Kingdom, we release our claim on what we have received and invite the Holy Spirit to work through us." p67

    Chapter 12: Heads, Not Just Hearts

    "Don't let relationships or appeal to emotions cloud your judgment. Take the time to carefully investigate how to give in a way that stewards God's resources well." p69

    Chapter 13: Mission Minded, Not Manipulative

    Donors can influence an organization's direction and effectiveness which has the potential to be good or bad for both the organization and the donor.

    Chapter 14: Partnership, Not Dependency

    "It is damaging to give a handout rather than a "hand-up", we shouldn't throw money at non-profits without helping them to perform more effectively." p76

    Chapter 15: Transformational Giving, Not Just Informed Philanthropy

    "Recruiting folks with the proper expertise can make an enormous difference." p80 Giving can transform both the recipients and the donors.

    Chapter 16: Spirit-Led, Not Overly Structured

    "As important as it is to give with your brain engaged, it's equally important to be willing to sacrifice your standard processes if the Holy Spirit leads." p83

    Chapter 17: Anonymous or Named?

    "The real question is not, Should I give anonymously? The question is, How will I gain the most glory for God?" p86

    Chapter 18: The Kids or the Kingdom?

    "The question is usually not whether to give the kids anything or not, as most of us do want to leave a legacy of some sort to our children. The issue is how much to leave to the kids and how and when to have it impact their lives." p89

    Chapter 19: For Forever or For Now?

    Waiting to give until after death prevents us from being directly involved in investing today in causes we care about deeply.

    Chapter 20: Together, Not Alone

    "Giving in community always seems to result in a greater impact and in better decisions." p96


    "We're all giving and we're all receiving, collectively doing something far greater than any one person could do alone." p98

    Appendix 1, David Weekley Family Foundation's International Giving Summary

    This appendix is about the David Weekley Family Foundation and includes its mission, focus, what they like, what concerns them, how they partner, and the traits of the strongest partners.

    I highly recommend this book for ministry leaders, people who need to raise money, and people who know they should give of their resources and are looking for wisdom to give wisely. I also think it would be a good book for families with older children (teens and young adults) to discuss their family's model for philanthropy and their legacy plan.
  2. Kleberg County Pregnancy Resource Center/RV
    1 Stars Out Of 5
    The Gift and The Giver are both important aspects of generosity
    August 28, 2018
    Kleberg County Pregnancy Resource Center/RV
    Quality: 1
    Value: 1
    Meets Expectations: 1
    I guess my biggest take-away is the fact that I've not done my homework in getting to really know the donors that so generously give to our organization. I always send hand-written thank you notes, but that's just not enough. We need to know and appreciate those who believe in our ministries enough to pour into them with their time, talent, and money. We need to be ready to also pour back into them with our time and talent. Just a phone call to ask about things that are going on in their life, or a lunch date to make that personal contact. I'm going to try to get better at this aspect of fund raising.
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