1. Daisy Chain, Defiance, Texas Series #1
    Daisy Chain, Defiance, Texas Series #1
    Mary E. DeMuth
    Zondervan / 2008 / Trade Paperback
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  1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    April 15, 2009
    Joyce D.
    Jedd been one to see the world in comic book contrasts. Bad folks and good folks. Villians and innocents. Heroes and killers. But sitting under the shade of a wide-reaching tree, eating peanut butter cookies and drinking Hixons ice-cold lemonade, he wondered if life was really like that. (Daisy Chain)A thought-provoking and memorable novel filled with reality the good and the bad. The characters are wonderfully real and complex. I normally read most Christian novel's in one day, devouring them quickly like my favourite chocolate; Daisy Chain was different. It took me days to read and left me thinking long after the book had been put down, If youre looking for a quick read with predictable, stereotypical, feel-good characters, this is not the book for you. If you want a book about real people and real life, the good and the bad irrevocably mixed together, if you want a fresh perspective on Gods grace to all of us, I highly recommend Mary De Muths Daisy Chain. I look forward to reading the remaining books of this trilogy!
  2. 3 Stars Out Of 5
    April 15, 2009
    Carolyn Harris
    really hard to get into the book since it was put together so weird.Took me a long time to get interested in even finishing the book
  3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    April 10, 2009
    Pamela Dowd
    With red dirt realism, the poignant memories and mysterious events of main character Jed Peppers life story intertwine with the magnetic voice of his one true love, Daisy Marie Chance, while Jeds parents, little sister and eccentric friends keep the pages turning through the darkest of family secrets. Haunting pain mingles with poetic beauty and poisonous sorrow to weave a Daisy Chain of rhythmic deep breaths. Breathe in: He, God, loves me. Exhale: He, my earthly father, does not know how. Adult characters with evocative childlike faith, an abusive apostate, and the children who experience this startling coming of age tale join author Mary DeMuth in telling a story presented as if Jed, Daisy, Hixon and Bald Muriel directed her to listen while she acted like a faithful scribe. A high tribute to a true professional destined to delight a broader and broader audience with her gift. Those who enjoy Charles Martins style of writing will delight in this well-narrated, eccentric story where mystery and allegory blend with authentic reality, balancing the depths of depravity against the heights of grace. Perhaps the next book in the Defiance Texas Trilogy will reveal the-who-done-it. Looking forward to sorting more clues, this book comes highly recommended.
  4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    April 9, 2009
    Brenda Rhodes
    MARY DEMUTH HAS DONE IT AGAIN A powerful and moving story of a young boy of 14 dealing with life struggles beyond his years. I was captivated by Demuth's portrait of Jed. She draws you into his feelings and his battles with forming his own judgments and opinions. His family and friends are beautifully brought to life. Very sad and very hopeful at the same time. Jed's fight with faith, his devotion to Daisy, his love for his sister and mother will speak to your heart. His love/hate relationship with his father will break your heart. As God puts new friends in his life to help him along this difficult journey, your heart will sing with hope. Daisy Chain will leave you feeling a mix of emotions and a longing to continue the Defiance Texas Trilogy.
  5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    April 4, 2009
    Carole Ledbetter
    I settled myself on the sofa, a cup of hot coffee in hand, looking forward to a really good read. I picked up "Daisy Chain" and began. Right from the start, Jed and Daisy drew me into their world of Old Defiance and New. Who cannot remember being a child in a world removed from grownups, in a time when play was all day long and ruled by imagination, secrets, and scary places? My coffee grew cold as I lost myself in Jed and Daisy's world. Dread seized me as the shadowy circumstances of their lives began to unravel. Then delight--it's going to be a mystery! Eccentric characters like Hixson, Hap, Ousie, Bald Muriel, and Miss Emory fascinated me as the plot thickened. Were they heroes? Or villains? Or both? Could they be trusted? Mary's winding plot and delightful prose held me till the wee hours of morning, all the way to the somewhat perplexing end. Was that the end? Mary leaves some threads of story untied, just like real life. Her book faces hard truths and provides no quick fixes. A most enjoyable read! Can't wait till the sequel comes out!
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