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    1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      April 3, 2010
      Marilyn L Mesch
      It's a great thriller. Have read the previous two and think this one may have the other two topped for suspense. Looking forward to the fourth one.Besides, I was a fan of Jason Elan as a Bronco for years.
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      February 8, 2010
      Norma M. Smith
      Wow! When I saw the authors first book, "Monday night Jihad", I thought it sounded interesting BUT, what could a football player know about Jihad and terrorism. I bypassed the book and it wasn't until I read the 3rd book "Black Out" that I realized that Jason Elam and Steve Yohn know a lot about terrorism and how to combat it. I bought the 2nd book and enjoyed it also, so much that I bought the 1st one and am so glad I did. I cannot wait for book #4 comes out. I highly recommend this series.
    3. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      January 5, 2010
      E.A. West
      I have mixed feelings on Blackout. The first half of the story didnt feel like a thriller at all. Riley Covington, the title character of the series, didnt play as big a role as expected and his main purpose appeared to be remembering the past and playing football. In my opinion as a reader, the first half of the book could have been condensed into just a few chapters and kept the tension of the story high, rather than taking over a hundred and fifty pages and making me wonder if the thriller part of this Riley Covington Thriller would ever start.The second half of the book, however, was an amazing ride of suspense. It was everything I hope for in a thriller and had an awesome storyline. Electromagnetic pulse bombs arent something Ive seen done to death in fiction, and the glimpse of the devastation an EMP bomb would cause was both fascinating and frightening. Once the story picked up, I couldnt put the book down. I was drawn into the story and found myself rooting for the good guys and rejoicing when the bad guys took a blow. I came away fully satisfied with the second half of the book.If you dont mind a slow start to an exciting story, you might enjoy Blackout. But if youre like me and prefer a thriller thats suspenseful from beginning to end, this may not be the book for you.I received a free ARC of this book through the Tyndale Blog Network. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based solely on my experience reading this book.
    4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      December 28, 2009
      Deena Peterson
      Packed with action and rich with detail, the writing team of Elam and Yohn have another hit on their hands.This time Riley is still recovering from the sudden death of his father and the trauma of his last heroic exploit. His fame as 'Captain America' is wearing thin, and all Riley wants to do is play football with is beloved Mustangs.Which explains his shock and dismay at the news that he's been traded. Why in the world would he be cut loose from his team and sent to another...who's pulling strings on Riley's future?Answers come soon enough as he's whisked away from his Alaskan retreat to the action of Homeland Security in Washington D.C. There Riley reunites with Special Agent and Director Scott Ross, as well as Khadi, Tara, Gilley and the ever-present and effervescent Gooey.Together the team attempts to thwart plans to unleash a terrorist threat of our worst nightmares: an EMP bomb. Electro magnetic pulse bombs that will knock out all of our infrastructure, down to watches, cell phones...up to planes and defense. This is the stuff of nightmares!Will all of their expertise be enough to track this needle in a haystack attack? Who is behind it: China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran? And how is Riley going to find his way through this new tangle of issues, both professional and personal. His life makes Jake Bauer's seem like a walk in the park (not really...just like saying that...)!Can they stop this horrendous attack, or will it truly be lights out for America? For the world as we know it? The worst of it is I can see this possibly happening...chilling thought.Fast-pace writing ricochets off the page as the short chapters fly by. The intimate details of the behind-the-scenes of professional football add an extra layer of richness to the story. One chapter and you can tell Jason and Steve know their stuff.
    5. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      December 5, 2009
      Laura Hartness
      Blackout is the third volume in the Riley Covington series. Footballer Riley Covington returns with a new adventure in the Secret Service. Before receiving this complimentary ARC from Tyndale, I was unaware of this series. The premise was interestinga pro football player whos a bit of a James Bond on the side. It certainly isnt believable, but that wasnt the point. I believe the goal of the authors was to write a page-turning thriller that could appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike.For the most part, I believe this goal was achieved. Blackout presents a terrorist act that could feasibly happen one day. The narrative was interesting and seemed to be derived from a typical Hollywood thriller. There were moments of heroism, plenty of technology and a nail-biting ending. And while the book was testosterone heavy, this female reader appreciated the chaste romantic subplot that was included. I also enjoyed the interjection of the faiths of many of the characters. The Christians were portrayed as earnest, yet imperfect in their faith. They werent overly preachy, but they occasionally shared how Christianity mattered in their crazy lives. It was interesting to see the Islamic terrorists side as well. The only qualm I have with the book is the distracted nature of some of the writing. Elam and Yohn write well when theyre focused on the suspense. However, they get caught up in trying to offer too much comic relief. Due to some of the inherent violence, parents might want to save this one for elder teen boys. However, the writers do keep it clean with no direct quoting of cursing and the limitation of certain graphic details. Football fans will also be entertained, getting plenty of behind the scenes moments.Overall, this novel was a fun ride. I anticipate reading the next book in the series and would like to read their previous editions as well. (My unabridged review:
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