Average Joe: God's Extraordinary Calling to Ordinary Men - eBook
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Average Joe: God's Extraordinary Calling to Ordinary Men - eBook  -     By: Troy Meeder

Average Joe: God's Extraordinary Calling to Ordinary Men - eBook

Multnomah / 2011 / ePub

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Stock No: WW10958EB

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Stock No: WW10958EB
Multnomah / 2011 / ePub
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Product Information

Title: Average Joe: God's Extraordinary Calling to Ordinary Men - eBook
By: Troy Meeder
Format: DRM Protected ePub
Vendor: Multnomah
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 9781601423085
ISBN-13: 9781601423085
Stock No: WW10958EB

Publisher's Description

"What is happening to my life?"
Have you ever honestly asked yourself that question? As young boys, we dreamed of being pilots, firefighters, doctors, and cowboys. Now we’re older, with a wonderful wife and kids, as well as a mortgage, a minivan, and a fulfilling but not-so-glamorous job. What happened? All the dreams that once inspired us have evaporated into traffic jams, computer screens, bills, and deadlines. Why is life so ordinary?
If you think your life is nothing special, take a look at it through God’s eyes.
The revealing truth is that God chooses "ordinary," faithful men to do His most important work—regular guys like Peter the fisherman, David the shepherd, Stephen the waiter, Gideon the farmer, Paul the tentmaker, and even Jesus the carpenter. In this engaging book, Troy Meeder blends stories about biblical characters and contemporary men to show that an "average-Joe" life, an "ordinary" existence, shapes a man’s integrity, moral stability, resolve, and strength.
The world desperately needs an army of "average Joes." Like you.
"Troy Meeder’s heart-felt accounts from both his own personal experience and those of friends and family touch a raw nerve in your soul…. Average Joe reminds us that living a life focused on faith, family, and friends is what makes a man exceptional."
—Rick Wiggers, average Joe and account manager
Includes a study guide for use by men’s groups.

Author Bio

Troy Meeder is co-founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, a non-profit facility for abused children and horses based in Central Oregon. After a career in corporate America, he served as a youth pastor. Troy’s wife, Kim, is the author of Hope Rising, Bridge Called Hope, and Blind Hope—books that share stories of people dramatically influenced by their ministry. (www.CrystalPeaksYouthRanch.com)


Troy Meeder's new book, Average Joe, is an interesting addition to the world of men's spiritual literature. Meeder uses various stories from his own life and from the lives of impactful men who have shaped him. The reader will read accounts from gardeners, cowboys, soldiers, and pastors. The book focuses how an “average Joe” is the kind of man whom God needs for His kingdom.

Meeder offers some very honest views of men and their roles. He admits that as a fifty-something cowboy, he isn’t afraid to tell his opinions truthfully and bluntly. His open, conversational style is friendly and creates a connectedness between the author and the reader. The main content is split into three sections, where each chapter offers ideas that fit neatly into the overall heading, giving specific and easy-to-understand examples. A final plus is the study guide at the back, providing a few reflection questions and a recap of each chapter’s main points.

Despite Meeder's strong points, his book often lacks a fresh approach to this topic. There are a number of points where his "average Joe" theme seems to be shoehorned into his points, or forgotten entirely. Many chapters feel unnecessarily padded, or the opposite, too short to make their point well enough. The examples he uses are interesting, but they seem more like affectionate stories than spiritual examples. Meeder adds spiritual elements to them, but they often seem strained.

Average Joe is in no way a bad book. Meeder does make solid spiritual points and shares powerful stories from his life. Yet, despite its strengths, Average Joe is a victim of its style. The content is generic, and most of his points seem like they’ve been said before, or are just common sense. Meeder makes a valiant effort, but ultimately comes a little short. I would recommend this book to seasoned men of the church, mostly those in the thirties and up. Average Joe is good, but there are better books out there related to male role modeling. – Todd Naevestad, www.ChristianBookPreviews.com

Editorial Reviews

Praise for Average Joe

"In celebrating ’the average Joe’ with remarkably compelling stories, Troy Meeder proves that there’s really no such thing as an average Joe and that the closer he gets to Jesus, the less average any Joe will seem or be. Every man will be used greatly by God if he allows himself to be broken and shaped into the Lord’s image, no matter how unheralded
his title or setting."
—Fred Stoeker, coauthor of Every Man’s Battle

"Men love to succeed, and we run from anything that has a high probability of failure associated with it. Rather than heap a bunch of guilt on guys, Troy has collected stories and reflections that most men will relate to—and which inspire us to consider what we’re living for. Sharing from his own life as an average Joe, Troy suggests ways we can reframe
how we’re measuring success—and make the most of life. I’m really glad he wrote this book and will be giving a copy to each of my two college-age boys!"
—John Fuller, vice president, Focus on the Family

"Troy Meeder’s heartfelt accounts from both his own personal experience and those of friends and family touch a raw nerve in your soul. More than once I found my eyes welling up—sometimes because of the sincerity of the story, other times because I realized it was me in the story. Average Joe reminds us that living a life focused on faith, family, and friends is what makes a man exceptional."
—Rick Wiggers, average Joe and account manager

"Troy Meeder speaks prophetically to God’s favorite group of men, which He likes to use to foment spiritual evolutions: average Joes. This book echoes the blueprint in the book of Acts, where God fills and forms ordinary men with a powerful spiritual word for their time as well as liberates them from synthetic, broken male culture into an authentic, powerful life in Christ."
—Kenny Luck, president of Every Man Ministries, author of the God’s Man Series, and men’s pastor of Saddleback Church

"Troy Meeder nails it. Average Joe is a must-read for any guy who questions whether his life can make a difference in the world. Honest and straightforward, Troy reminds us that being ’average’ does not equate with mediocrity and that with God nothing is impossible."
—Eric Close, actor, director, CBS

"Real heroes are desperately needed in our society today. Troy Meeder’s book serves as an inspiration to any man who doubts his significance and desires to be a hero in God’s eyes."
—Ryan Dobson, author, speaker, and host of Grounded Radio

"An excellent read—like having a cup of ’joe’ with your best friend and being infused with hope and destiny! I know it is time for ’iron to sharpen iron,’ but this takes true courage. Troy Meeder dynamically opens this realm up in himself. Going through the study guide gave me the give and take I needed to feel as if Troy and I were truly looking into each other’s heart. We men need to require more of ourselves, and this means we must take the chance and go deeper. After reading Average Joe, I face life with a new focus and purpose."
—Rafael Olgine, average Joe and safety specialist

"This book is dynamite! If you are an average Joe, Troy will biblically blow up the lie that your existence and your life are not significant. And if you think you’re not an average Joe, then you have an even deeper problem! Either way, this book is strong medicine that counters diseased thinking. The best men’s book I’ve read in a long time."
—Steve Farrar, speaker, author of Point Man

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