Five Views on Law and Gospel
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Five Views on Law and Gospel   -     Edited By: Stanley N. Gundry
    By: Greg Bahnsen, Walter C. Kaiser Jr., Douglas J. Moo, Wayne G. Strickland

Five Views on Law and Gospel

Zondervan / 1996 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW21271

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Stock No: WW21271
Zondervan / 1996 / Paperback

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Product Description

Do the law and the Gospel belong to two separate dispensations? Has the Gospel replaced the Law? What is the relevance of the Old Testament Law to our lives as Christians? Is there continuity between it and what Christ expects of us in the gospel? It is no secret that Christians have differed widely on these questions. This explores five major approaches to this important biblical topic that have developed in protestant circles. Each of the five authors presents his particular perspective on the issue and responds to the other four. William A. VanGemeren (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) presents a non-theonomic Reformed view of the use of the law. Greg L. Bahnsen (Southern California Center for Christian Sutides) argues for a theonomic reformed approach. Walter C. Kaiser (Gordon-Conwell Seminary) maintains that the weightier issues of the Law of Moses are binding on believers today. Wayne G. Strickland (Multnomah School of the Bible) advocates the dispensational view. Douglas J. Moo (Trinity Evangelical School) proposes a modified Lutheran approach with a clear antithesis between the Law and the Gospel.

Product Information

Title: Five Views on Law and Gospel
By: Greg Bahnsen, Walter C. Kaiser Jr., Douglas J. Moo, Wayne G. Strickland
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 462
Vendor: Zondervan
Publication Date: 1996
Dimensions: 8 X 5.31 (inches)
Weight: 13 ounces
ISBN: 0310212715
ISBN-13: 9780310212713
UPC: 025986212711
Series: Counterpoints: Bible and Theology
Stock No: WW21271
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Publisher's Description

An introduction to a complex theological issue that impacts our daily lives as believers in Christ: What is the relevance of the Old Testament Law to our understanding of the Gospel and how it should be lived?

This book explores five major approaches to this important biblical topic as they've developed in Protestant circles:

  • Non-Theonomic Reformed View – the law is the perfection of righteousness in Jesus Christ.
  • Theonomic Reformed View – the goodness of the law is dependent on how it's used and does not offer a way to salvation. Heavily focused on Paul's discussion of the Law.
  • Law as "Gracious Guidance" View – emphasizes the contrasts between the Mosaic law and the Gospel of grace, while still asserting the Law's value.
  • Dispensational View – approaches the Law from a historical perspective to help us understand its presentation, treatment, and recipients.
  • Modified Lutheran View – the Law of Christ as the fulfillment of the Law of Moses.

This book allows each contributor to not only present the case for his view, but also to critique and respond to the critiques of the other contributors, allowing you to compare their beliefs in an open forum setting to see where they overlap and where they differ.

The Counterpoints series presents a comparison and critique of scholarly views on topics important to Christians that are both fair-minded and respectful of the biblical text. Each volume is a one-stop reference that allows readers to evaluate the different positions on a specific issue and form their own, educated opinion.


Author Bio

Greg L. Bahnsen, was resident scholar at the Southern California Center for Christian Students. Walter C. Kaiser Jr. (PhD, Brandeis University) is distinguished professor emeritus of Old Testament and president emeritus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. Dr. Kaiser has written over 40 books, including Toward an Exegetical Theology: Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching; The Messiah in the Old Testament; and The Promise-Plan of God; and coauthored An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics: The Search for Meaning. Dr. Kaiser and his wife, Marge, currently reside at Kerith Farm in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. Dr. Kaiser’s website is

Douglas J. Moo (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is the Kenneth T. Wessner Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. His work centers on understanding the text of the New Testament and its application today. He has written extensively in several commentary series, including the NIV Application Commentary and the New International Commentary on the New Testament. With is son Jonathan Moo, he coauthored Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World, part of Zondervan’s Biblical Theology for Life series.

Wayne G. Stickland is professor of theology and co-chair of the Bible and theology department at Multnomah School of the Bible. Willem VanGemeren (PhD, University of Wisconsin) is professor of Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is the author of a number of books, including Interpreting the Prophetic Word (Zondervan) and a commentary on Psalms in the Expositor's Bible Commentary series (Zondervan).

Stanley N. Gundry is executive vice president and editor-in-chief for the Zondervan Corporation. He has been an influential figure in the Evangelical Theological Society, serving as president of ETS and on its executive committee, and is adjunct professor of Historical Theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He is the author of seven books and has written many articles appearing in popular and academic periodicals.

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