Soul Set Free: Why Grace Is More Liberating Than You Believe
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Soul Set Free: Why Grace Is More Liberating Than You Believe  -     By: John Lindell

Soul Set Free: Why Grace Is More Liberating Than You Believe

Charisma House / 2019 / Hardcover

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Stock No: WW996172

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Stock No: WW996172
Charisma House / 2019 / Hardcover

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Product Description

Learn just how deeply God is committed to loving you! You know and have experienced grace, but do you fully understand it? Lindell invites you on a journey through Romans 1--8 to discover the true meaning behind the good news of the gospel as he shares his own and others' stories of transformation into freedom. 224 pages, hardcover from Charisma.

Product Information

Title: Soul Set Free: Why Grace Is More Liberating Than You Believe
By: John Lindell
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 224
Vendor: Charisma House
Publication Date: 2019
Dimensions: 9.00 X 6.00 (inches)
Weight: 14 ounces
ISBN: 1629996173
ISBN-13: 9781629996172
Stock No: WW996172

Publisher's Description

Just because you know and have experienced grace does not mean you fully understand it.

This book will help you experience the freedom found in knowing just how fully God is committed to loving YOU.


Rediscover the missing piece in what today’s Christians believe about the Christian life. As lead Pastor of one of America’s biggest churches, John Lindell went on a personal quest for answers and discovered the true meaning behind God’s grace, and when he came to see the full revelation of God’s commitment to us, it changed his life forever.
In Soul Set Free, Lindell invites you on a life-changing journey through the Book of Romans. Learn to no longer view the gospel as anything less than a truth that sets your soul free.
The good news of the gospel can be summed up in three parts: Christ died for our sins, we are forgiven through faith in Christ, and heaven is our reward upon death. However, none of these parts cover what transpired when we were saved.
The gospel is even better than what we believe. It brings joy but it’s even better. It’s forgiveness of sins but it’s even better. It’s God sending His only Son but it’s even better.

Author Bio

Pastor John Lindell is devoted to seeing the local church thrive and standing boldly for the cause of Christ. His heart for God and people is evident and exampled in his leadership at James River Church in Springfield, Missouri. From week to week, he speaks life-giving messages that are changing the landscape of ministry and church by challenging generations to rise up and live life fully in Christ.

Editorial Reviews

"John’s love for people and wholehearted passion for the local church to thrive have caused him to capture a message that will unlock potential, purpose, and clarity within every reader. He shares of God’s endless, revolutionary, and profound grace, a grace he has been so evidently marked by in his decades of pastoring and leading. You are about to embark on a rich and life-changing journey to discover the depths of God’s miraculous grace, and you have no greater guide than my friend John."
—Brian Houston
Global Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church

"This book is like Beethoven meets beatboxing! It’s very well written—replete with interesting anecdotes about church history and deep theological truisms—but it’s also incredibly practical and life-giving. It’s less about exegeting the concept of divine grace and more about experiencing the tangible compassion of God, actually leaning in to His miraculous, shame-eviscerating, unmerited, transformative kindness—which is why Soul Set Free will be on my nightstand for a long, long time!"
—Lisa Harper
Speaker and Author, The Sacrament of Happy

"Far too many followers of Jesus feel trapped by their past, enslaved by their failures, and defined by their faults, which is why I can’t wait for people to read Soul Set Free! Grasping the enormity of God’s grace and its transformative power can change everything about the way you live life and walk with God. Everyone needs to read this book!"
—Mark Batterson
New York Times Best-Selling Author, The Circle Maker
Lead Pastor, National Community Church
"Pastor John has spent his entire adult life loving Jesus with his family, leading one of America’s greatest churches, and learning the heart of God by preaching every verse of the entire New Testament, along with much of the Old Testament. Many of us have been long awaiting this book from one of this generation’s greatest Bible teachers. This message on the grace of God is the gist of the gospel and a gift to the church. I am purchasing multiple copies to give away and encourage you to do the same."
—Mark Driscoll
Founding and Senior Pastor, The Trinity Church,
Scottsdale, Arizona
President, Mark Driscoll Ministries
Author, Spirit-Filled Jesus

"Being a Christian isn’t about following rules. It’s about freedom—the freedom we have in Christ to pursue a truly abundant life. John Lindell’s Soul Set Free: Why Grace Is More Liberating Than You Believe is a powerful journey into God’s overflowing compassion and forgiveness. It’s the spark you need to ignite a new passion for the overwhelming love God has for you.
—Craig Groeschel
Founding Pastor, Life.Church
New York Times Best-Selling Author

"I am thrilled that John Lindell has written his first book! This insightful Bible teacher has given us Soul Set Free: Why Grace Is More Liberating Than You Believe, and it will be a huge help to everyone who reads it. John’s teaching about God’s grace outlines the vast treasury of blessings we have in Jesus Christ and that so many of us miss out on. Get this book in your hands, and you will find just how liberating the grace of God can be in your own life.
—Jim Cymbala
Senior Pastor, The Brooklyn Tabernacle
"Most followers of Jesus know that God’s grace is central to their relationship with Him, but they don’t always grasp the extent of His liberating power in their lives. In Soul Set Free, John Lindell unlocks the chains of misunderstanding, shame, and frustration that keep many people from walking in the power of the Lord. Grounded in God’s Word and filled with practical examples, this book will transform your understanding of amazing grace!"
—Chris Hodges
Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands
Author, The Daniel Dilemma and What’s Next?

"In a world where many may struggle to believe that God could really love us in our brokenness, this book is a refreshing reminder of the infinite grace that is ours in Christ Jesus. Lindell takes readers on an important journey in the Book of Romans that culminates with the panoramic view of God’s work for us on the cross, God’s work in us through His Spirit, and God’s work with us in grace. This book is a handy companion in a world of condemnation and rage with a central message: God is for us!"
—Ed Stetzer
Billy Graham Distinguished Chair, Wheaton College

"The truth contained in this book could radically change your life. You may be familiar with the term grace, but have you been plunged into the depth of freedom promised through the grace of God? You are holding a road map; dive in."
—Sheila Walsh
Author, It’s Okay Not to Be Okay
"It’s one thing to write about grace, but it’s entirely different to live it out. Pastor John is a man who embodies the Word not just on platform but in everyday life. This book has opened my eyes, as a church planter and Bible teacher, to the power—as Pastor John says—that grace changes everything. Through his wisdom I’m learning how to live and lead with an extra measure of grace in my congregation, my marriage, and my family."
—Bianca Juarez Olthoff
Best-Selling Author, Bible Teacher,
Pastor, The Father’s House OC

"Reading this book feels like a conversation with John, and those conversations have blessed me big time through the years. Soul Set Free is classic John Lindell—an inspiring and encouraging, yet practical, word that you can plug right in to your life. No matter what season you are in, this book will find you. John’s masterful expository on grace makes for a power-packed narrative of what it truly means to be a son or a daughter of God. Soul Set Free embodies what it means to live a life of true freedom that Christ gave us. The practical, powerful tools John lays out in these eighteen chapters will change your life. This book is challenging and life-giving, all while extending an invitation to better understand God’s heart for you."
—Jeremy Foster
Lead Pastor, Hope City Church

"Soul Set Free helps you see why grace is so often called 'amazing.' From his own experiences in life and from his exposition of Romans, Pastor John clearly reveals how this one-syllable word, grace, is not only a distinguishing feature of the gospel but is what sets Christianity apart from all other world religions. Enjoy your journey through Soul Set Free, and you too will start calling grace 'amazing.'"
—Doug Clay
General Superintendent, General Council of the
Assemblies of God
"Soul Set Free will liberate you from the stuff that is holding you back. Seriously this book will transform your perspective of God and His expectations. John Lindell doesn’t try to candy-coat his message—he writes with vulnerability and refreshing honesty. When deciding to read a book, I ask, 'Does the author have something to say, or is he or she just trying to make a quick buck?' These days too many books are motivated by payout and prestige. I know you’ll agree—this book is different. It has a divine purpose for you and your life. This one will enter your top 10."
—Hal Donaldson
President and Founder, Convoy of Hope

"This book will help you see God, His grace, and your future in a whole new light! The message of Soul Set Free is something every person needs to hear! It comes from the heart of a pastor who is deeply committed to unpacking the truth of God’s Word. The pages in this book will move you toward the amazing life God has for you. Highly recommended!
—Rob Ketterling
Lead Pastor, River Valley Church

"Pastor John is an incredible pastor, leader, family man, and friend. He has accomplished great things in life, one being his passion and mission to present the gospel in such a gracious, profound way. His teaching invites you to eagerly lean in to learn, while challenging and growing you in your personal journey with God. The words written throughout the pages of Soul Set Free are life changing. Finding freedom within one’s soul is the greatest gift a person could ever receive. This book is going on our must-have list. When a person’s soul finds freedom, they are unstoppable."
—Robert and Taylor Madu

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