The Courage to Heal: Moving Beyond Your Habits, Your Past, and Your Pain - eBook
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The Courage to Heal: Moving Beyond Your Habits, Your Past, and Your Pain - eBook  -     By: Tracy Strawberry

The Courage to Heal: Moving Beyond Your Habits, Your Past, and Your Pain - eBook

Whitaker House / 2022 / ePub

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Stock No: WW124167EB

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Stock No: WW124167EB
Whitaker House / 2022 / ePub
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Product Information

Title: The Courage to Heal: Moving Beyond Your Habits, Your Past, and Your Pain - eBook
By: Tracy Strawberry
Format: DRM Protected ePub
Vendor: Whitaker House
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN: 9781641239028
ISBN-13: 9781641239028
Stock No: WW124167EB

Publisher's Description

Can you really start over again and have a meaningful life?

After experiencing deep emotional hurts?

After struggling with ingrained dysfunctional habits?

After falling into addiction?

After making destructive choices that alienate your family and friends?

Can guilt, shame, and regret ever be healed?

Many people feel that once they’ve made mistakes or bad decisions, or once they’ve been damaged by others, they can never set their life on a positive course again. If you feel this way, the real answer is that you can.

Author Tracy Strawberry, wife of baseball great Darryl Strawberry, says it starts with who you are. Both she and her husband have been in that hopeless place and successfully moved past it. Tracy knows what it takes to get free and to stay free in multiple areas of life, and, for twenty years, she has helped numerous people do the same. She knows how hard it is to face the daily challenges of moving forward from the past and the consequences it brings. She understands that it takes step-by-step direction, faith, and encouragement to achieve it, and you will find all of that in abundance in these pages.

This book presents proven, practical, systematic steps for attaining healing from past pain, addictions, and dysfunctional patterns of living. Tracy explains that God does not just evacuate us out of our struggles. It requires a process of change where we learn to make positive and creative new choices. You can live a victorious life by relying on the transformative power of God and actively engaging in the process of change, one choice at a time.

Your struggles are not who you are—they are what you are overcoming. No matter where you are in life, you have permission to hope and dream again. To dare to image yourself in a better place with a good future. To have The Courage to Heal.

Author Bio

Dr. Tracy Strawberry is an international speaker, a published author, a CEO, and the wife of baseball legend Darryl Strawberry. After many years of battling addiction, alcoholism, dysfunction, and other life-controlling issues, Tracy surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and experienced a radical transformation through the power of God and the process of change. Now she shares her testimony openly as she provides biblical solutions and practical application for those who are struggling with similar issues. Tracy is a highly sought after international speaker, receiving many requests to deliver her powerful messages on how to experience lasting change, reinvent yourself, experience God in the most difficult of times, overcome your past, and become the very best "you" that God created you to be. Tracy has a doctorate in theology with a focus on cultural restoration and leadership, a master’s degree in business administration and management, and a bachelor’s degree in ministry leadership. She is the author of several publications, including Imperfect Marriage: Help for Those Who Think It's Over (with Darryl Strawberry) and Clean Sober & Saved, a Christ-centered recovery curriculum that is used globally. In her weekly programs and traveling ministry, she delivers a message of faith, redeeming hope, restoration, and freedom in Jesus Christ. Tracy believes that those who are lost will be found and those who are bound will be free! In addition to her biblical teaching and preaching platform, Tracy is an international business consultant with a specialty in assisting pastors, governmental officials, and other leaders with infrastructure and organizational development, strategic planning, and the creation of innovative solutions for reaching culturally diverse demographics and territories.

Editorial Reviews

In The Courage to Heal, Tracy Strawberry writes about the hard things people go through, including guilt, shame, regret, consequences of the past, and feelings of being trapped in a cycle of failure, dysfunction, or defeat. Tracy does so with empathy, encouragement, and grace. At the same time, she demonstrates the saving, healing, and redeeming power of God through her own life story, the power of the Holy Spirit, practical application, and godly principles. No matter what area of life you struggle with, you will find true encouragement and a clear pathway forward.
—Joni Lamb
Founder, Daystar Television Network

In The Courage to Heal, my wife, Tracy, brings you proven principles for overcoming your past, reinventing yourself, moving forward, and become the very best "you" the Lord created you to be. Whether you are stuck in life or dealing with emotional pain, negative habits, difficult relationships, or addictions, you can live in the fullness of God’s purpose for your life as you eliminate the obstacles that are hindering you from moving forward. Healing that leads to lasting change comes by making difficult but positive choices, trusting in God, taking practical steps, staying the course, and fighting for the freedom you deserve! We can do this only by God’s transforming power in our lives and a determination to change the patterns that have led to frustration and pain, and, for some, despair and defeat. Tracy has bravely gone through this process and discovered powerful steps for rebuilding your life from the ground up and then flourishing in wholeness of spirit, mind, and body. Her faith and determination to turn her life around have always been a great inspiration to me and helped me to follow the same path to victory. I love her deeply, and I am so proud that she did not allow her pain, addictions, and dysfunctional loving and living to define her but instead recognized they were obstacles she was in the process of overcoming through a close relationship with God, a renewed outlook, and strong positive choices. In this book, as in her life, her encouragement is contagious and her power-change principles offer fresh hope, a new start, and lasting change! I know her book will give you The Courage to Heal.
—Darryl Strawberry
Former MLB player
Four-time World Series champion
In The Courage to Heal, Tracy Strawberry is very transparent about her difficult life as well as her deep struggle to surrender her life to Jesus Christ. She shares openly about how her hurts and rebellion created a damaging, self-destructive belief system about God through her own opinions, worldly desires, and past experiences. She fought God with every fiber of her being until desperation and losing custody of her three sons brought her to her knees and led her to find the courage to heal. She opened her heart to dare to believe—and receive—the purity and power of God’s truth and love, which completely healed and transformed her into the mighty woman of God she is today.
Jack Graham
Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX
PowerPoint Ministries
In The Courage to Heal, Tracy Strawberry shows how to get on the pathway to freedom from addictions and dysfunctional patterns of loving and living that keep us bound, stuck, broken, and hopeless. As you apply the direction and godly principles Tracy delivers in this powerful book, you will find yourself experiencing freedom through the power of God and the process of change. Tracy leads you in a no-nonsense, step-by-step process with encouragement, love, and belief in you!
—Real Talk Kim
Pastor, international speaker, author, CEO, and creator
We all need someone in our lives who believes in a hopeful future for us, no matter what we might be going through, what we have done in our past, or what might have been done to us. As you read the pages of The Courage to Heal: Moving Beyond Your Habits, Your Past, and Your Pain, Tracy Strawberry becomes that hopeful and encouraging voice in your life. She has overcome dysfunctional loving and living, severe addiction, deep heartache, betrayal, and regret, to name a few. In her book, Tracy takes you step-by-step on a powerful journey of healing and wholeness! She provides a strong hand to lift you up from wherever you have fallen—or may have gotten stuck in life—by giving you proven, practical solutions and encouragement along the way. Tracy is someone who truly understands where you are now and shows you how to become everything you were meant to be.
—Ron and Hope Carpenter
Founders and Pastors, Redemption church, Greenville, SC
Speakers and authors, The Necessity of an Enemy and The Most Beautiful Disaster
Tracy Strawberry has been a dear personal friend of mine for over fifteen years. I have watched her be a witness and a help to multitudes, walking people through a life-transforming, healing journey with Jesus Christ and a proven pathway of change. The impact I have personally observed in people’s lives, time after time, is true, lasting change. The information in her new book, The Courage to Heal, has been in high demand for years and is finally in printed form and available to anyone seeking deep healing or desiring to overcome obstacles or life issues that keep them bound to defeat. Tracy understands, from a deep personal place, the journey of healing and how to break through some of the greatest of strongholds, including addictions, alcoholism, betrayal, unhealthy relationships, and dysfunctional life patterns. Every page is filled with promise and power. Get your copy today and begin your healing journey!
—Joanne Hoehne
Lead Pastor, The Source Church, Bradenton, FL
Author, speaker, and trainer of pastors
We have known Tracy Strawberry for over ten years. She has an amazing heart to help people and see them set free and healed. As you read The Courage to Heal, you will feel like it was written just for you! You might be facing a broken relationship, struggling under the grip of addiction, suffering from emotional trauma, or dealing with some other debilitating situation. What you need is real healing. To get started on that process, you require a strong boost of courage and the will to persevere. Tracy Strawberry draws on her years of experience in helping thousands of other people move into a new life as she guides you to that place of healing. Tracy effectively weaves in the story of her own past issues and breakthroughs as she describes the series of powerful choices we can all make to become whole again.
—Chris Luppo
TV producer/manager and speaker
—John Luppo
Entrepreneur, evangelist, and speaker, Luppo Ministries
In The Courage to Heal, Tracy Strawberry provides a powerful resource. She documents her own real-life tragedies, life-controlling issues, addictions, brokenness, guilt, shame, and regret. But that is not all! She also beautifully and dynamically details the pathway to healing, triumph, freedom, power, and purpose! We have had the absolute privilege of pastoring Darryl and Tracy and knowing them personally for several years now. Pastor Tracy is fully devoted to leading people into the same life-saving, healing, and transforming power of Christ she has so wonderfully experienced. She will, without a doubt, challenge, encourage, and guide you through biblical principles to receive God’s healing power and the breakthrough you deserve.
—Jesse and Missy Quiroz
Lead Pastors, Journey Church, Troy, MO

It’s easy to want a "magic formula" that will solve all our problems. But by courageously working through our issues one choice at a time, we gain new strength, and we suddenly find ourselves growing into the freedom we seek. In The Courage to Heal, Tracy Strawberry shows how to break free from addictions and dysfunctional patterns that keep us bound, stuck, broken, and hopeless. She keeps it real and delivers the powerful truth of God’s Word that can heal any heart and break any chain that binds! As you apply the principles in this book, you will begin to experience the transforming and healing power of God through His great love and unfailing faithfulness!
—Pastor Kevin McGuinness
Jesus Is Lord Church, Holtsville, NY

In The Courage to Heal, Tracy Strawberry defines trust, forgiveness, healing, and boundaries in a brilliant way, illuminating the shadowy corners of deception in the soul. Through easy-to-understand, practical principles, this book empowers you to overcome whatever difficulties you are facing and leads you right into the flowing love and power of God. If you want to be healed and free, this book is a must-read!
—Brenda Crouch
Author, speaker, and television host


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