Boundaries DVD & Participant's Guide
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Boundaries DVD & Participant's Guide  -

Boundaries DVD & Participant's Guide

HarperChristian Resources / Other

Due in Shortly. Expected to ship on or about 09/23/22.
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Stock No: WW278278

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Due in Shortly. Expected to ship on or about 09/23/22.
Email me when this product is available.
Stock No: WW278278
HarperChristian Resources / Other

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Product Description

Ideal for small groups, this nine-session DVD study teaches participants bible-based principles for setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with parents, spouses, children, friends, coworkers, and even yourself. The Boundaries Study Pack includes one DVD with the 9-sessions and a small leader's guide booklet, plus one participant's guide.

Sessions included:

  1. What is a Boundary?
  2. Understanding Boundaries
  3. The Laws of Boundaries, Part 1
  4. The Law of Boundaries, Part 2
  5. Myths about Boundaries
  6. Boundary Conflicts, Part 1
  7. Boundary Conflicts, Part 2
  8. Boundary Successes, Part 1
  9. Boundary Successes, Part 2

Approximate run time: 80 minutes

First Lesson Free! PDF Study Guide

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Title: Boundaries DVD & Participant's Guide
Format: Other
Vendor: HarperChristian Resources
Weight: 11 ounces
Stock No: WW278278
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Here are the titles and times for each of the video clips in this study:
Session 1
"Sherrie Without Boundaries" - 8 min.
"Wrapping it Up" - 3 min.
Session 2
"Boundary Development and Obstacles to It" - 3 min.
Session 3
"Lessions in the Laws of Boundaries" - 5 min.
"More Lessions in the Laws of Boundaries" - 6 min.
Session 4
"Laws #6 & #7" - 7 min.
"Laws #8, #9, & #10" - 6 min.
"What We've Learned" - 1 min.
Session 5
"Myths about Boundaries" - 7 min.
Session 6
"Boundary Conflicts, Part 1" - 8 min.
Session 7
"Boundary Conflicts, Part 2" - 18 min.
Session 8
"Measuring Boundary Growth" - 9 min.
Session 9
"Success with Boundaries" - 6 min.
"Sherrie with Boundaries" - 6 min.


Each session is designed to run about 50-60 minutes including DVD and discussion times.


If you plan to use the DVD, you will want to use the participants guide.

The workbook is designed to be used without the DVD and would not be needed.


The leaders guide is included in the box with the DVD, and it cannot be purchased separately from the DVD. The DVD case and the participants guide will not come in a boxed set.

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