Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future - eBook
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Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future - eBook  -     By: Danielle Strickland

Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future - eBook

Thomas Nelson / 2020 / ePub

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Stock No: WW102099EB

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In Stock
Stock No: WW102099EB
Thomas Nelson / 2020 / ePub
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Product Information

Title: Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future - eBook
By: Danielle Strickland
Format: DRM Protected ePub
Vendor: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN: 9780785230144
ISBN-13: 9780785230144
Series: Better Together
Stock No: WW102099EB

Publisher's Description

An impassioned plea and workable solution for women and men to imagine a better world, embrace their differences, find ways to end oppression, and learn how to work better together.

We are currently at a strategic cultural intersection with relationships between women and men eroding. And it seems no one knows what to do. While it is good for women to expose their pain, what often happens is that they immediately blame the person at the other end of it, which sets up a never-ending cycle of accusations, denial, avoidance, and ultimately devastation for everyone involved.

This moment of discovery should not signal the end but instead become an opportunity to create a different world where men and women are better together.

Better Together is a beacon of hope in a challenging storm. It’s where thoughts can be rechanneled and hope rekindled as author Danielle Strickland offers steps toward a real and workable solution. Her premise is that two things are needed for change:

1) imagine a better world, and

2) understand oppression.

Understanding how oppression works is an important part of undoing it.

Danielle says, "I refuse to believe that all men are bad. I also refuse to believe that all women are victims. I don’t want to be just hopeful, I want to be strategically hopeful. I want to work toward a better world with a shared view of the future that looks like equality, freedom, and flourishing."

Author Bio

Danielle Strickland is an author, speaker, trainer, and global social justice advocate. Her aggressive compassion has served people firsthand in countries all over the world, from establishing justice departments for the Salvation Army to launching global antitrafficking initiatives that create new movements to mobilize people toward transformational living. Affectionately called the "ambassador of fun," she is host of the Danielle Strickland Podcast, cofounder of Infinitum, Amplify Peace, and Brave Global, and founder of Women Speakers Collective. Danielle is married to Stephen and lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with their three sons.

Editorial Reviews

'Danielle Strickland is not only a world-class speaker that can inspire a room of thousands; she is a passionate activist for justice and compassion. Spending time with Danielle inspires you that mercy is worth pursuing and change is possible. That is illustrated in this book on equity, a subject that is crucial for our world to grapple with right now. Read this and be ready to play your part in the revolution.' Social entrepreneur, consultant, author of Faitheism
'Danielle Strickland is one of the most important prophetic voices of our time. In her new book, Better Together, she brilliantly outlines the current cultural divide between the sexes and then, with visionary inspiration, shows us the way to a better tomorrow. This is a must-read book!' Dave Ferguson Author of Hero Maker
'This book should be required reading for every Christian. Drawing on years of experience, research, and with great grace, wisdom, and prophetic insight, Danielle urges us to pursue healthy relationships between men and women, for the sake of our witness in this world, to fulfill the mission of the church, and for future generations.' Christine Caine Founder of Propel Women and A21
'This is an incredibly important book! We desperately need to create a better world, and Danielle Strickland unpacks how to do it--together. I recommend this book for every person trying to live a better way.' Jo Saxton Director of 3DM, author of Real God, Real Life
'When it comes to gender issues in the workplace, ministries, and life in general, it's pretty obvious we're facing significant challenges. Thankfully, Danielle Strickland has written this timely, needed, and necessary book, Better Together. Danielle has a unique ability to navigate tricky terrain with truth, boldness, gentleness, and courage. This book will not only lovingly correct, but also inspire and instruct both men and women with grace and understanding. We need each other to do everything we are called and created to do! This subject is important to God. As Danielle writes, 'We aren't just cleaning up a mess. We are building a new world.' And we are unquestionably better together!' Craig Groeschel Pastor of Life.Church, New York Times bestselling author
'Danielle Strickland is perhaps one of the greatest minds in Christianity today. Anything she writes is guaranteed to change your life or the way you view God.' Sam Collier International speaker, TV and radio host of A Greater Story
'Danielle Strickland leads the way in addressing a vitally important issue for the church. This book is fascinating, challenging, and timely. It is well-researched and beautifully written by someone who is a role model in the area of unity and reconciliation. I recommend it highly.' Nicky Gumbel Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton Church, founder of Alpha, author of The Bible in One Year
'Danielle Strickland understands what it means to fight for a better future. She realizes brokenness leads to better stories and difficult conversations lead to better connections. In this book she addresses the inequities and injustices that make it nearly impossible, but even more important to have a level playing field. Whether it's recognizing opportunities to improve or acknowledging obstacles that keep us from being better, Danielle has unusual and compassionate insight. This book doesn't offer easy answers or casual blame. Instead, Danielle insists that we drive toward solutions that celebrate both our differences and our diversities. For Danielle, it's not political; it's personal. It's personal because of the people she's known, the realities she's seen, and the overpowering hope she holds to.' Reggie Joiner Founder of Orange/The reThink Group
'I consider Danielle Strickland to be a world-impacting leader and that just about anything she says ought to be taken very seriously. Better Together is such a book. It is a compelling call to restore the God-given co-agency to women in every domain of society. It's been two thousand years since Jesus set women free from oppressive patriarchy; let's get this done already!' Alan Hirsch Award-winning author of Reframation and 5Q, founder of Movement Leaders Collective, Forge International, and 100 Movements
'In Better Together, Danielle Strickland provides a practical and timely picture of what could be. A glimpse of the 'strategically hopeful.' Freedom fighters, justice advocates, influencers, and thought leaders all united to not just dream of a better story, but to actually create one. Grab this book and join the movement!' Brad Lomenick Founder of BLINC, author of H3 Leadership and The Catalyst Leader
'It's hard to think of a subject more universally important than this, nor a person better positioned to address it than Danielle Strickland. At a time of such pain and antipathy between the sexes, Danielle's voice rings out with prophetic conviction and biblical clarity, mapping out a path for reconciliation and hope.' Pete Greig Leader of 24-7 Prayer International, senior pastor of Emmaus Rd, UK
'There are more than a few gaps remaining in the relationship between men and women in leadership. Danielle does a brilliant job of compelling us, men and women alike, to work toward a strong, healthy future. What you lose in ignoring the issues costs everyone, including you. If you're looking for practical steps to take and compelling reasons to take them, this book holds the road map.' Carey Nieuwhof Author and founding pastor of Connexus Church
'There is an urgent need for the message Danielle is presenting in her latest book, Better Together. The church greatly needs this reminder to rediscover the Edenic vision of male and female co-reigning in mutual honor and interdependence (Genesis 1:26)--thereby bringing the kingdom of God to earth.' Colonel Janet Munn Director of The Salvation Army's International Social Justice Commission

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