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  1. The Edge of the Divine: Choosing to Live a Life of Joy over a Life of Regret
    The Edge of the Divine: Choosing to Live a Life of Joy over a Life of Regret
    Sandi Patty
    Thomas Nelson / 2010 / Hardcover
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  1. 3 Stars Out Of 5
    August 8, 2010
    I remember as a child going to the Meyerson Symphony Center (in Dallas, Texas) with my parents for a special Christmas concert. It was the first time I heard Sandi Patty sing and I was blown away by the beauty of her voice. Since then, I have always been a little intrigued to know more about Sandi Patty. The Edge of the Divine: Where Possibility Meets God's Faithfulness gave me that opportunity. Through reading this book, I learned quite a bit about Sandi Patty, her husband, Don, and their blended family of eight children. In the book, Sandi shares her testimony of how God directly answered many of her prayers and helped guide her in some life-changing decisions ("edge of the divine" decisions), including: the decision to have lap-band surgery and to adopt their familys eighth child. Many of the stories that she shared in the book I felt like I could not relate to my own life and found difficult to follow. There was however a great study guide at the back of the book that helped me tie some of it together. Overall, I cant say it was my favorite book, but I do admire and appreciate the candidness by which Sandi shared her life with the reader.
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    August 7, 2010
    Leah Stockholm
    This book was something I didnt expect right off the back, and when I opened and began to read it, the words jumped of the page and hit me right in the heart. Like her I have struggles for many years being over weight and to see her difficulties just brought me back to my own reality. Unlike many books I have read Sandi explains not only the struggles she went through but also how she overcame them, and unlike most people she doesnt give credit to herself, but to God and his faithfulness. Sandi takes us not only through her wellness journey through lap band surgery but also through the process of remembering to trust God in all things.She constantly reminds us that in life as women we will face many crucial times and its up to us to choose our path. We have the choice to be ashamed, or walk in the freedom God has gave us. In her current situation she had to deal with her weight. Sandi had to make the difficult choice whether to let her weight control her life or to trust in God and hold on to his mercies whilst getting the lap band surgery and in the end she did what was best for her.The path she chose is not one that I would take but through her trust in God it dramatically changed her life for the better! The main idea of this book is that if you rely on Jesus, he will be faithful and come through for you in any of lifes many challenges and I stand by that.I believe that this book is important for anyone who has struggled not only with their weight but also those who have felt shame and worthlessness, because it really opens your eyes to who God is and to the fact that you are NOT ALONE.
  3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    August 3, 2010
    Cindy Loven
    The Edge of the Divine, is Sandi Patty's story of the journey that she began in 2008, when she began her research and her ultimate choice to have lap band surgery. Not just the physical journey, but Sandi also shares her emotional and spiritual journey that she has been on since her story began. A journey in which she learned to recognize the many edges in her life. An edge is the point at which something is likely to begin. As Sandi tells her story, in her own words she shares many of those new beginnings, edges that she came to and through.She is very candid about the fact that though she said God was her number one priority, in her life, her choices were plainly shown that food was her comforter-in-chief. She is very open and candidly speaks of her past, of the struggles and the hurts in her life that brought her to the point of her life where she knew this edge would be the toughest to face.I truly enjoyed Sandi's book and look forward to referencing back to it, as there were many spiritual and emotional truths that all of us must face. As an overweight person myself it truly made me think about the things that trigger why I eat, and what food is to me. Most definitely a book for all people to read, even those who do not struggle with weight issues, but perhaps are beset with other weights in their lives.This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.
  4. 3 Stars Out Of 5
    July 29, 2010
    Linda Nelms
    Based on the cover of the book, it appeared that this book was about weight loss surgery and the impact it had on Sandi Pattys life. However, when delving into the pages, the writer talks more about an edge a point at which something is likely to happen. Sandi takes you though the many edges in her life, most being traumatic experiences in which she was able to fall off the edge and receive Gods grace. The majority of the book focused on her edge experiences and little on her weight loss surgery. At times, it seemed that she was musing over the tough times in her life, events which readers may already know about if they have read her previous books. While many people have weight loss surgery, it was difficult to tie that event biblically to the intervention of Christ in her life through a man-made solution to obesity. If you are looking for a journey through bariatric surgery, this book does not provide that level of detail. Nevertheless, if you want to know more about Sandis life, her challenges and her faith, its a good read. Thomas Nelson provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for me to read and review. I am a member of Booksneeze and as a part of the group you can receive complimentary copies of the books to review.
  5. 2 Stars Out Of 5
    July 29, 2010
    Stacey Anderson
    The Edge of the Divine, by Grammy Award Winning Vocalist and Women of Faith Speaker Sandi Patty is an autobiographical journey through the ups and downs which accompanied her during her weight-loss / lap band surgery experience. She uses the metaphor of an edge as a place where "something is likely to happen." Throughout the book, she shares many times when she has found herself to be on the edge of something traumatic and life-changing, and how this particular experience with dramatic weight loss was a major challenge, and edge to cross.When I picked it up, the book sounded like it would be a good read, albeit a fairly quick and easy one. However, it wasn't as quick as I had hoped because, for one thing, it darted and dashed all over the place. The writing was very disjointed and as the reader, I felt a bit jarred by it. As well, the style was so informal and casual, it was more like sitting on the back porch, or like reading a personal journal that wasn't really meant to be discovered. I found myself frequently irritated as I read the book, wondering what many of the passages had to do with the book's theme. To me, the average person (which most of us are) would have a hard time relating to her "problems" because for one thing, she lives the life of a performer who is blessed with adequate money, etc., and for another, she has been in the spotlight for 30+ years, which is bound to alter a person's perception. While I certainly applaud her courage and her willingness to be open with her experiences, I did not come away from this read feeling particularly inspired or encouraged. There was a spiritual message, but not a strong one. My impression was that of a worldly woman with many advantages.
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