Freedom's Ring, A Novel
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Freedom's Ring, A Novel   -     By: Heidi Chiavaroli

Freedom's Ring, A Novel

Tyndale House / 2017 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW6423122

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Stock No: WW6423122
Tyndale House / 2017 / Paperback

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Product Description

Tragedy hits Boston 250 years apart in this time-slip novel of two stories woven into one with alternating eras between Annie David of modern-day Boston and Liberty Caldwell of colonial Boston. 

Annie is a marathon runner who with an injury from the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon. She had a weak relationship with her sister and niece who were also injured. The guilt Annie feels over the crippling injuries to her family hinders her from taking on that “Boston Strong” attitude that many New Englanders took on after the bombing. Liberty reunites with her brother only to lose him during the Boston Massacre of American Revolution making her the sole survivor of her immediate family. The two women must learn to overcome their guilt and fears to find their inner strength.

Product Information

Title: Freedom's Ring, A Novel
By: Heidi Chiavaroli
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 425
Vendor: Tyndale House
Publication Date: 2017
Weight: 12 ounces
ISBN: 1496423127
ISBN-13: 9781496423122
Stock No: WW6423122

Publisher's Description

Boston, 2015
Two years after nearly losing her life in the Boston Marathon bombing, Annie David is still far from “Boston strong.” Instead she remains isolated and defeated—plagued by guilt over her niece, crippled in the blast, and by an antique ring alongside a hazy hero’s face. But when she learns the identity of her rescuer, will he be the hero she’s imagined? And can the long-past history of the woman behind the ring set her free from the guilt and fears of the present?

Boston, 1770
As a woman alone in a rebellious town, Liberty Caldwell finds herself in a dangerous predicament. When a British lieutenant, Alexander Smythe, comes to her rescue and offers her employment, Liberty accepts. As months go by, Alexander not only begins to share his love of poetry with her, but protects Liberty from the advances of a lecherous captain living in the officers’ house where she works.

Mounting tensions explode in the Boston Massacre, and Liberty’s world is shattered as her brother, with whom she has just reunited, is killed in the fray. Desperate and alone, she returns home, only to be assaulted by the captain. Afraid and furious toward redcoats, Liberty leaves the officers’ home, taking with her a ring that belonged to Alexander.

Two women, separated by centuries, must learn to face their fears. And when they feel they must be strong, they learn that sometimes true strength is found in surrender.


Advance Praise for Freedom’s Ring

“A stunning debut from an ACFW award winner, Freedom’s Ring is a powerful journey into past and present that will inspire, encourage, and uplift. Prepare to indulge in this masterful love story of God and country that both haunts and heals long after the last page.”

 JULIE LESSMAN, award-winning author of the Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change, and Heart of San Francisco series

“Heidi Chiavaroli’s poignant exploration of the deeply broken and very human hearts of two Boston women, separated by centuries but connected through a mysterious gold signet ring, captured my heart and fired my imagination. Freedom’s Ring paints a stunning portrait of the healing power of love and forgiveness through divine strength. Days after reading, I’m still caught up in the rich historical detail, in the intrigue and mystery that brought three centuries together, and still pondering the difficult choices made by each character. Beautifully written, a riveting debut novel.”

CATHY GOHLKE, Christy Award–winning author of Secrets She Kept and Saving Amelie

“In Freedom’s Ring, Heidi Chiavaroli masterfully weaves together a moving story about the complexity of love and forgiveness, a novel rich with truth that transcends the barrier of time. Her writing captured me from page one, the strength of her words reflecting the journey of her main characters—past and present—as they sought courage to overcome their fears. A brilliant debut!”

MELANIE DOBSON, award-winning author of Chateau of Secrets and Catching the Wind

“Heidi has penned an intriguing tale of two women separated by time connected through their search for a strength they desperately need. History and the present are so deftly entwined, readers will be turning pages to keep up with the story tugging on their hearts.”

MELISSA JAGEARS, author of A Heart Most Certain

“In her debut novel, Freedom’s Ring, Heidi Chiavaroli skillfully blends two equally compelling stories, set in two different eras. With fresh writing and a richness of detail, the author does a brilliant job of drawing us into each world. From courage in the face of tragedy to the healing power of forgiveness, this book will leave you with a wonderful message of faith, hope, and second chances.”

SUSAN ANNE MASON, award-winning author of the Courage to Dream series

Author Bio

Heidi Chiavaroli is a writer, runner, and grace-clinger who could spend hours exploring Boston’s Freedom Trail. She writes women's fiction and won the 2014 ACFW Genesis contest in the historical category. Heidi makes her home in Massachusetts with her husband, two sons, and Howie, her standard poodle.

Editorial Reviews

Heidi Chiavaroli crafts a wise Christian romance out of volatile circumstances in Freedom’s Ring, a novel about finding the courage to start anew, detailing the lives of two women across centuries. From the Boston Massacre and the American Revolution to the Boston Marathon bombing, history proves the triumph of grace.

Anaya David—a marathoner injured in the 2013 bombing, whose now estranged sister and niece were also injured—struggles to reclaim her relationships. Together with Brad, a man who helped save her, and who entrusts her with a family ring, she embarks on a journey to uncover the ring’s history. Their genealogical quest alternates with a fascinating account by Liberty Caldwell, a young American in the 1770s whose loyalty is tested, and with Anaya’s slow re-entrance into her sister’s life.

An uncomplicated plot emphasizes characters whose imagined guilt keeps them from accepting the bounty life has to offer. Christian themes on God’s sovereignty and forgiveness are drawn without glossing over the hardships the characters face when confronting their fears. Anaya dwells on her role in her niece’s injury, believing that had she only completed the race sooner, she and her relatives could have avoided the bombing. Liberty hesitates in admitting the full facts of her past to her betrothed. Each character finds the healing value in moving forward. A dynamic narrative alternates between eras, allowing one woman’s challenges to spur the other’s. Loose parallels between their attempts to embrace new love highlight the flawed self-image they’ve formed in response to pain.

Chiavaroli captures the spirit of the eighteenth century with sharp insights. Liberty’s chapters especially resound for their delicate portrait of a woman caught between patriotism and pragmatism. Despite rising tensions in her community, the need to make a life for herself as the sole survivor of her immediate family takes precedence. Her involvement with the British—when it would have seemed traitorous—provides an original canvas for conflicting emotions. They reach a crescendo in an unexpected encounter that reveals Liberty’s complex personality.

Evocative, rich with symbolism, honest in its portrayal of human errors, Freedom’s Ring explores what happens when individuals reach the limit of their own ability and allow God to step in.
Two women united by a ring but separated by time tie together Chiavaroli’s engrossing debut novel. Annie David survives the Boston Marathon bombing after being taken to safety by an unknown rescuer who gives her an antique ring and promises to find her again. The novel moves back in time to 1770, when Liberty Caldwell comes to Boston in search of her brother. After she fails to locate him, she decides to stay and takes employment as a British lieutenant’s housekeeper. It is a tumultuous time in Boston, and despite the lieutenant’s attempts to protect his employee, she is assaulted by a British captain. In her distress, she steals the lieutenant’s only ring and flees the escalating tensions in the city. In present day, Annie is struggling with depression and guilt after her niece was crippled in the bombing. However, receiving the ring and researching Liberty’s history help Annie to overcome her negative feelings. The two women, separated by hundreds of years, both struggle through fear and loss to discover their true strength. Annie and Liberty are flawed, but their pain is familiar, creating an instant, lasting connection with readers. Chiavaroli’s writing flows easily and the pacing keeps the pages turning in this moving novel that covers tough topics such as PTSD, sexual assault, and forgiveness with realism and nuance.
When Annie David is wounded in the bombing just before crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon, she is swept up in the arms of a stranger who carries her to an ambulance and presses a ring into her hand. In 1770, Liberty Caldwell is reluctantly working in the home of two British officers while awaiting the return of her only relative, her brother, a sailor who is soon killed in the Boston Massacre. She is left pregnant after a rape. Annie and her rescuer eventually search genealogical and historical records to search the significance of the ring and how it relates to a poem found in an eighteenth-century time capsule. Chiavaroli brings together two romances that occur more than two centuries apart bound together by the gold signet ring with an inscription that inspires its owners to find freedom and rely on God.

Author/Artist Review

Author: Heidi Chiavaroli
Located in: Massachusetts
Submitted: June 15, 2017

    Tell us a little about yourself.  I am a wife, mother, history-lover, and grace-clinger. When I'm not writing or accompanying my family on our next historical research adventure, I love to run, hike, bake, and putter away at do-it-yourself home improvement projects with my hubby.

    What was your motivation behind this project?  I’ve always been fascinated by Boston’s Revolutionary history and knew a story was waiting there for me. When the Boston Marathon bombing hit so close to home, it really shook me up. I realized around that time how much I was living in fear. So what does a writer do to work out her problems? She writes a book about them! I combined my love for a good historical story, grounded in another Boston tragedy almost 250 years earlier, and dove in with my characters, exploring the answer to my question, “How can I conquer fear?”

    What do you hope folks will gain from this project?  I hope readers will come away with a sense that being weak, being inadequate, isn’t a bad thing. In fact, as soon as we think we’ve “gotten it right,” then we often stumble on our pride. We often think we can look to ourselves for strength. Or if not ourselves, then our great faith. But maybe it’s not how together we have it, or even how big our faith is. Maybe it’s who we put our faith in. Jesus is strong enough to take all our regrets and mess and make them into something beautiful.

    How were you personally impacted by working on this project?  In writing this time-slip novel it really hit me how we as humans are bound together, no matter the years or generations between us. We may have more technology nowadays, but our basic desires and fears are often the same. Desire for acceptance and freedom. Fear of rejection, fear that we are not good enough. It really made me think of the human condition and how God gave us such a perfect solution in Jesus!

    Who are your influences, sources of inspiration or favorite authors / artists?  I enjoy reading widely, but my all-time favorite fiction author is Francine Rivers. After reading her Mark of the Lion series, I became a firm believer in the fact that stories change lives. She inspired me to write, and to make a difference with words. Other authors I love are Christa Parrish, Katie Ganshert, and Gina Holmes. In the nonfiction realm, I really appreciate Jerry Bridges, Tim Keller and Jared C. Wilson.

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