1. Summer of Darkness, Compact Disc [CD]
    Summer of Darkness, Compact Disc [CD]
    Demon Hunter
    Daywind Music Group / Compact disc
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    July 24, 2008
    Monty Python
    Demon hunter has done it again!!! this is Demon hunters best album!! Hands Down!! It has it all.... It has the extremely heavy songs... "Our Faces fall apart" "Beheaded" the In between "Anhilate the corrupt" "THe Awakening" And the slow songs.... "My Heartstrings come undone" "I play dead" This is a great album but sometimes it bugs me how people judge this band!! THey say the song titles sound to scary or the album cover is gothic.... Or Crap like that!! Demon Hunter may look a little different but you cannot judge anybody... Just because Gods name isn't mentioned in the songs it doesent mean there not christian... In fact Demon Hunter has to be one of the most christian groups out there.... You might even think the lyrics are depressing, But if you read between the lines.... then you'll find great spiratual meaning in the songs... Actualy on DH's fan website they have the meanings of all there songs from there debut, to there latest album!!! in fact when I listen to Demon hUnter it really helps me in hard times... Read some demon hunter interviews then your mind might be changed....
  2. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    August 3, 2007
    David Bolen
    I like the sound but not impressed with the lyrics
  3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    February 24, 2007
    Wow I love Demon Hunter. My church got me into them. If you like hard rock I really recommend this cd!! I really enjoy My Heartstrings Come Undone. Demon Hunter rocks!
  4. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    November 10, 2004
    I give DH a 4 because their music is outstanding! This CD is far better than their previous one. They are talented. But it is sad that they are abusing this talent, they have such potential to tell many metalheads the good news of Jesus, but they have lost the point of life! Their lyrics just dont impress me at all! This album would be the best if the lyrics were Christ-centred. I pray that God will use their potential anyway! Yet if you just want to enjoy the music, then I would recommend this to you. But the best band albums are: Living Sacrifice - Reborn; Disciple - by God; and Horde
  5. Jacksonville, FL
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    June 4, 2004
    Anita Wright
    Jacksonville, FL
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    Nothing better in the hard music scene. Nothing. This CD blows every other CD I have heard out of the water. It is an extremely heavy CD, uplifting, (to a degree) and it has good guest vocals, which help make the CD stand above everything else. If you are a fan of Slipnot and the likes, BUY THIS CD!
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