The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the God Code to Reveal Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible
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WaterBrook / 2016 / Hardcover

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The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the God Code to Reveal Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible

WaterBrook / 2016 / Hardcover

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Stock No: WW1429155

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In The Chamberlain Key, noted appraiser and conservator of artifacts and antiquities Timothy Smith manages to unlock doors that have been locked for centuries. Smith's book is a stunning encryption and coded information in the oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Old testament, the Leningrad Codex. Rather than poring over old maps to find buried treasure, Smith uses the data calculation power of computer technology to show how Scripture is layered with meaning and insight—and holds a message of God's redemptive plan.

Product Information

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 224
Vendor: WaterBrook
Publication Date: 2016
Dimensions: 9.00 X 6.00 (inches)
ISBN: 1601429150
ISBN-13: 9781601429155

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Author Bio

TIMOTHY P. SMITH is a noted appraiser and conservator of artifacts and antiquities. He has discovered and recovered many priceless historical items, none of which has amazed and excited him as much as "the chamberlain key." Timothy and his wife reside in Virginia.
BOB HOSTETLER is the award-winning author of more than thirty books, including American Idols and the historical novel Northkill. His books have sold over three million copies.

Editorial Reviews

"However one wishes to interpret the meaning and significance of the text, they may rest assured that the text on which Timothy Smith bases his interpretation has almost certainly been there for a very long time, since before the birth of Christ."
-Eugene Ulrich, PHD, department of theology, University of Notre Dame; chief editor, Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls 

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  1. bookwomanjoan
    Oak Harbor, WA
    Age: Over 65
    Gender: Female
    3 Stars Out Of 5
    Equidistant letter sequences in the Bible . . . again
    April 24, 2017
    Oak Harbor, WA
    Age: Over 65
    Gender: Female
    Quality: 3
    Value: 2
    Meets Expectations: 2
    Smith had some puzzling dreams and an appearance (or vision) of Moses. He was led to look at the Hebrew text of Genesis. He had six sons and a daughter, as did Jacob and Leah so examined Genesis 30:20-23. He found his name in an equidistant letter sequence (ELS) as well as other significant information. That led him on a journey of pursuing the possibility of other significant equidistant letter words and phrases.

    The book is more of a spiritual memoir than a scientific study. Smith writes, "My objective in attempting to decipher hidden information in the Old Testament was not to prove to anyone that the text was encrypted or to attempt to predict any future events but rather to unravel the mystery of my own spiritual experiences." (185, 186) He has done a good job of recounting his own spiritual journey finding hidden words in the Hebrew text.

    However, Smith also writes that his discovery "will dramatically redirect biblical scholarship, Christian theology, and perhaps even the trajectory of history itself." (1) That is a huge claim and one, I think, that is very over blown.

    Finding words in the Hebrew through equidistant letter searches is nothing new. The concept has been been known since the thirteenth century. Smith mentions a paper by Rips, Witztum and Rosenberg published in 1994 in which they claimed to have detected encoded information in the Hebrew text. The concept was popularized in The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin, published in 1997. Many articles critical of the claims were published after that time. Some even went so far as to apply the equidistant letter sequence technique to common literature. Hidden messages were found in Moby Dick and War and Peace. The conclusion was that anecdotal messages could be found everywhere in written works and seemed to be just a phenomenon of language and random chance.

    Add that there are no vowels in Hebrew and that increases the subjectivity of the ELS phenomenon. Is it Tim, Tom, tame, time, tome? The identification of the word may be a result of the influence of the one searching.

    I am surprised that this topic has arisen again. The concept seemed to be pretty much discounted back in the late 1990s. The publisher of this book, WaterBrook, even published a book in 1999 critical of equidistant letter sequencing called Who Wrote the Bible Code? by Randy Ingermanson. Ingermanson had written several critical articles on the subject. When he transferred his web site to new technology, he didn't transfer those articles because he considered it a "dead subject" and doubted "anyone much cares anymore."

    What is the significance of this book? It is a good account of one person and his spiritual experiences. Smith sees his ELS experience as confirmation of the existence of God. (79) Researchers who have found significant ESL words and phrases in common literature would not agree. Smith says he is going to investigate further. You can watch a book trailer, read an excerpt, and find future articles on his research at the book's web site. Time will tell the significance of this book.
  2. paz
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    The Chamberlain Key
    April 6, 2017
    Quality: 0
    Value: 0
    Meets Expectations: 0
    I received the book as a galley copy from the publisher. I was curious to read it since it dealt with an equidistant Bible "code". I had read a previous book about this process (look up an explanation of this system on, by another author, and was unconvinced as to it's value.

    result of reading the book? I'm most impressed by Mr. Smith's willingness to follow a journey of "coincidental" events that led him to learn more about the Bible itself. He was already a well known and respected man with regard to valuing historical and archaeological artifacts; he had no need or desire to draw further attention to himself. Yet he also felt led by interconnected circumstances in his life that there was something more. This began a walk of obedience that even included studying Hebrew; and led to a growing trust in the leadings of God that "happened" and guided him. He also gained insight about his own family background that gave him a greater sense of purpose.

    The people and place connections that he followed are impressive, and his life became most definitely an adventure! The book follows his journey in an easy and interesting to read, well documented, chronological style. The story does not end with the closing of his book! Mr Smith is also on line, blogging articles about further discoveries, and has even accrued funding to research the Leningrad codex more deeply.

    My only personal disclaimer is that I am still not convinced of the significance of the equidistant code process, but my doubts are simply because I do not have my own computer program that displays the Hebrew text (in whatever scroll or codex) in a non-columned format.

    However, I do recommend reading the book for curiosity's sake, and encouragement on following your own spiritual leadings! ...and perhaps you too will be wanting to learn more!
  3. History Buff
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Intriguing non-fiction type of National Treasure/Davinci Code story
    March 17, 2017
    History Buff
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    I received a Galley copy of this book some time ago that I treated more like a crime scene investigation based on the claims presented therein. Ive been intrigued not by just the findings of the author, but the many other stories interwoven around the main arc. I have since become captivated in a quest to understand for myself the source of my own Bible and whether (and how) that underlying text may have changed through the ages. Many in the evangelical community (and Im confident this applies to other faiths too) want us to take it by blind faith in the inherency and authority of Gods Word. Why is that? Do they not have evidence to prove the why ? Indeed they do, but with our short mega-church 40 minute sermon attention span, they just dont have the time.

    I credit this book with developing an interest in this entire genre of treasure hunting quests for the oldest manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible. Ive picked up many excellent books since reading the The Chamberlain Key (TCK), but TCK, by far is the most striking personal account of a discovery that predates these other books of the genre. I almost wonder if the other authors were aware of the TCK findings and its planned publication. Had their been a leak?

    As for the authors findings as presented in TCK, I ran my own tests, via spreadsheet analysis, and even purchased a beta copy of a more recent decryption detector tool called STAR. There are some findings in the book I might explain as mere chance (and then wrapped in a great story), but others are clearly phenomenal based on the hard core statistics and the authors other experiences that led him to this. You have to wonder if we were intended to find these things at this time and what else may be in store. I hope another "key" as strong as the one found by the author is also discovered. That might make me a true believer in the theory of these hidden sub-texts (i.e., encryptions).

    If you want a great yarn for a quick read, enjoy. Youll find it more like a non-fiction version of National Treasure and/or the Davinci Code. If you are one who hangs on to details, be forewarned, it may launch you on an unforeseen quest of your own obsessive compulsive treasure hunt.
  4. Max
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    This one passes the smell test
    March 13, 2017
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    I consider myself to be rather unforgivingly skeptical when it comes to Big Ideas, such as the ones presented in Timothy Smith's The Chamberlain Key. I consider myself, nonetheless, fortunate to have received an advance edition of "call-me-anything-but-Timmy" Timothy Smith's book, because, for me, it has proven to be more than just a book. And I get the impression, after having discussed its subject matter and assertions with others, that it might prove to be more than just a book for you as well.

    The story (Non-Fiction mind you) is as informative as it is adventurous, as digestible as it is overwhelming. What surprised me the most, while reading, was that its most outlandish details are also precisely the ones that appear to be backed up by reason, pragmatism, and verifiable sources. I won't spoil them. What I mean to say is that there is very little in here other than a number of riveting coincidences and sequences that is difficult to believe. Instead, it's what the assemblage of details all add up to, and what they imply, which is startling.

    After having read The Chamberlain Key, not fathoming everything I had just read, and reading it again, I can say with certainty that I treasure this book. It has given me, personally, a renewed sense of appreciation for Biblical literature and lore which I've, frankly, taken for granted. This book has, additionally, reignited in me a curiosity regarding the ingenuity and cleverness, genius, even, of our ancestors.

    I can't, of course, guarantee that my experience will be the case for every reader. But I can guarantee that it will provoke you regardless.

    As for me, I await not just the sequel, but any updates or addenda.

    Chamberlain Keyp me posted.
  5. Treenz
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    February 18, 2017
    Quality: 3
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 4
    This isn't the type of book I normally read - yet something about it intrigued me. I can't really comment on the look of the book as for some reason the publisher sent me an uncorrected proof which has a different cover and isn't quite put together right - which was disappointing... still at least I could read the content well.

    What it is, is the author, Timothy writing his story of how he discovered this and the additional things discovered through his lifetime confirming it. It is a code based around his name, which when applied to the St. Petersburg Codex also revealed his grandfathers name, his wife full name and other personal information there hidden in the Biblical text. He goes on to show a few others he found such as reference to Kennedy's death and then one that hints at future.

    Unlike the Bible Code which was found to be flawed, this code has passed all the scholarly tests and is accurate. There

    is too much in the book for me to try to summarize here but I do recommend it as an interesting read. While it was interesting, I didn't feel I got much personally out of it. The idea that there is a code within the Bible, doesn't surprise me at all, and the fact it has been protected till an age we can decode it. This book is really an account of the author proving where it all came from and all his extraordinary, supernatural encounters leading him to it. I believe it. I guess I would have liked to see more interpretations of it than were included as for me, that is what is really interesting. Maybe he will write more books with more interpretations of what is found in there? It seemed pretty complex how you use the code to interpret but I guess if anyone is game, you can always borrow the codex from the local library and try it yourself? I'm not sure if he gives enough information in the book to do it - you'd have to try it to find out.

    On the whole I recommend it if it is a field that interests you. If you are interested in supernatural type occurances then you would like it, for example. I don't think it's a book for everyone as it does get technical.

    Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review however this opinion is entirely my own.

Displaying items 1-5 of 7
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