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      May 18, 2003
      Sabina Koenigs
      I beleive that the subject of the reality of suffering, depsite the goodness of God is one of the most difficult subjects to write about. I think Mr. Yancey has covered this subject masterfully. I have read numerous books on this subject, by varied authors for the last ten years. But I have never come across a book so insightful. Most of what I read has been stabs in the dark and attempts at awkward rationalizatons. The profoundness of Mr. Yancey's book is that he uses perspective to deal with the subject of adversity. Until reading this book, I missed the obvious and that is, to understand this complicated subject I need to try to see it from God's viewpoint. When understood by man's point of view there will never be any complete sucess at understanding. That is the genius of this book; that idea alone makes it a fascinating read. The writing is also excellent. He makes a complicated subject and creates an explanation that seems effortless. He writes with much forthrightness and honesty, but also with sensitivity.
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      March 19, 2002
      Charlotte Walls
      This review was written for Disappointment with God.
      The only reason I gave this book a 4.5 instead of a 5.0 is because of the title. While the book was inspired as a result of disappointment with God, the content is more reflective of getting to know God. I learned things about God in this book that answered questions that have plagued me as a Chrisian for decades. Example: The answer to predestination through the concept of God being the same yesterday, today & tomorrow.
    3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      November 29, 2000
      Christopher Cotter
      The title of this book should be the "Disappointment OF God". Yancey turns the title around and Biblically demonstrates that we and all of humanity have been the ones who have disappointed God, time, and time, and time again. Yancey does not shy from the hard questions we demand of God, and presents the Biblical perspective. Thorough, well-written, and easy to read, as are all of his books.
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