The Feeler: Discovering How Sensitivity Helps You Discern and Act on God's Voice - eBook
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The Feeler: Discovering How Sensitivity Helps You Discern and Act on God's Voice - eBook  -     By: James W. Goll

The Feeler: Discovering How Sensitivity Helps You Discern and Act on God's Voice - eBook

Whitaker House / 2021 / ePub

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Stock No: WW107251EB

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Stock No: WW107251EB
Whitaker House / 2021 / ePub
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Product Information

Title: The Feeler: Discovering How Sensitivity Helps You Discern and Act on God's Voice - eBook
By: James W. Goll
Format: DRM Protected ePub
Vendor: Whitaker House
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN: 9781641235839
ISBN-13: 9781641235839
Stock No: WW107251EB

Publisher's Description

"James Goll is one of the most accurate prophets I know."
—Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural!

The Scriptures give us a full-color picture of a God who is moved by emotions such as yearning, love, and compassion. Our human emotions reflect the emotional qualities of our Creator, who made us in His own image. Feelings have a vital place in any believer’s life, not just in those who have a more sensitive nature due to their personalities.

The Feeler by James W. Goll delivers a remarkable biblical perspective on our emotions and how they help us to discern and act on God’s voice. We experience the love, joy, and presence of God with our feelings. Our emotions have an impact on our bodies, our level of holiness, our relationships, and our decisions.

The Bible tells us we need to have our "senses trained to discern good and evil" (Hebrews 5:14 NASB). What are we training? Both our natural senses and our spiritual senses. Our physical senses, with the addition of "knowing," correspond to our spiritual senses in these ways:
  1.  Eyes (sight): visions and dreams
  2.  Ears (hearing): voices and sounds
  3.  Heart (touch): emotions and feelings
  4.  Tongue (taste): good and evil
  5.  Nose (smell): good and bad
  6.  Mind (knowing): divine thoughts and impressions
This book will show you how to listen for and recognize the often subtle ways God’s Spirit speaks to believers, as well as how to discern good and evil spirits. With consecrated gifts and senses, you can reach out to the body of Christ and to the world at large in both spiritual and practical ways, making you much better equipped to fulfill your role as an ambassador of the gospel.

Author Bio

DR. JAMES W. GOLL is the president of God Encounters Ministries, formerly known as Encounters Network, and has founded numerous ministries including Prayer Storm and Women on the Frontlines. He is a member of the Harvest International Ministries (HIM) apostolic team and an instructor for the Wagner Leadership Institute and Christian Leadership University.
With great joy, James has shared Jesus in more than fifty nations, teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit.
James is a prolific author. Among his books are The Seer, The Discerner, Strike the Mark, Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today, Passionate Pursuit, The Coming Israel Awakening, The Lost Art of Intercession, and the award-winning The Lifestyle of a Prophet. He has also recorded multiple classes with corresponding study guides and full curriculum kits.
In the spirit of revival and reformation, James desires to facilitate unity in body of Christ by relationally networking with leaders of various denominational streams. His passion is to "win for the Lamb the rewards of His suffering." Praying for Israel is a burden of his heart as Israel fulfills her role in the consummation of the ages.
James and Michal Ann were married for thirty-two years before her graduation to heaven in the fall of 2008. James has four adult children, Justin, GraceAnn, Tyler, and Rachel, all of whom are married, and a growing number of grandchildren. James makes his home in Franklin, TN.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @jamesgoll
  • Instagram: James Goll

Editorial Reviews

My dear friend James Goll is a disciplined student of the Word and a prolific writer. He lives to communicate the heart of God for our lives. His latest book, The Feeler: Discovering How Sensitivity Helps You Discern and Act on God’s Voice, is timely and greatly needed. And as far as I know, it is the only book of its kind. The sensitivities of our lives are typically shut down in favor of the intellect. Many people don’t realize that God doesn’t always speak to the mind first. Even the brilliant apos­tle Paul taught that the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy, which means two-thirds of the kingdom are felt realities. In The Feeler, you will see and hear the insights of someone who has successfully nav­igated the one part of the Christian life that most leaders would like to avoid. I believe this book will have a powerful impact on all who read it.
—Bill Johnson
Bethel Church, Redding, CA
Author, Born for Significance and The Way of Life

James Goll is one of the most accurate prophets I know. For years, Christians have tried to shut down their emotions. James’s break­through book The Feeler will stop you from ignoring this God-given aspect of your life and enable you to discern the gift of the prophetic voice in your emotions.
—Sid Roth
Host, It’s Supernatural!
A dear friend for decades, James Goll has proven to be a unique gift to the church and to me personally, excelling in his God-ordained roles as a seasoned prophet, teacher, and writer. His newest book, The Feeler, shares his down-to-earth perspective on the role of emotions in the life of a spiritually mature believer. I believe you will be equipped and inspired by powerful insights into the Word of God as you embark on this eye-opening journey in the spirit. More than just a book, The Feeler is an invitation to encounter God in fresh ways, to be activated in your Spirit-empowered senses, and to walk more fully into your divine calling!
—Dr. Ché Ahn
Founder and President, Harvest International Ministry
Founding and Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA
International Chancellor, Wagner University
Ché Ahn Ministries
God wants to open the glories of His heavens to us, touching our lives and the lives of people around us with discernment, healing, divine intervention, deliverance, and much more. And He has provided various power portals for us to receive His heavenly gifts. Some of these portals are in our own bodies but need to be spiritually activated. In The Feeler, James Goll vividly explains how our physical senses can be gateways into the supernatural realm and that we should invite the Holy Spirit to help us make the appropriate connections. Through this book, you will expand the breadth and depth of your understanding and practice of living in the Spirit. Release your senses and emotions to God and allow Him to speak to you, to demonstrate His love in myriad ways, and to bring His glory realms to earth.
—Joshua Mills
Recording artist, keynote conference speaker, and author of more than twenty books, including Power Portals, Moving in Glory Realms, and 7 Divine Mysteries
The Feeler is an excellent work by James W. Goll that aptly teaches how to be a God-centered, spiritual person in a material world. This book focuses rightly on the process of spiritual growth as a function of training our natural senses to interact with the spiritual realm all the time. We cannot lean on our own understanding and walk with God at the same time. The power of life in the Spirit is activated by our own decisions to humbly rely on His supernatural grace and insights, rather than our own opinions and thinking. James Goll has provided us with clear guidelines so that we can live the life of Christ as He did on this earth.
—Joan Hunter
Author and evangelist
Many people are earnestly seeking transformation in their lives, their families, their work, or their ministry. If you want to experience such change, so much depends on your hearing God’s voice, understanding His will, and walking in His power. You need to know all the means God has given you for connecting with Him and flowing in His Spirit. With James Goll’s new book, The Feeler, you will learn the dynamic connec­tion between your senses—both physical and spiritual—and discerning what God wants to say to you and receiving what He wants to give you. Among other insights, James shares how to integrate your senses with the exercise of your spiritual gifts and the development of the fruit of the Spirit in your life. Discover how this unique "Feeler realm" can come alive for you as you yield to God and allow Him to empower you in breakthrough for "a new day and a new era"!
—Matt Sorger
Prophetic healing revivalist
Author, God’s Unstoppable Breakthrough
Founder, Glory Life echurch
Many believers experience feelings and senses that perplex them. They wonder, "Where is this coming from? Is this me? What do I do with this?" In James Goll’s book The Feeler: Discovering How Sensitivity Helps You Discern and Act on God’s Voice, you will learn how to discern those feelings and senses and how to grow in sensitivity to the nudges of the Spirit of God. There is very little teaching available in the church on this subject. I’m thrilled that James has produced this wonderful resource. He is always Scripture-based, seasoned in Holy Spirit-directed encoun­ters, and full of wisdom in delivery and implementation. You will dis­cover many valuable keys in this book that will grant you much-desired understanding.
—Patricia King
Minister, author, and television host
James Goll shares my vision to bring the supernatural power of God to this generation, and he has a distinct calling in this realm. God gives us signs and wonders not for their own sake but so they will lead us to have a deep relationship with the living God. In his new book, The Feeler, James combines what he has learned in decades of ministry to show you how to hear God’s voice, discern spiritual atmospheres, demolish the plans of the enemy, and be so attuned to the works of the Father that you walk in step with His Spirit every moment of the day. Through this book, you will learn to receive the fullness of God’s life and be prepared to reach out to others with His powerful peace, heal­ing, and deliverance!
—Apostle Guillermo Maldonado
Founder, King Jesus International Ministry, Miami, FL
Best-selling author of many books, including Jesus Is Coming Soon, Breakthrough Prayer, and How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God

James Goll is a powerful prophet, an anointed teacher, a gifted story­teller, and an insightful author on so many prophetic subjects. His latest book, The Feeler: Discovering How Sensitivity Helps You Discern and Act on God’s Voice, equips believers to understand the role our emotions and five natural senses play in hearing the voice of God and discerning His heart. This book explodes with wisdom and fresh insight that will cause God’s supernatural realm to become more tangible in the reader’s life. Prepare to be strengthened and challenged in your walk with God as "the Feeler realm" is opened to you in a new way.
—Jane Hamon
Vision Church @ Christian International
Prophet, teacher, and author, Dreams and Visions, The Deborah Company, The Cyrus Decree, Discernment, and Declarations for Breakthrough

James Goll is such an immense treasure trove of wisdom, knowledge, and revelation on anything and everything to do with spiritual sens­ing and discerning. No matter what level of discernment you presently have, this forerunner book on the Feeler realm will provide you with an on-ramp to go to the next level. The chapters on refining your spiritual senses and on sensitivity are indeed priceless. For James and other disci­ples of Jesus like him, it is all connected to growing in greater intimacy with God—and that will be the lasting, supernatural fruit of your read­ing this wonderful book.
—Johnny Enlow
International speaker and author, The Seven Mountain Mandate
James Goll is not just a dear friend; I consider him to be one of profound mind and insight in relation to prophetic perception. As the church continues to move forward into the intention of God for its future, more and more you will be hearing of the need for a Pentecostal and charismatic "Theology of Discernment." As people who believe in the fullness of the Spirit, our comprehension of the process of perception and discernment is influenced by our encounters with God the Father’s threefold cord, which is never to be separated: the Holy Spirit, the Son of God, and the Scriptures. We, as God’s company of prophetic and kingly priests, are coming to terms with how to enter into the purposes of God with discernment that brings about His desired results. James’s newest release, The Feeler, is a perfect follow-up to his classic work The Discerner. The Feeler gives us all a seat at the table where this conver­sation is taking place—and will continue to take place and expand as we move forward into the future Jesus has prepared for us. My thanks to James for taking on this topic. As you read, you will discover how James’s brilliance shines on every page!
—Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Church On The Living Edge
Mark Chironna Ministries, Longwood, FL
As believers, all of us have the ability to hear God’s voice, although how we primarily hear from Him or obtain revelation may be different from the next person. Many of us are wired to first discern through our feelings what God is doing, then knowing or supernaturally seeing follows. James Goll’s newest book, The Feeler, is being released at this pivotal moment in history to instruct us how to discern, in the "Feeler realm," what God is saying. It’s an encouragement that our feelings often lead to the discovery of the "more" that God has for us in the supernatural. Be encouraged! You are hearing from God through what you are sensing and feeling!
—Ana Werner
Founder, Ana Werner Ministries
President, Eagles Network
Author, The Seer’s Path, Seeing Behind the Veil, and The Warrior’s Dance
Devour this book. James Goll gives us not just an understanding of the theology of discernment in how to better hear God’s voice, but also in how these principles apply to our daily lives. Through many years of experience and ministry, James is able to impart truths in practical ways to others. I encourage every believer who desires to grow in the areas of discernment and the prophetic to study The Feeler.
—Dr. Mahesh Chavda
All Nations Church, Charlotte, NC
One of my deep concerns for the church is that many believers haven’t been equipped to walk in the supernatural power that God has made available to them, and therefore they remain discouraged and defeated in their lives. We need more teaching about how God is continually reaching out to help us and wants us to live in peace, strength, and vic­tory in our Christian lives. James Goll is a gifted teacher with a pastor’s heart who shares a groundbreaking message for the body of Christ. In his new book The Feeler, he explains how God has specifically designed us to hear Him and to serve Him with not only our spirits, minds, and wills but also our emotions. When we learn to employ the full range of our God-given senses, we will be supernaturally equipped in new and powerful ways to receive from Him in the heavenly realms and then to reach out to other people with His love, grace, healing, freedom, purpose, and victory.
—Dr. Kynan T. Bridges
Pastor, Grace & Peace Global Fellowship
Author, Unlocking the Code of the Supernatural, School of the Miraculous, and The Power of Prophetic Prayer

James Goll’s book The Feeler explores a dimension that at times has been greatly overlooked, especially if we are not tuned in to the nuances of the Holy Spirit’s directives. As you read this book, you will be awakened into a whole new realm of insight, guidance, and revelation. You will be invited into another class in the School of the Holy Spirit of Hearing and Obeying the Voice of God. James is pioneering for the body of Christ once again, as he did previously with his classic books The Seer and The Discerner. Add The Feeler to your arsenal, and you will be more equipped and ready than ever before!
—Steven and Renee Springer
Cofounders, Global Presence Ministries


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