1. What's for Dinner? Solution, The: Quick, Easy, and Affordable Meals Your Family Will Love - eBookeBOOK
    What's for Dinner? Solution, The: Quick, Easy, and Affordable Meals Your Family Will Love - eBook
    Kathi Lipp
    Harvest House Publishers / 2011 / ePub
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Very useable.
    September 30, 2012
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    This review was written for The What's for Dinner Solution.
    So many tips, recipes and information. I feel much better equipped to make a menu and save some time.
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    What's for Dinner?
    January 4, 2012
    This review was written for The What's for Dinner Solution.
    The goal of this book is to have the reader, and I quote the author:

    - Plan your meals for a month, and then eat (most of) them at home.

    - Get out of your cooking ruts and put all your tools to work.

    - Have a kitchen that works for you.

    - Have some fun along the way.

    This book has so much information on how to get a meal on the table. The author, Kathi Lipp, shows what works for her but suggests ways that may work for the reader too. It starts with getting recipes and organizing them. The author gives ideas of how to organize your kitchen. She offers suggestions of how to make your kitchen more efficient and enjoyable to work in. You will learn that a well stocked pantry can be a life saver. Best of all, for me, she gives lots of good recipes.

    Kathi suggests going shopping for food once a week. I personally go shopping every 4 - 6 weeks. Every week we do buy bread and milk but everything else is bought every 4 - 6 weeks. This does take careful planning - making out a menu, buying everything needed for the menu, and actually using the menu. All this is covered in the book. I set my menu up so all the vegetables that will perish by the first few weeks will be used before they are no good.

    Kathi gives many ways of cooking the meals that she helped the reader get ready to make:

    Freezer cooking - making many meals at once and freezing them. I did this once. It was a lot of work. It took me two days to cook a month worth of meals. The stocked freezer was well worth it.

    Slow Cooker - many people forget about using theirs

    Left Overs On Purpose Meals - making a meal within a meal.

    Pantry Meals - everything for a meal on hand.

    Fast Food At Home - quick, homemade meals.

    The author stresses to be flexible. If your day isn't working out to make the meal on your menu, change the meal. Enjoy yourself as you are working on your meals. Playing music, cooking with others, or shopping at a farmers market are some ideas Kathi gives. At the end of the book there are fun and interesting questions to ask during mealtime to connect with each other.

    I think this book is well written. There is so much to explain and the author made it simple and understandable. This book is definitely for the person who walks into the grocery store and decides right there what to buy for meals. If you're looking to get more organized at mealtime this is the book for you. Just remember to take baby steps, you can't do everything suggested all at once. This book isn't for a person who is already organized in the kitchen. I have done practically everything the author suggests for more than 20 years. I've found nothing that could help me be further organized. I am definitely going try many of the recipes in this book.

    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.
  3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    Awesome ideas for busy people
    October 20, 2011
    i blog 4 books
    This review was written for The What's for Dinner Solution.
    While Kathi really doesn't share any new or earth-shattering information (at least for me), she puts it together in such a way that I feel like I might actually be able to put some of these things in practice.

    We are all in different situations. At my house, my husband does all the grocery shopping, does most of the cooking, and despises coupons. He really loves trying new recipes, so I was completely blessed with a man who can cook! But, we tend to fall into the trap of, "Oh ... I've had a long day. I don't really want to cook. I don't want what's in the fridge. Let's just go out to eat." It's a drain on our budget, and it's not the healthiest way to eat.

    Kathi provides readers with tons of helpful information: tips on freezing meals, ideas for using leftovers to create a whole new meal, foods that are in season, essentials for stocking your kitchen, a few super helpful non-essentials for stocking your kitchen, etc. She also presents a plan for planning your menu for an entire month. That may overwhelm you (to be honest, it overwhelms me!), but you can easily take bits and pieces of her strategy and come up with a plan that works for you. She also provides TONS of yummy-sounding recipes. Many of these could probably be adapted to work if you were on a particular (restrictive) diet, such as lower sodium or lower fat or whatever.

    After reading The "What's for Dinner?" Solution, I feel like we might actually be able to plan ahead, still have choices, and save some money while we're at it. I was even telling Hubs about it last night, and he said he might like to try it.

    This would be an excellent gift for newlyweds or for anyone who is trying to get a handle on their busy life.

    I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review.
  4. USA
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    You'll feel like a cooking ninja!!!
    October 19, 2011
    Cafe Lily Book Reviews
    Quality: 4
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 4
    This review was written for The What's for Dinner Solution.
    This book is perfect for anyone who is frazzled at dinnertime. Personally, I am worn out trying to come up with new and exciting dishes night after night.

    After eating ham and cheese sandwiches every single night, on her own for the first time, Kathi Lipp needed some culinary skills - and quick! Starting out with a simple Mennonite cookbook, Kathi became hooked on collecting recipes and from her years of trial and error, The "What's for Dinner?" Solution was born.

    The thing I noticed right away is that if you are NOT an organized planner, you may have some issues with this book. Kathi is a huge advocate of planning out meals so if that is not your cup of tea, these ideas may not work well for you.

    However, if the thought of having 31 meals planned out and saving time and money appeals to you - this book is the answer you've been looking for. And you can work your way up using Kathi's ideas_start out planning 3 meals, then work up to 7 meals and so forth. Kathi shows you how to organize your kitchen, cut expenses at the grocery store, find and organize your recipes and even make use of the slow cooker you're terrified of!

    You will feel like a cooking ninja by the end of this book, even if you only implement a few of Kathi's ideas! Kathi also includes some of her favorite tried and true recipes for you to get started with. I highly recommend this book for anyone you know who can use a little inspiration in the kitchen.
  5. Las Vegas, NV
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    It's a keeper!
    October 18, 2011
    Las Vegas, NV
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    This is one of those cookbooks that will quickly become a favorite. In addition to great recipes, you'll find information on how to save money, organizing your recipes, space, tools, and pantry. Great tips on where to get your food and how often to shop are also included.

    Kathi Lipp gives us recipes from freezer cooking, to pantry meals, to slow cookers, and fast food at home. My favorite catagory would have to be her LOOP meals... Left Over On Purpose. I am all for having a leftover night... but if I can turn it into a new meal all together, even better. Saves time, money, and it's worry free.

    I really love this cookbook. It's a usable cookbook. Not a bunch of fluff... but real advice, real recipes, for real families.

    *I received a free copy of this book from Harvest House Publishers and FIRST Wild Card Tours in exchange for my honest review. ~Thanks!
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