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  1. A is for Adam: The Gospel from Genesis
    A is for Adam: The Gospel from Genesis
    Ken Ham, Mally Ham
    Master Books / 2011 / Spiral Bound
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    Chronological, Rhyming, and Fun
    June 30, 2012
    Growing up under typical Sunday school fare, many children view the Bible as a bunch of disjointed stories with moral rules to obey. The aim of A Is for Adam is to introduce children to the theme of Scripture—the gospel—by displaying it from the very first book of the Bible. The historical account of Genesis explains how God created the world; how man is created in the image of God; how sin came into the world, bringing suffering and death; and how God promised to send a Savior, the only way of salvation.

    Published by Master Books of New Leaf Publishing, this spiral flip-top book is designed so that the child can see the picture and rhyme, while the parent can view the teacher's guide with a summary, biblical principles, discussion points, activity ideas, review questions, and more. The 26 lessons cover each letter of the alphabet. With the additional teacher's resources at the end, the book is 77 pages.

    Although likely not designed for such a young age, my one-year-old daughter loves this book with its colorful drawings and catchy rhymes. Here is an example:

    "M is for Moan, what a mess sin did make.

    Thorns, thistles and death, and cursed ground for man's sake.

    God had to judge sin. He's so holy and pure,

    But God is so good, He provided a cure."

    Don't be surprised if you quickly memorize all the letter rhymes just through regular reading. My daughter likes to turn the pages, so the book has had some wear and tear, but it's still holding up with some tape jobs. Covering Genesis 1-11, this book begins with the creation and Fall of man, continues with Noah's Ark, and ends with the Tower of Babel and a flash forward to the Consummation of history.

    "Z is for Zip, so quick it will be,

    When Jesus comes back for you and for me.

    If our name is found in the ‘Lamb's Book of Life,'

    We'll sure live forever in a place with no strife."

    **I received a complimentary copy of this course from the publisher for the purpose of my impartial review.**
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    Good Devotions for Young Children!
    May 1, 2012
    My Thoughts-

    I really enjoyed doing these devotions with my husband and children. We would begin by reading the rhyme, then continue with the starting point, "Let's Talk!" and "Always Remember", "Stuff to Do", and "Quick Review." It took us about fifteen minutes each time and the kids couldn't wait until the next time.

    One thing I thought that was strange was the way Adam was drawn. He chest wasn't anatomically correct. I did have a fun time looking at the rest of the illustrations.

    I didn't think it was necessary to continuously state that we are not animals. I think the kids realized that in a couple of lessons.

    I would recommend A is for Adam for families with young children.

    Disclosure- I received A is for Adam by Ken & Mally Ham for free from Master Books. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I'm disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.
  3. Age: 25-34
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    More Than Just a Picture Book!
    April 5, 2012
    The Happy Homeschool Mom
    Age: 25-34
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    A is for Adam is more than just a child's picture book. It is a fun and interesting way to teach your children all about the truths in the book of Genesis. One truth is presented for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z using wonderful, truthful rhymes. "A is for Adam; God made him from dust. He wasn't a monkey, he looked just like us. Although some scientists don't think it was so, it was God who was there, and He ought to know." The illustrations that go along with the poems are delightful!

    The rhymes and illustrations go a long way to teaching children about the book of Genesis, but the book has so much more! The book is designed as a hardcover flip book with a base that allows it to stand up on a table. The side with the rhyme and illustration points in one direction (the students) while on the other side is an entire page for the teacher (or parent.) The teacher page has the rhyme and a short lesson containing: The starting point, Bible Bits, Let's Talk, Always Remember, Stuff to Do, and Quick Review, which helps you the teacher reinforce what is being taught in the book in a fun and engaging way. To see a sample of the teacher's page click here. It goes even further to provide the teacher with a background page on each of the truths presented and how to direct the discussion with your students.

    I love A is for Adam and would recommend it to parents, homeschoolers, and Sunday School Teachers. All ages can enjoy and appreciate the book and the lessons from it. My 15 year old thought it was really cute!! It would probable be best enjoyed by preschoolers through elementary aged students. Truly an awesome resource to have in the home!

    "Z is for Zip, so quick it will be, when Jesus comes back for you and for me. If our name is found in the "Lambs Book of Life," We'll sure live forever in a place with no strife,"

    I received a complimentary copy of A is for Adam from New Leaf Publishing Group for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation.
  4. Age: 18-24
    Gender: female
    3 Stars Out Of 5
    Great resource... a few errors in my copy...
    March 12, 2012
    Amy B
    Age: 18-24
    Gender: female
    Quality: 3
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 4
    Name: A is for Adam

    Author: Ken and Mally Ham

    Publisher: Master Books

    Genre: Children Nonfiction, Children Bible Study, Creation

    Ages: 3-11

    Page Count: 80

    Format: Hardcover, stand-up

    What a neat resource! This book A is for Adam, is a series of rhymes taking you from (obviously) "A" is for "Adam" all the way to "Z" is for "Zip" while portraying the gospel in a simple, colorful, and child-friendly manner. Each verse has it's own color illustration with an entire page of discussion points, questions, and simple activities to do. For you (as the parent or older sibling :-) ) there are more in-depth notes in the back.

    I loved the points that were made in the book- how it was all tied back to the gospel- down to when God "made" clothes for Adam and Eve from animal skins, that was the first "sacrifice" to cover their sin, how the ark portrayed salvation, and more! How wonderful that we can plant seeds like these into little minds to get them thinking- I love it.

    Is it Informative? Definitely

    Overall child friendly? Five stars

    -Simple to understand? Definitely

    -Capture Attention? OK

    -Clean? Yes

    Faith Building? Definitely

    Accuracy? Excellent

    Illustrations? Three stars

    {Simple, colorful, and child-friendly}

    Writing Style: Average

    Blasphemy/Profanity? No

    Worldview: Thoroughly Christian

    Quality of cover, binding: Average

    Gospel Message? Yes

    Good Repute Rating: Five stars

    Final Thoughts or Comments: This is a great book for what it is intended. However, in the printing that I received I noticed quite a few typos/grammatical errors. I hope that in future editions that these can be corrected- other than that it is an excellent resource!
  5. Kansas
    Age: 18-24
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    A is for Adam
    February 22, 2012
    Age: 18-24
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    A is for Adam

    When I was little my family had a little library in one of our spare rooms. This is where I discovered books and that I love to read. As I was browsing New Leaf Publishing to see what books they were offering in their blogging for books program, I came across a title I recognized from my childhood. A is for Adam the Gospel from Genesis by Ken and Mally Ham is a children's book that is mainly pictures about Adam and Eve. I used to love reading it and discovered the one that I requested is different than the older version. This version is hardback and can be propped up and then you can flip through the pages and read the story on one side and review what that page said on the other side. It is more of an interactive book that is way cool for younger kids!

    The book says that it is a "multipurpose family book" on the back and I would agree! It's really neat to see how an ordinary book can be changed into something more interactive.

    Anyway for those of you who have young ins I suggest you check this book out!

    Here is a link to a website that has it-A is for Adam the Gospel from Genesis

    "I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing"
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