Better: A Study of Hebrews, DVD Leader Kit
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Better: A Study of Hebrews, DVD Leader Kit  -     By: Jen Wilkin

Better: A Study of Hebrews, DVD Leader Kit

Lifeway / 2020 / DVD

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Stock No: WW954136

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Stock No: WW954136
Lifeway / 2020 / DVD

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Product Description

In Better: A Study of Hebrews video Bible study, Jen Wilkin explores the book of Hebrews verse-by-verse, where you’ll discover through Paul’s letters that Scripture points to Christ as the new and better covenant for us to have access to God.  This 10-session study offers a way for you to grow in your understanding of who Christ is and the hope of the new covenant.  The Better Leader Kit includes one study book, dvds, streaming video access to 10 sessions, and extra leader resources.

Session 1: Introduction (41:54)
Session 2: Better than Angels (47:19)
Session 3: Better than Moses (39:26)
Session 4: Better High Priest (43:54)
Session 5: Better Promise (37:30)
Session 6: Better Hope and Covenant (32:31)
Session 7: Better Tabernacle (31:49)
Session 8: Better Sacrifice (31:49)
Session 9: Consider the Faithful (44:44)
Session 10: Run the Race (49:25)

Product Information

Title: Better: A Study of Hebrews, DVD Leader Kit
By: Jen Wilkin
Format: DVD
Vendor: Lifeway
Publication Date: 2020
Weight: 1 pound 5 ounces
ISBN: 1535954132
ISBN-13: 9781535954136
UPC: 634337908915
Stock No: WW954136

Author Bio

Jen Wilkin is a wife, mom to four, and an advocate for women to love God with their minds through the faithful study of His Word. She is a speaker, writer, and Bible teacher. Jen’s newest study is Better: A Study of Hebrews. She is also the author of Women of the Word, None Like Him, In His Image, Sermon on the Mount Bible study, 1 Peter: A Living Hope in Christ Bible study, God of Creation: A Study of Genesis 1-11 Bible study, and God of Covenant: A Study of Genesis 12-50 Bible study.

Publisher's Description

In this verse-by-verse study of the Book of Hebrews, Jen Wilkin explores how God “provided something better for us” in the person of Jesus Christ (Heb. 11:40). Through stories of Old Testament heroes and practices, the author of Hebrews demonstrates how the new covenant is superior to the old and how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of every promise. Explore familiar verses in context of the entire Bible, learning how to place your hope and faith in Christ alone. (10 sessions)

Leader Kit Includes:

  • One Bible study book with personal study segments to complete between 10 weeks of group sessions and leader helps to guide questions and discussions within small groups
  • DVDs with essential teaching videos, approximately 30­–45 minutes per session
  • Card with 3 additional digital downloads of teaching videos


  • Explore Old Testament stories to gain context for the superiority of Christ.
  • Gain an understanding of the old and new covenants.
  • Learn to place your hope in Jesus.

Video Sessions:

  • Session 1: Introduction (41:54)—Jen highlights some of the main themes we believe the author of Hebrews was aiming to inspire: confidence in the faith, steadfastness in the midst of difficulty, and assurance that Jesus is better than anything the world has to offer.
  • Session 2: Better than Angels (47:19)—Jen begins to unpack the idea of Christ's supremacy over all things, with particular emphasis on His supremacy over angels and His identification of God's people as His brothers and sisters. What a blessing we have in the brotherhood of Christ, who withstood temptation on earth and sympathizes with our weakness.
  • Session 3: Better than Moses (39:26)—The author of Hebrews continues to show us that Jesus Christ is superior over all things. In this session, Jen teaches us how the author took on the looming figure of Moses to demonstrate how Christ is even better than one of the largest figures in Jewish history.
  • Session 4: Better High Priest (43:54)—In Jewish tradition, the earthly high priest occupied the highest “strata” of society. Jen breaks down how the author of Hebrews introduces his original readers to Christ as an even better High Priest—One who has passed through the heavens and sympathized with humanity’s weaknesses (Heb. 14:14-15).
  • Session 5: Better Promise (37:30)—the author of Hebrews reminds his readers to move beyond immaturity to advance to the deeper matters of faith. Jen discusses that as we deepen our faith, we can better see the steadfast promise Christians have in Christ as our firm foundation.
  • Session 6: Better Hope and Covenant (32:31)—The mysterious Melchizedek enters the picture in this week of study. As Jen breaks down the story of Melchizedek in Hebrews 7–8, we are reminded that the old is gone and the new is infinitely better.
  • Session 7: Better Tabernacle (31:49)—Jen talks about the Old Testament tabernacle and covenant. The old covenant was sealed with the blood of goats and sheep and the new is sealed with the blood of Christ. In the blood of Christ, we find forgiveness of our sins. He is a better tabernacle, and He ushered in a new covenant.
  • Session 8: Better Sacrifice (31:49)—Jen unpacks Hebrews 10, both the warning and the challenges. In this chapter, we learn that Jesus is a better sacrifice than the sacrifices of old. His death is once and for all. The author of Hebrews also challenges us with several "Let us" statements, encouraging us to live out what we believe.
  • Session 9: Consider the Faithful (44:44)—Hebrews 11 features the roll call of the faithful and is likely the best-known chapter in the book of Hebrews. Here, we learn more about this intentional and organized list, and why faithful yet flawed leaders such as David, Rahab, Gideon, and more were featured in this biblical hall of faith.
  • Session 10: Run the Race (49:25)—In the grand finale of the study, Jen details the final exhortation of the Book of Hebrews. In this last session, we learn to focus less on ourselves, and more on loving others and glorifying the name above all names.

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