1. Darlington Woods
    Darlington Woods
    Mike Dellosso
    Realms / 2010 / Trade Paperback
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    May 13, 2010
    Rob Shields is a man who has suffered great loss. His wife and child were ripped from his life, and now, hope against hope, it seems his son has found a way to call to him from that dark place to which he has vanished. Desperate to find and rescue his son, Rob sets out upon a journey a journey to leave this life and join his wife and child. What Rob could never have imagined is that he would find himself amid a town and a people that were ruled by a horror and loss far greater than his own. When he meets a dark-eyed stranger in the local restaurant, Rob finds his spirit called to a place hes never heard of before - Darlington.Providence introduces Rob to someone else in the local diner, someone who knows about Darlington and someone who has been directed by God to intercede for Rob. Juli is a young waitress at the diner, and she exudes a peace and grace that immediately appeals to Rob. She also harbors an unnatural dislike for the stranger with the dark eyes. When Rob decides to go to Darlington, no matter the cost, no matter the danger, Juli is right there by his side. Neither of them are certain why they must face the coming battle together, but as they journey into the ever darkening woods of Darlington, it becomes abundantly clear that they are searching for the Light that dispels all darkness. As Juli intercedes, Rob must fight for his life as never before. Will either of them survive?The twists and turns of this story take the reader on a heart-pounding ride through the dark woods of Darlington. It feels kind of like a cross between walking through a house of horror during the Fall Festival and watching a very scary movie. Mike Delloso delivers a powerful message through a fast-paced, very scary story, and it will resonate in the hearts of everyone who has faced their darkest fears and lived to tell the tale.
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    April 21, 2010
    Tim George
    What do Joe Saunders, Mark Stone, Rob Shields and Mike Dellosso all have in common? They are nice guys who have encountered monsters the rest of us hope to never have to face. And the first three would not exist were it not for the tangible monsters author Mike Dellosso has battled in the real world. Dellossos newest thriller, Darlington Woods, returns to some of the themes the author explored in his debut novel, The Hunted. Once again we have an isolated little town with dark secrets and an everyman hero desperately searching for a family member. And, as in Scream, we are given a villain to be remembered. But Darlington Woods takes things up a notch with its sheer fear factor and for lack of better words sanctified creepiness.When Joe Saunders shows up to claim a house left to him by an aunt he never met he finds her home town of Mayfield a bit odd. But when he begins to have dreams that his supposedly dead son is still alive and a local waitress tells him about a place in the woods called Darlington, Joes journey escalates from strange to bizarre. The single narrow road that leads to the dead end village of Darlington should be clue enough; this is not the kind of place one picks for a Sunday afternoon ride. To reveal any more would only spoil the fun and the impact of one fine thriller.Everyone has monsters of the soul: things they fear, people they cannot face, situations beyond their control. And like the people of Darlington many spend their life just trying to keep those Darklings at bay. But in this story, one man learns the power of light over fear and what it means to face his monsters in spite of the terror they bring to the soul. Darligton Woods is powered by its strong themes of light and darkness, hope and fear, good and evil. All explored by an increasingly powerful voice.Once again Mike Dellosso has managed to shine the light of Gods grace into the darkest crevices of the human condition with amazing clarity.
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