Beyond the Battle: A Man's Guide to His Identity in Christ in an Oversexualized World
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Beyond the Battle: A Man's Guide to His Identity in Christ in an Oversexualized World  -     By: Noah Filipiak

Beyond the Battle: A Man's Guide to His Identity in Christ in an Oversexualized World

Zondervan Reflective / 2021 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW0120124

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Stock No: WW0120124
Zondervan Reflective / 2021 / Paperback

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Product Information

Title: Beyond the Battle: A Man's Guide to His Identity in Christ in an Oversexualized World
By: Noah Filipiak
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 272
Vendor: Zondervan Reflective
Publication Date: 2021
Dimensions: 7.170 X 4.710 (inches)
Weight: 9 ounces
ISBN: 0310120128
ISBN-13: 9780310120124
Stock No: WW0120124

Publisher's Description

All men face some degree of temptation or discontentment. Here is your guide to get you past frustration into freedom. We live in a culture where 55% of married men and 70% of single men look at porn at least once a month and over half of all marriages end in divorce. To understand why that is we have to look beyond the battle to the root of both the problem and the solution...

Most books for men on how to defeat lust and improve their relationships with the women in their lives preach a plan for trying harder, thinking better, and battering their behavior into submission. The problem with this approach: no matter how strong we are today, the battle continues tomorrow, and nothing ever seems to change in the long run.

In Beyond the Battle, author and pastor Noah Filipiak shows you why symptom-based behavior management approaches offer short-term solutions. Instead, he unpacks the keys to a gospel-centered, long-term victory, helping you win the war against temptation and entitlement.

Beyond the Battle is an accessible, effective, man-to-man resource for individual or small group use that will guide you toward freedom from sexual temptations by connecting you more deeply to Jesus—to his sacrifice and sufficiency.

Filipiak addresses deep questions of marriage, singleness, and sexual temptation like:

  • What's really the worst enemy in a man's marriage?
  • How are my assumptions about my wife contributing to the problem?
  • How does a corrected understanding of God's grace change my outlook on marriage or singleness?

This book turns typical "purity" strategies on their head by addressing head-on our sense of self-entitlement and our self-seeking tendencies, showing how to look to God—instead of to women—for intimacy, approval, acceptance, and validation.

Includes free access to 7-week small group video curriculum plus an option 40-day devotional.

Author Bio

Noah Filipiak is a pastor at Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Previously he planted and pastored Crossroads Church in Lansing, Michigan for 13 years.  He has degrees from Cornerstone University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He is the host of The Flip Side Podcast and blogs at

Editorial Reviews

'This book is brimming with gospel-centered wisdom. Whether you're single, married, or soon to be married, it will help you examine the roots of sexual temptation and some misguided views we have about sex.' -- Preston Sprinkle, president, The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender; author, People to Be Loved

'This book is an excellent resource to keep men of God entrenched in the freedom and power of the gospel. It's a great resource for those looking to honor Christ with their lives.' -- Kirk Cousins, NFL Pro Bowl quarterback; author, Game Changer

'Noah gives us a biblical and action-oriented plan to living in the freedom God desires for us. This book is an invaluable resource for pastors, small group leaders, mentors, and men and women anywhere who seek to honor God with their sexuality and overcome addiction.' -- Ben Vaught, director, mens ministry, Ada Bible Church, Grand Rapids, MI

'Noah Filipiak has dared to break new ground and challenge much of the conventional wisdom concerning men, marriage, and purity. This book comes from the compassionate heart of a man who has been in the battle. It is an important resource for single and married men.' -- Brian Jones, founding senior pastor, Christs Church of the Valley, Royersford, PA; author, Finding Favor

'In a very real sense, your life, your relationships, your existence as a man in this oversexualized culture, and your maneuvering through this vast universe may depend on your understanding of the truths in this book.' -- Ron DeHaas, president, CEO, and founder, Covenant Eyes

'Beyond the Battle is a gospel-centered primer loaded with nuggets of truth encouraging solid identity in Christ. Whether you are single or married, this book will be tremendously useful to you.' -- Doug Logan Jr., director of diversity and church in hard places, Acts 29 Network; author, On the Block

'An honest and unvarnished look at sexual sin, teaching us to escape to reality instead of from it. Filipiak blends pastoral wisdom, personal experience, and research to address men right where we stand, not where we wish we were.' -- Zachary Bartels, pastor; author, The Last Con and Playing Saint

'Noah is a man, a man's man, and so this is a man's book! Men have the opportunity to experience great freedom through this work.' -- Shawn Lovejoy, founder and CEO,; author, Be Mean about the Vision

'Noah walks men down the path to the source of freedom, where we learn to satisfy the soul's deepest desires that lie underneath sexual desire. Along the way, he provides fantastic practical tools, but as supplements, not substitutes.' -- Rob Wegner, author, Find Your Place and Made for More; director, the Kansas City Underground

'Noah Filipiak invites men to go beyond behavior modification into a deeper understanding of their core identity. Beyond the Battle provides a path for men who long for freedom and healing. Read this book and give it to every man you know.' -- Traylor Lavvorn, The Heart of Man movie; executive director, Undone Redone

'If you are looking to go beyond better methods and strategies to avoid lust and live in purity and instead want to understand how to live differently and from different motivations, then this book is for you. I highly recommend it.' -- Nick Stumbo, executive director, Pure Desire Ministries

'This is one of the absolute best books I have read on marriage, porn, and godly manhood. And trust me when I tell you I have read pretty much all of them. It is just that good and needed.' -- Chris Higgins, pastor, First Church of Christ, Owosso, MI

'Every time I come across a book on men overcoming pornography addiction, I look for six things: authenticity, theological depth, a laser focus on the heart, encouraging words for single people, tender care for people who struggle with same-sex pornography, and practical steps. Noah nails all six.' -- Laurie Krieg, author, An Impossible Marriage

'This book stands out from all of the other books on purity I have read. Noah shares powerful insight into the matters of the heart underlying our struggles while providing practical application.' -- Justin Reid, director, The House of Prayer, East Lansing, MI

'This is the best book on porn I have ever read. Noah faces tough issues with tenderness, vulnerability, and a perspective that comes only from being in the trenches. His answers go beyond 'Stop it!' and get to the heart of the issue.' -- Jason Redoutey, president, Hearts Alive and Free Ministries

'This is a courageous, honest, and practical book with a powerful, grace-filled, and transformative message. Thank you, Noah, not only for wisely diagnosing what ails us but also for winsomely pointing the way toward healing in Christ. Highly recommended!' -- Todd Wilson, PhD, cofounder and president, Center for Pastor Theologians

'Noah has become a voice of strength, grace, and wisdom in an area of utmost importance to the church. He is sure to become one of the leading voices speaking on our hypersexualized culture.' -- Ken Wytsma, lead pastor, Village Church, Beaverton, OR; author, Pursuing Justice and The Myth of Equality

'Noah Filipiak dives deep into matters of the heart, exploring the transforming power of our new identity in Christ. When the empty space in our souls is filled with the life-giving presence of a generous God, we are less likely to look for substitutes to fill the gap.' -- Jeff Manion, senior pastor, Ada Bible Church, Grand Rapids, MI; author, The Land Between and Satisfied

'If there is one cultural arena Christians need to enter (but are hesitant to), it's sexual purity. Noah has just the right voice not only to speak to this issue but to be heard.' -- Noel Jesse Heikkinen, pastor; author, Wretched Saints

'Beyond the Battle is a rare combination of heavy-hitting truth, compassionate care, and helpful strategy. Whether married or single, straight or nonstraight, young or old, men will find much food for their souls on the journey to live chaste lives before God our Father.' -- Nate Collins, president and founder, Revoice; author, All But Invisible

'Noah is transparent about his battles, but he doesn't leave us to wallow in our sin and struggles, instead showing us God's way out of our mess. This book could not be more timely and useful.' -- Michael Wittmer, professor of systematic and historical theology, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

'This book is raw, vulnerable, practical, and unflinchingly honest. Noah writes from the trenches--as a pastor and a husband--about the scourge of our generation and shows us the one and only solution--Christ and his cross.' -- Ted Kluck, award-winning coauthor, Why Were Not Emergent and Why We Love the Church

'This book is a godsend. Noah Filipiak flips the script on 'purity culture,' offering a refreshing and practical gospel-driven way to find serenity in our sexuality. I highly recommend it.' -- Nate Larkin, founder, the Samson Society; author, Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood

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