The Hum of Angels: Listening for the Messengers of God Around Us
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WaterBrook / 2017 / Hardcover

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The Hum of Angels: Listening for the Messengers of God Around Us

WaterBrook / 2017 / Hardcover

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Product Description

Do loved ones become angels when they die? Can one hear angels? Is there a hierarchy of angels? Does each of us have a specific guardian angel? What are cherubim and seraphim? Do angels have wings? Cutting through pious folklore and myth, McKnight advocates a more biblical understanding. 224 pages, hardcover. Waterbrook.

Product Information

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 224
Vendor: WaterBrook
Publication Date: 2017
Dimensions: 9.00 X 6.00 (inches)
ISBN: 1601426313
ISBN-13: 9781601426314

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Publisher's Description

Would You Recognize an Angel if You Saw One?

The majority of earth’s inhabitants believe in angels. Yet many of us cannot claim to have seen one. Why?

Perhaps it’s because in order to encounter one, we first have to learn what to look for and how to look! We live in a world where the natural and supernatural overlap. Angels are constantly on mission from God and constantly at work in the world.

From the Garden of Eden to the book of Revelation, Scripture is filled with hundreds of references to these wondrous creatures. In this creative work, Scot McKnight explores what the Bible says—and doesn’t say—about these majestic beings.

And that’s deeply important, because angels are still on mission today. They express God’s love, confirm his presence, and even lead humans in redemptive worship. Don’t just believe in angels. Learn how to recognize these messengers of God that are all around us, and know how God might be using them to affect our lives. 

Most People Believe in Angels. 
It’s What we Believe About them that Matters.

Believing in angels is one thing. But how can we know what angels are really like – especially when our preconceived notions have been mostly shape by sensationalized misinterpretations of these wondrous beings?

To help sort things out, Scot McKnight untangles fact from fiction on topics such as:
* Do loved ones become angels when they die?
* Can we hear from angels?
* Is there a hierarchy of angels?
* Do we have a specific guardian angel?
* Should we be scared of angels?
* Are cherubs and seraphs different creatures than angels?
* Do angels have wings?
* Are angels worship leaders?

The Hum of Angels illuminates what the Bible says about these heavenly beings and helps you to understand the deepest truths about one of God’s most magnificent and yet misunderstood creations.

Author Bio

Scot McKnight is the author of more than fifty books, including The Jesus Creed and The Heaven Promise. A popular speaker at events such as Catalyst and Q Conference, Scot is professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois. His blog, Jesus Creed, has 3 million page views annually. He and his wife, Kris, live in the Chicago suburbs. @ScotMcKnight


"Books on the angelic in the Bible are usually of varying quality—so fluffy and story filled they lack a coherent basis in Scripture, or so impenetrably philosophical one can’t apply them to the normal Christian life. Scot McKnight's The Hum of Angels carefully avoids all these pitfalls and presents a sound and balanced biblical vision of God's angelic realm and its work. He helpfully reimagines the ministry of angels, while keeping his work rooted in and framed by Scripture. The Hum of Angels is a worthy addition to the library of anyone wanting a solid, insightful, and scriptural view of God's angelic ministers." -JONATHAN MACY, author of In the Shadow of His Wings and minister in the Church of England

"Angels are everywhere! Until I read this book, I must confess that even as a Bible teacher I'd missed how ever present angels are at key junctures and in critical ways throughout the biblical story. As a pastor, I'd been mostly blind to the angels all around us (which most people in our church body, statistics show, more readily see). This wonderful book opened not only my eyes but my ears to the beautiful hum of angels surrounding us—a harmony that points us to the melody of Jesus at the center." -JOSHUA RYAN BUTLER, pastor at Imago Dei Community, Portland, OR; author of The Skeletons in God’s Closet and The Pursuing God

"I make a practice of reading everything Scot McKnight writes because I learn so much from his bright mind and generous spirit. His work exemplifies an intelligent, rich way of understanding the Bible; and this wonderful book is no exception. After having read The Hum of Angels, I'll walk through my day with more awareness of God's loving presence and comfort, and more hope because of it." -SHAUNA NIEQUIST, New York Times best-selling author of Present over Perfect

"In The Hum of Angels, Scot McKnight invites us to consider the active and significant role angels play on the pages of Scripture and in fulfilling the purposes of God today—not for the sake of information, but for the sake of hope. How easy it is for us, from our ground-level perspective, to give discouragement and despair the upper hand. This reminder of the powerful activity of myriads of God's angels on our behalf is one more reason for hope to thrive in the future of God’s ultimate victory over evil. This book is an eye-opening, reassuring, and hope-filled read." -CAROLYN CUSTIS JAMES, author of Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women and Malestrom: Manhood Swept into the Currents of a Changing World

Product Reviews

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4.3 out of 5
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3.5 out Of 5
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  1. Aussiegirl
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    The Hum of Angels
    May 4, 2017
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    The Hum of Angels

    Listening for the Messengers of God Around Us

    By: Scot McKnight

    I love the cover of the bird and the colors look amazing on the cover.

    When I saw this book I had to have it to read, but God lead me to read first The Seven Mile Miracle (which I must say was great). I felt so blessed that The Hum of Angels was still available to read to review. Wow thank you Lord, Glory be to God!! I love reading about angels and figuring out if I might have a guardian angel to protect me and just who it might be. Have you ever thought about if you have an angel?

    I was sitting outside I do that on days that isnt too hot, in FL. the weather here gets so hot you cant sit outside long. I was reading this book and I was at the part where they were talking about the birds singing that lot of people dont see, in that moment I heard a bird singing a beautiful song and could not see him it brought peace to me as they usually do when they sing their beautiful tunes and relaxes me as I sit and close my eye to listen I could listen to their music and chattering all day. Then out of nowhere this pretty bird was on my tree branch and then just as quickly as it came it was gone. The birds Scot is talking about are different little bird. The story on the hum of birds was amazing. I think Ill pray God will let me hear and see these tiny little humming angels.

    In this book as Scot says even among religious people there can be something of an embarrassment surrounding the subject of angels. Now wouldnt you think if they were in the word (bible) they would have read about angels?? If someone would ask me if I believed in God my answer would be yes without hesitation, next if theyd ask if I believed in angels my answer again would be yes. Have these people really been that dumb what about Michael he was Gods Archangel. Id call him the warrior of angels. One of the worlds great experts on angels in history, Valery Rees, youll have to read about her. As you read Mr. McKnights book he will tell you about professors of history, the greatest Theologians, and most importantly what the bible say about angels.

    There are so many stories in this book and how Scot tells about angels with bible backing how can you not believe in angels? I feel you really wont be disappointed if you bought this book if you love angels.

    I recommend this book highly it is a page turner for sure. Grab it and hear the angels hum. I received this book free from blogging for books for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one elses.


    5 Stars

    ISBN 978-1-60142-631-4 I put the ISBN for you to be able to find the book faster at the book stores.
  2. contemplativereflections
    3 Stars Out Of 5
    Book Review: The Hum of Angels
    February 28, 2017
    Quality: 0
    Value: 0
    Meets Expectations: 0
    In "The Hum of Angels," Scot McKnight hopes to encourage readers to become cognizant of angelic beings in our midst. The author asserts that Protestants have long relegated angels to being a past reality confined to ancient times and are no longer relevant to our modern lives. In examining the biblical narratives on angels along with a variety of extra-biblical and non-biblical sources, McKnight states that angels not only exist but also have several different roles and functions of which the primary one is to express God's love to humankind. Other duties of angels include judgement, protection, and guidance as shown in the lives of David and Moses. The author states that angels are ministering spirits that point humans to Jesus and His mission thus any supernatural being that does not do so is a false spirit. This is something that Christians may often overlook as our modern minds tend to tune out what seem to be unscientific or bizarre. Indeed, it is wrong to say that angels do not exist and do not have a place in our present day lives. As created beings, angels are commissioned to do God's work in whatever way He sees fit.

    Nevertheless, I find the author's arguments for how angels function to be somewhat troubling. For example, McKnight describes how angels have roles in redeeming, interceding, and comforting Christians. I would agree that God sent angels to perform these duties sporadically throughout the Bible but as those who have been redeemed by Christ and indwelt by the Holy Spirit, can we still expect angels to carry out these same duties today? Also, McKnight often quotes sources that are not authoritative such as novels, apocryphal writings, and Jewish literature to support his findings. For sure, the author relies on Scripture as the primary authority but to utilize sources that are largely subjective and unproven would seem weak reinforcements to boost his arguments. Furthermore, given that angels still do exist, McKnight does not tell readers how to act upon this truth in their daily lives. He does hint to prayers for angelic protection as found in the early church literature but given that we have Christ who intercedes on our behalf and the Spirit's indwelling presence in our hearts; is it appropriate to pray for angels to work in our lives?

    I have reservations about recommending this book as its weaknesses may outweigh its strengths. I appreciate that McKnight is writing on a subject that most contemporary evangelical authors would typically avoid. We can confidently affirm that angels are as much a present reality as in biblical times as evidenced by the events detailed in Revelation. Moreover, I agree that angels are currently still carrying out God's commands to accomplish His will. However, I find McKnight's evidence of angelic sightings or experiences to be weak and his significant reliance on questionable sources to be disturbing. In addition, I hesitate to assume that angels take on roles and duties that are explicitly attributed in the Bible to Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I received a review copy from The Crown Publishing Group in exchange for a book review.
  3. Will
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    The Hum of Angels
    February 6, 2017
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    I really enjoyed how McKnight set up this book. Chapter one (which I don't want to spoil) explains the title of the book, and immediately intrigues and glues the reader to the pages.

    The book itself isbroken into four parts, with roughly ten or so (give or take) chapters within each part. The parts go as follows: In Defense of Angels, God's Loving Presence In Angels, God's Loving Advocacy In Angels, and God's Loving Transformation Through Angels. Part by part and chapter by chapter McKnight simply but concisely explains what Scripture says about angels.

    A profound and memorable statement from the book is: "Either we trust what God and the Spirit tell us in the Word about angels or we don't. Either we believe it because it is written, or we choose to believe what we choose to believe. While I do not discount the reality that angels still appear to humans, I stand with the Bible's understanding of angels."

    Although I'm no expert in books on angels or angelology itself, I consider The Hum of Angels to be a new go-to source of information for ministers, lay-people, students, or for anyone for that matter. McKnight has delicately poured over the Bible to find and site roughly 300 Scriptures on angels, in order to help the reader know, understand, and recognize these incredible messengers of God Himself.

    "If you believe in God, you also believe in angels."

    (Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.)
  4. Loretta
    Dallas, Georgia
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: Female
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    Fascinating, insightful
    February 3, 2017
    Dallas, Georgia
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: Female
    Quality: 4
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 3
    The author mentions that we are to base the belief of angels on the Bible, that is crucial. He goes on to describe in great detail, what the Holy Bible says about angels and what they do in Heaven and Earth as they minister for God to us.Throughout, in each chapter, he relates stories from the Bible about the positions and work of angels and how God interacted with the Patriarchs and people in the New Testament through angels. There are also stories from others who live in our time, who experienced angels.

    I enjoyed and learned a lot from this well researched book on angels. I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. I would recommend this book for those who are interested in learning about angels, but caution them to read it alongside the Bible,the Word of God
Displaying items 1-4 of 4
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