7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance
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7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance  -     By: Joshua Mills

7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance

Whitaker House / 2021 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW236506

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Stock No: WW236506
Whitaker House / 2021 / Paperback

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Product Information

Title: 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance
By: Joshua Mills
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 208
Vendor: Whitaker House
Publication Date: 2021
Dimensions: 9 X 6 (inches)
Weight: 10 ounces
ISBN: 1641236507
ISBN-13: 9781641236508
Stock No: WW236506

Publisher's Description

God’s abundance is waiting for you. Are you ready to receive it?

"This is the season of the restoration of all things. Let it begin in your life with Joshua Mills’s heavenly revelation in his new book, 7 Divine Mysteries."
—Sid Roth

Today, the Spirit is looking for those who are willing to stand up and walk boldly into the bounty of God’s promises. We must progress toward the blessings of abundance He has shown us in the glory realms. This is not just for our benefit, but so that we might become divine connections of bountiful provision for others as well.

God has proclaimed victories, blessings, and, yes, miracles in abundance. In 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance by Joshua Mills, you will find out how to connect to the manifest promises of God and thrive as you stretch your faith, work the Word, and allow the Spirit to lead you into overflowing abundance for spirit, soul, and body. God is opening untapped provision for restoration, healing, deliverance, relationships, finances, creative ideas, and more. The seven mysteries include:

Divine Mystery 1: Heavenly Vision Is a Pathway for Provision
Divine Mystery 2: What You Say Creates a Way
Divine Mystery 3: The Word You Work Will Work for You
Divine Mystery 4: What You Sow, You Will Grow
Divine Mystery 5: Generous Believing Produces Generous Receiving
Divine Mystery 6: Angel Power Makes Abundance Shower
Divine Mystery 7: Generational Investing Brings Generational Blessing

Rise up and choose to generously receive the manifestation of every promise God has given you!

Joshua Mills and his wife, Janet, have proven these seven scriptural principles in their own lives, and this book is filled with faith-building testimonies, practical keys, and activations for readers to apply directly to their own circumstances.

Author Bio

Joshua Mills is an internationally recognized, ordained minister of the gospel, as well as a recording artist and keynote conference speaker. He is also the author of more than twenty books and training manuals. His books with Whitaker House include 7 Divine Mysteries, Power Portals, Moving in Glory Realms, and Seeing Angels, all with corresponding study guides and audiobooks. Joshua is well known for the supernatural atmosphere that he carries and for his unique insights into the glory realm and prophetic sound. Wherever Joshua ministers, the Word of God is confirmed by miraculous signs and wonders that testify of Jesus Christ. He is regarded as a spiritual forerunner in the body of Christ. For many years, he has helped people discover the life-shifting truths of salvation, healing, and deliverance for spirit, soul, and body. Joshua and his wife, Janet, cofounded International Glory Ministries and have ministered in over seventy-five nations on six continents. Featured together in several film documentaries and print articles, they have ministered to millions around the world through radio, television, and their weekly webcast, Glory Bible Study. They live with their three children, Lincoln, Liberty, and Legacy, and their puppy, Buttercup.

Editorial Reviews

This is the season of the restoration of all things. Let it begin in your life with Joshua Mills’s heavenly revelation in his new book, 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance.
—Sid Roth
Host, It’s Supernatural!
Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10), but many believers struggle to survive on a daily basis. The secret to an abundant life continues to remain a mystery to them. That is why I am so excited about the release of this new book by my good friend Joshua Mills, 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance. Joshua lays out a clear, concise path for living a supernatural life with God’s divine and supernatural provision. You will discover the spiritual keys to abundance and victory—no matter what your circumstances happen to be at the moment.
—Joan Hunter
Author and evangelist
Jesus invites us all into the fullness of His abundant life—a message we need to hear more and more as the end-times intensify and life in the natural world becomes increasingly unstable. A life of miraculous abundance is not reserved only for certain people or for the "good times" in life. It is for every believer, with any background, in any situation. In 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance, Joshua Mills opens up the realm of supernatural provision for spirit, soul, and body so you can enter into the riches of heaven, being blessed and becoming a channel of blessing to others for the kingdom of God. Don’t ever doubt that God loves you and has a plan to bless and proper you—to the glory of His name!
—Katie Souza
Author, teacher, and healing evangelist
Host, Healing Your Soul: Real Keys to the Miraculous television program

Our God is the Lord of the breakthrough! He is ready to lead you into overflowing abundance if you will enter the place of supernatural provision He has prepared for you. In his new book, Joshua Mills guides you into the revelation of 7 Divine Mysteries to unlimited abundance for every area of your life, with chapters like "Divine Mystery #1: Heavenly Vision Is a Pathway for Provision" and "Divine Mystery #5: Generous Believing Produces Generous Receiving." This is not a time to be complacent in your walk with God. This is not a time to be discouraged about what your circumstances look like or the troubles you see around you. This is the time to rise up, overcome, and be blessed to be a blessing!
—Tom and Jane Hamon
Senior Leaders, Vision Church @ Christian International
The abundant life truly holds mysteries within it. I have become aware of many of these mysteries firsthand as I have journeyed with the Lord in more than forty-five years of living for Him. Joshua Mills’s book 7 Divine Mysteries will connect you to the heart of God and also His unending and amazing provision—no matter what happens within the world’s economy. This book has been written for such a time as this!
—Patricia King
Author, minister, media host, and producer
I am so excited for you! 7 Divine Mysteries is more than just a good book or a great read. It is a glorious God-invitation to step into the abundant life Jesus has provided for you—a life of unlimited abundance! God loves to share His secrets with His friends (see John 15:15). These friends of God are often the ones He chooses to not only share His divine mysteries with but also manifest the miracles of His mysteries in their lives in a way that creates a holy hunger for more of Him! When the apostle Paul spoke of those who would steward and distribute the divine mysteries of God throughout the earth, he pointed to a life of surrender and the fruit of faithfulness as necessary prerequisites (see 1 Corinthians 4:1–2). Joshua Mills is a friend of God, and in that place of friendship, faithfulness, and sacrificial surrender, God has imparted to him and his family beautiful truths and supernatural secrets to help you access the life of abundance that God has prepared for you.
—Jason Hooper
Senior Pastor, King’s Way Church
When I hear the Scripture "For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power" (1 Corinthians 4:20), I think of Joshua Mills. Joshua is the real deal, full of faith, with signs and wonders accompanying. Joshua lives a supernatural life with, and in, Jesus. When he speaks, there’s a spirit of expectancy in the atmosphere, as if anything can happen—and Jesus doesn’t disappoint. After reading 7 Divine Mysteries, you will walk in greater realms of the glory of Jesus!
—Quincy Good Star
Quincy Good Star Ministries
For many people, 7 Divine Mysteries is going to be their breakthrough. I believe that the wisdom, experience, testimony, revelation, and anointing in this book are going to redirect your mind, heart, and life toward abundance. This is the kingdom. This is the grace of God. This is the blessing of the heirs of God. I eagerly and joyfully recommend that you carve out the time to take on Joshua Mills’s powerful new book. This is your life-changing moment!
—Ryan Rufus
The Grace Bible Commentary video series
In his new book, 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance, Joshua Mills has pulled back the veil to uncover the secrets of living in plenitude. As a skilled musician uses musical notes to compose a masterpiece, Joshua uses written words to orchestrate God’s glorious revelation of abundance. Filled with keen insight, powerful principles, and life-changing testimonies, this book will catapult you into another dimension of God’s blessings.
—Andrew Towe
Lead Pastor, Ramp Church Chattanooga
Author, The Triple Threat Anointing
 I have known my friend Joshua Mills for many years. He is a man of integrity and character, a loving father, and a faithful husband. Joshua has a gift of insight that pulls keys from God’s realm and presents them in such a way that any reader can step into the truths of his message. In 7 Divine Mysteries, Joshua teaches us how to shift into a greater, more empowered, abundant life so that we don’t just "exist" on this earth but rather tap into a higher realm of supernatural living. This is a walk that will cause us to realize the full potential of God’s intent for our destiny, purpose, and design. You were made for more, and as you read and put into practice these kingdom principles, I am convinced that your life will flourish in Jesus and touch the world around you.
—Andrew Billings
Senior Pastor, Dwelling Place OC
Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA
There is simply no one we know who is better qualified to write a book entitled 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance than Joshua Mills. It is an honor and joy to wholeheartedly recommend this book to you. We have personally known and ministered with Joshua and Janet Mills for over a decade, and we have greatly gleaned from their lives and ministry. We have seen firsthand the truths and revelations in this book played out in their lives. 7 Divine Mysteries contains anointed and powerful revelation coupled with Joshua’s childlike awe and easy-to-read communication style, which makes it a dynamic catalyst for life-changing breakthrough in your own life. Get ready to never be the same.
—Ben and Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries
Authors, When God Breaks In and The King’s Decree
Joshua Mills’s diligence in seeking out a matter is once again impacting the body of Christ in a significant way through his new book on unlimited abundance, 7 Divine Mysteries. Joshua is the real deal. Over the past seven years, I have relationally observed the continual increase of abundance and true wealth in his life. I have been impacted not only by his masterful teaching, but also by the evidence of fruit. Be prepared for impartation as you dive into his teaching on abundance. Our reliance on God is where the secrets are found to bring about positive change. Joshua’s book is a must-read for all who want to impact this world for the kingdom of God!
—Robert Kinsella
Advisor, entrepreneur, and minister
CEO and Founder, KBV International
Joshua Mills does it again! 7 Divine Mysteries is another must-have book that builds your faith, challenges your everyday thinking to go higher and deeper with God, and motivates you to press into the supernatural realm that is available to all of us. We love having Joshua minister at our church because not only is there a strong impartation of the supernatural power of God, but the body is encouraged to press into the Holy Spirit and experience the glory of God daily!
—Mel and Desiree Ayres
Pastors and Founders, In His Presence Church, Los Angeles
Producers of multiple music projects, including Witness
Author (Desiree Ayers), Beyond the Flame and God Hunger
In 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance, Joshua Mills provides readers with thorough yet practical keys to unlock God’s promises in their own lives. I have witnessed firsthand how Joshua and his wife, Janet, have personally used these keys to successfully move in God’s abundance. I genuinely admire their faith and consider them both role models and forerunners in this area. Joshua’s latest book provides invaluable insights that, once applied, will shift the body of Christ from surviving to thriving. It is time for believers to receive all that their Father wishes to give them. Following these supernatural secrets will unlock His unlimited abundance!
—Joanna Adams
Author and Senior Pastor, Eagles’ Nest Fellowship
Eagle Worldwide Ministries, Ontario, Canada
As ministers, when we need to have our faith stirred, check the elasticity of our wineskins, or be reminded of the wonders of our wondrous God, we look toward Brother Joshua Mills. The sheer faith that is unlocked while reading the testimonies Joshua shares is enough to set you ablaze! For far too long, the church has suffocated the abundant realm of God that we clearly see in the Bible! Page after page of the Bible testifies of God’s abundant provision for His children, both in the Spirit and in the natural! Joshua has a breaker anointing to impart the gift of faith to the body of Christ. 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance is your personal invitation to tap the untapped wells of wealth breakthrough! This book is a door-busting, poverty-breaking, abundance-manifesting POWER tool in the hands of a hungry believer! Get ready for your "next" because, friend, you’re holding it in your hands.
—Zac and Natalie Breckenridge
Founding Pastors, LifeBridge Jonesboro
Jonesboro, AR
When Jesus spoke to Peter, "And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…," He also equipped Peter with the instruction manual for those keys, saying, "…and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven" (Matthew 16:19 nkjv). Keys of the kingdom are being discovered today! Joshua Mills gives us seven powerful keys in his newest book, 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance. I highly encourage you to glean from Joshua the supernatural keys heaven is releasing right now!
—Jamie Galloway
Jamie Galloway Ministries
Author, Secrets of the Seer

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