1. Bible Time Line Pamphlet
    Bible Time Line Pamphlet
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  1. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    Great tool for research
    September 26, 2017
    Quality: 4
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 5
    The Bible Time Line chart from Rose Publishing is a great tool to get an overview of what happened when and where and how different events are connected with each other. Across the top of the chart is my favorite feature; you will find the books of the Bible placed in the respective time period they talk about. Simple keys are used in the chart to identify events and time spans. The keys are described at the beginning of the chart. The time line starts with the fall of men and covers all major events and time periods up to the first century A.D.

    Also very well done is the parallel display of Bible History, World History and Middle East History. Separated by different background colors, events are very easy to read across the three categories. This feature allows to relate World History to Bible History and can be a great apologetic tool. The chart allows the reader to bringing everything together and connecting the dots the right way.

    I definitely can see this chart being a great tool in Student Ministry, Small groups, especially since I am leading Bible Studies at my house I think it can be a great help to lay out events and help my fellow Christians to understand the text we are reading a little better. It also helps to visualize events.

    (Advanced reader copy provided by Rose Publishing)
  2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    Excellent Timeline
    September 13, 2017
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 4
    Bible Timeline Review

    Rose Publishing

    This Bible Timeline is well done, informative and accurate. It was also timely since the Bible Study I lead asked that we look at what else was happening in the world at the times of Biblical events. This timeline provided a great deal of information and is a great starting point for deeper study.

    The timeline shows the overlap of peoples lives as well as events. The overlap of the lives of the early individuals is especially apparent. It makes clear some of the earliest people were alive when Noah started building the ark. Seeing the juxtaposition of world events to Bible events makes understanding how Bible events fit into the world much more clear. This is something secular history books ignore.

    The timeline is clear and easy to understand. It is formatted in a way that is easy for use in a Bible Study or personal study. I would like to see more detail but more detail may adversely affect its readability and ease of use. The timeline (as with other products I have gotten from Rose Publishing) does not take a denominational stance but is factual and to-the-point. Any Christian should find the timeline helpful.

    Rose Publishing provided me with an advanced reader copy for my review.
  3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    Bringing Scripture to Life
    August 12, 2017
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    As a Pastor I love study guides that bring the Word of God to life. By matching up the Biblical timeline with historical events suddenly a bright light goes off. Wow! The people, places and events that the Bible are describing are real people, places and events! At our church we have been studying through Genesis and now Exodus. What a great help to be able to point out the different historical events that were taking place during the chapters we are studying.

    The guide is sized to easily fit in a Bible or notebook so it can be easily accessed as you are studying. This is a tool that would be useful to the beginning Bible student as well as the more advanced.

    Rose publishing has a 20 foot timeline available and I have also found Answers in Genesis's 5 foot long timeline to have additional points in history, but for its size this make a great resource for anyone interested in studying the Bible. Combine it with Rose Publishing's "Then and Now" Bible map book and you can really get a feel for the places and events surrounding Bible history.

    The pamphlets are even more affordable in bulk and would make a great addition to any Sunday School or Bible study group.

    Rose Publishing has provided me with an advanced reader copy.
  4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    awesome resourcef
    July 27, 2017
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    What a wealth of information in one compact resource! The fact that it fits in your bible makes it available and easy to assess a large amount of valuable information. As a bible study teacher, I have pages upon pages of study material scatter around with my laesrt teaching projects. The prophecies fulfilled by Jesus and the parables of Jesus are neatly contained in this bible insert. The various timelines are priceless to teachers and students alike. The Old Testament and World History timeline would have been invaluable when studying the book of Daniel. The New Testament and World History timeline shows dates of Pauls journeys alongside coordinating dates of books written by other NT writers. This is phenomenal! I flipped from study bible chapter introductions to commentaries to find all this information handily packaged and ready for study. I cannot wait for this to be published and gift many of my friends with this insert. Rose Publishing asked me to preview this PDF for a fair and honest review.
  5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    This Bible Time Line is a valuable tool
    July 5, 2017
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    The Rose Bible Reference pamphlet is a full-color, glossy, plastic-coated fact sheet that fits inside most Bibles. This Bible Time Line is a valuable tool for leaders and participants of Bible Studies, Small Groups, Youth Groups, and New Member Classes. All Bible students interested in dating the events of the Bible would benefit from keeping a copy in their Bibles.

    STRENGTHS: The first useful feature for any student of Genesis is a timeline of the life spans of the patriarchs from Adam to Abraham in relationship to each other with the ages of each person at his death.

    What follows is a color-coded timeline comparing the Books of the Bible and Bible History with World History and Middle East History side by side. Noted are approximate dates of major and minor events from 2200 BC to AD 100. Any student of history and of the Bible will take an interest in finding out what was going on in the world while the events of the Bible were unfolding.

    WEAKNESSES: Photos and illustrations are included for the Old Testament and the Inter-Testamental Period, but there appear to be more for Egypt than Israel. Unfortunately, no photos or illustrations are included in the New Testament portion. At times, the wealth of details for the Inter-Testamental Period and the New Testament feel overwhelming, considering only a few hundred years are summarized in these two pages.

    Rose Publishing provided me with an advanced reader copy as a pdf.
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