Gateway to a Supernatural Life: The Incredible Power of Holy Spirit Baptism
Stock No: WW1238502
Gateway to a Supernatural Life: The Incredible Power of Holy Spirit Baptism  -     By: Jeff Leake

Gateway to a Supernatural Life: The Incredible Power of Holy Spirit Baptism

Whitaker House / 2022 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW1238502

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Stock No: WW1238502
Whitaker House / 2022 / Paperback

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Product Information

Title: Gateway to a Supernatural Life: The Incredible Power of Holy Spirit Baptism
By: Jeff Leake
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 160
Vendor: Whitaker House
Publication Date: 2022
Dimensions: 8.50 X 5.50 X 0.38 (inches)
Weight: 6 ounces
ISBN: 164123850X
ISBN-13: 9781641238502
Stock No: WW1238502

Publisher's Description

An Experience That Transforms You and Lifts You into Partnership with God  

Many people are curious about the baptism in the Holy Spirit but are confused or cautious about what it involves. They ask themselves the following: "Is the baptism in the Holy Spirit really necessary for believers?" "Is it available to everyone?" "Is it as relevant today as it was in Bible times?"

Written in an accessible style and incorporating a solid biblical foundation, this book clearly shows how to receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit, whom God has sent to help, guide, and empower you. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is truly the gateway to a supernatural life! Author Jeff Leake addresses these essential questions and more:
  • What is the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
  • What is the real purpose of speaking in tongues?
  • Can every believer see supernatural answers to prayer?
  • How does the Holy Spirit heal people from hurt, loss, and feelings of inadequacy?
  • Can the Holy Spirit help overcome addictive patterns?
The baptism in the Holy Spirit is an experience that transforms you and lifts you into partnership with God. Through this book, you will come to grips with the supernatural potential of the Holy Spirit in your life. Read it with a hunger to see God do all that He wants to do through you!

Author Bio

Jeff Leake is a pastor, author, speaker, church planting expert, and apostolic leader with a heart to build the kingdom. He has served as Lead Pastor of Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for more than thirty years. During that time, Allison Park Church has tripled in size while parenting thirty-one new churches and launching seven additional campuses. Jeff’s insights on Spirit-led leadership, church health and growth, and church multiplication have helped leaders, pastors, and churches across the Northeastern United States to grow and flourish. Jeff is one of the founding Lead Team members of the Church Multiplication Network, the Founder and President of the Allison Park Leadership Network, and the Executive Director of the Network of Hope, a nonprofit group that meets people’s spiritual and practical needs. He is also the author of several books, including Praying with Confidence: 31 Days of Powerful Moments with God. Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in Bible from Evangel University and a master’s degree in missiology from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Melodie, have been married for over thirty-five years and have five children and six grandchildren.

Editorial Reviews

We live in a world desperately in need of Spirit-baptized, Spirit-filled, and Spirit-empowered people. In his book Gateway to a Supernatural Life, Jeff Leake provides
a Bible-saturated tour of the life every Christian should long for and experience. Read this book expecting your life to change!
—John Lindell
Lead Pastor, James River Church, Springfield, MO
Jeff has written another devotional book that has the potential to change your Christian walk dramatically. Get your hands on Gateway to a Supernatural Life and grow spiritually.
—Rob Ketterling
Lead Pastor, River Valley Church, Apple Valley, MN
I have met many world leaders, professional athletes, and successful businesspeople, yet Jeff Leake always stands out to me as one of the finest men I have been privileged to know. He doesn’t encourage others to walk where he has not walked himself. Gateway to a Supernatural Life is a guidebook to a deeper walk with the Holy Spirit, and it is as authentic as Jeff himself.
—Stephen J. Avery
Former running back, Pittsburgh Steelers
Avery Family Ministries, Pittsburgh, PA
Because Pastor Jeff Leake actually lives and breathes the book of Acts and is planting life-giving churches, the book you are holding in your hands is explosive. This isn’t just a collection of eloquent and wise words, but a book that has the demonstrative and life-transforming power of the Jesus gospel on every page. This is more than just "desk or university knowledge" by a professor, but well-tested and proven teaching from discipleship training and the frontier of evangelism. Read it, teach it, and see how the Holy Spirit will transform lives.
—Johannes Amritzer
Founder and President, Mission SOS International
Author, How Jesus Healed the Sick: And How You Can Too!
In this book, Gateway to a Supernatural Life, Jeff uses compelling biblical events and dramatic personal accounts to prove the power of the Holy Spirit can and still does make a difference in the lives of believers today. The Holy Spirit is God adding His super to our natural.
—James Leake
President, Acts 20:24 Ministries
Few issues are as important to Pentecostals as their personal experience in the life of the Spirit. There are also few issues that are as confusing to non-Pentecostals as this same experience. Jeff Leake approaches this subject in a thoughtful, biblical, and experiential way that I’m confident will remove much confusion and add much clarity to the importance of a dynamic, Spirit-filled life for all believers. I would encourage individual and group study of this work, with the anticipation of a greater power for service for our Lord.
—Stephen R. Tourville
Superintendent, PennDel Network of the Assemblies of God
Coauthor, Better Together: Harnessing the Power of Teamwork
Pastor Jeff Leake writes a practical, eye-opening guide to accessing the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. It’s hard to imagine a more challenging and liberating exploration of this surprisingly unexplored area—the crucial role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. Gateway to a Supernatural Life will bring you face-to-face with the limitless potential God has for you.
—Brian Bolt
Founder, CityReach Network
Lead Pastor, CityReach Church, Pittsburgh, PA
Author, Reach: A Story of Multiplication in the City

With the privilege of knowing Jeff personally, I have witnessed the power of miracles at work in his life’s journey. Gateway to a Supernatural Life is a great bridge for conversation to discuss the supernatural reality of the life-changing experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. You will enjoy the story-strengthened, practical approach that gives anyone food for thought and opens the dialogue for interaction. As you read, enjoy your personal journey for the miracle God has in store for you.
—Ron Heitman
Lead Pastor, Evangel Church, Hanover Park, IL

I stand in awe of the simplicity, biblical integrity, and practicality of this book. Without a doubt you are about to read one of the best books on the Holy Spirit; it is able to catapult any believer into a fruitful and adventurous Christian journey.
—Fernando DeCarvalho
Executive director, SOS Adventure Office

I have been a pastor for over thirteen years and experienced the baptism in the Holy Spirit for the first time this past year at Jeff’s church. As evidenced in this book, Jeff has a unique ability to make this beautiful and exciting Christian experience understandable and accessible to many Christians. I pray God will use this book to take everyday believers to new levels of worship, prayer, and service—to release a river of fervency from within every soul that encounters it.
—Dr. Dan Muttart
Pittsburgh PA

Nothing will ignite your faith like the power of the Holy Spirit! And nothing will ignite your hunger like real-life stories. Gateway to a Supernatural Life will leave you longing and looking for your own book of Acts experience!
—Ron Johnson
Pastor, One Church, Orlando, FL

I grew up in churches that were alive with the tangible power of the Holy Spirit, and I’m eager to reproduce those experiences in our church today. I’m also eager to do it in a way that’s sensitive to the seekers in our city who are exploring faith and giving church a shot. Jeff Leake has taught me how to introduce people to the transcendent presence of the Holy Spirit without being weird. This book is a gift for anyone who wants to experience the fullness of the Spirit in a culturally sensitive way.
—Brad Leach
Lead Pastor, CityLife Church, Philadelphia, PA

When I first heard that Jeff Leake was writing a book on the baptism in the Holy Spirit, I immediately said to myself, "Finally!" and for this simple reason: Jeff has an incredible gift to preach and teach on any given topic and make it easy to understand and apply. And since the book is about my favorite topic, I couldn’t be happier! On every single page, Jeff makes you long for the power of the Holy Spirit over your life and for the ability to live a "book of Acts" lifestyle each day. Not only that, but he stirs up the faith in you that it is possible! I can’t wait to see how many lives will be changed forever by reading Gateway to a Supernatural Life!
—Samuel Strandberg
Executive Director, Northeast Ministry School

In Gateway to a Supernatural Life, author Jeff Leake helps us take that beautiful, biblical, but often under-accessed gift of the baptism in the Holy Spirit off the shelf. In a clear, compelling way (and with life-in-the-real-world stories), Jeff removes the wrappings of confusion and controversy (maybe even—dare I say it?—weirdness) to reveal the one thing our weak hearts have been longing for all along: Holy Spirit power to live the vivid Jesus-is-alive message in this broken world. Maybe the idea of Spirit baptism is brand-new to you. Or perhaps, like me, you need fresh eyes to see the vast potential for empowering transformation available to every believer through this gift from Jesus. Either way, Gateway to a Supernatural Life is for you.
—Jodi Detrick
Religion columnist for The Seattle Times
Author, The Jesus-Hearted Woman

I absolutely love this new book. Not only do I 100 percent believe in what Jeff is sharing, but I'm ecstatic that a contemporary leader and pastor has written a new book on the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The storytelling, theology, passion, quotes, and the practical path Jeff lays out for anyone to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit will make Gateway to a Supernatural Life an important book for many years to come. I plan on distributing it widely and promoting it enthusiastically because every Christian needs to read it.
— Scott Hagan
President, North Central University, Minneapolis, MN

Jeff Leake is an incredible communicator. He takes eternal truths and makes them accessible through practical insights and inspiring stories, always painting a clear path to personal transformation. But what really adds weight to what any author or communicator has to say is that person’s testimony and spiritual fruit—and when you appraise Jeff’s life, you see that he has fruit, and lots of it. I wholeheartedly recommend Gateway to a Supernatural Life because of the powerful truths clearly articulated that impart faith for Holy Spirit impact in your life and ministry. Get ready for God to add new chapters to your story as you experience His power for life.
—Justin Maslanka
Lead Pastor, CityReach Church, Cleveland, OH

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