1. Bible Stories for Growing Kids
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    Bible Stories for Growing Kids
    Francine Rivers, Shannon Rivers Coibion
    Tyndale House / 2007 / Hardcover
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  1. Kathy
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Thought provoking life application for children
    January 3, 2019
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    I was very pleased with this book. It is more for a little older children maybe 9 and up I'm keeping it to read when the grandkids come over so I haven't actually "tested" it out yet.
  2. swipper
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    The content is 5*star in my book
    October 23, 2014
    Quality: 4
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 4
    This started with me finding out Francine Rivers wrote this and she is an incredible author of adult christian books. I have read two books of hers...one entirely fiction and the other based upon stories from the bible and her contextualizing and both still resonate transformation in me and a closer understanding of the character of God. Second, I have been looking for a way to create for my 8 year old a passion for the word of God. Yet, many of the bibles seem to be just the scripture verses, but not contextual on how it relates to her or are too kid like. She is at the age where she is beginning to think deeper and as I partner with her in her spiritual growth, this was exciting to find this. So, when I found out Francine Rivers wrote this it was a given because her writing gets a 5star from me hands down!!! This has stories that bring in history, questions to ask your kids to ponder and reflect on as it relates to God, the culture, and their picture of who He is and who these people were... which is the beginning of teaching our children to be self directed learners in their walk of faith. I gave this also to my sister in laws for their children too. The only reason I did not give it a 5star is because the illustrations are not as engaging as I'd have liked. Likewise, she does not have every story or bible verse written in the book, so if you're looking for all bible verses, this is not the way to go. But, this brings what is testified to in the old and new testament of these people in these stories to life for our kids, really helping them with more than the standard stories on being kind, helping, not fighting, etc. that lots of kids devotionals offer. It just goes to a deeper level, hopefully teaching them how to really read the word of God as they get older beyond just the words in one spot on the page, but within the cultural context, in both old and new testament, how it related then and relates now, the impacts to the generations of followers, etc. I tend to be a deep thinker and I teach my daughter to be the same and always ask the why so her learning can be embedded in her heart and not just head knowledge cognitively. So if you are that kind of person, this should likely be a match for you and your child. FRANCINE RIVERS is a gift from God as an author.
  3. Sara
    Age: 25-34
    Gender: female
    3 Stars Out Of 5
    Some strange content for a children's book.
    April 13, 2012
    Age: 25-34
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 2
    I like the stories for the most part, and there are some with characters you don't usually see in children's books. So, to that end I think it's a great book. However, the questions at the end were way too deep for little kids. My 8 year old didn't really understand some of them. Also there were some references I was a little startled by when I was reading it to them the first time. There is a story about Hagar and Abraham and it talked about how he "lay with her" and yes, I know that is in the Bible, however I was not prepared for that in a children's book. After that I kept it up on a shelf they couldn't get to and only read them certain stories. I just think by the time kids are ready for this content the book will seem to babyish to them. Not a bad book, I just wasn't really pleased with it. Just wanted to warn others before they buy.
  4. Christine M. Irvin
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    A great book of Bible stories for kids
    November 24, 2010
    Christine M. Irvin
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    Bible Stories for Growing Kids, written by Francine Rivers and Shannon Rivers Coibion, has 30 stories from the Bible, 17 from the New Testament and 13 from the Old Testament.

    Each story focuses on a person in the Bible. According to the author, the stories are "fictionalized" and written "from the point of view of one person. In some cases, several stories cover the same situation but from different perspectives." The first story is about Abraham, with references about him from the books of Genesis and Hebrews. Three more stories from Genesis focus on Hagar, Lot's wife, and Dinah. The stories are in chronological order through the Bible. Scripture references are included for each story.

    Each story is 4-6 pages long, including illustrations. A section called "Growing Time" is given at the end of each one story. This section is intended for sharing with family members. It includes "interesting facts" about the character mentioned in the story; "Truths from God's Word" that relate to the story; "Things About" each character; "Thinking about Your Life," which has thought-provoking questions about how the story/character relates to the reader's life; and "Praying For," which gives some ideas of things to pray about in regards to the story's subject matter.

    The expressive illustrations by Pascale Constantin are mostly done in bright colors, but there are a few black-and-white illustrations scattered throughout.

    What I like: This book of Bible stories is a bit different from any I've read before. There is a good assortment of Bible characters mentioned, but many of them are lesser-known ones like Jehoiada, Balaam, and Dorcas. I didn't know who some of the people mentioned in the stories were until I read about them in the book; you might not be very familiar with them either.

    I also like the fact that each story focuses on a person in the Bible. Most Bibles for kids have a mixture of stories about people, such as Noah, Moses and John the Baptist, as well as stories about events, such as the Creation, the Great Flood, or Jesus' birth.

    What I Dislike: There is a full-page illustration depicting some type of modern-day family or group setting at the end of each story, opposite the page titled "Growing Time." I was a bit disappointed to find that there are only four different illustrations that end the stories, used repeatedly throughout the book. I realize I'm being a bit nit-picky by mentioning that, but I think it would have been nicer if each story ended with a different picture.

    Overall Rating: Excellent.
  5. Sallie Hanson
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    June 3, 2008
    Sallie Hanson
    We love this book. The content is really well done and they have chosen people out of the Bible that are not usually in children's stories. The only thing I can complain about is the ages 4-8 are way too young in my opinion. Our six year old has a problem sometimes answering the question at the end of the story..they are at times deep. We will continue reading it and probably read it again when our children are older.
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