A Time to Stand
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Thomas Nelson / 2017 / Hardcover

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A Time to Stand

Thomas Nelson / 2017 / Hardcover

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Product Description

African-American attorney Adisa Johnson practices at a reputable law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. After a mistake unravels her career, she returns home and cares for her elderly aunt. Her life is never uneventful when, a Caucasian police officer shoots an unarmed African-American man, leaving him in a coma. Instincts from her previous experience as an assistant district attorney kick in as her thought process is to fight for the young man, but to her surprise she feels compelled to defend the officer instead. Seeking justice just hit another level.

Product Information

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 400
Vendor: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN: 0718083768
ISBN-13: 9780718083762

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Publisher's Description

In a small Georgia town where racial tensions run high and lives are at stake, can one lawyer stand up for justice against the tide of prejudice on every side?

Adisa Johnson, a young African-American attorney, is living her dream of practicing law with a prestigious firm in downtown Atlanta. Then a split-second mistake changes the course of her career.

Left with no other options, Adisa returns to her hometown where a few days earlier a white police officer shot an unarmed black teen who is now lying comatose in the hospital.

Adisa is itching to jump into the fight as a special prosecutor, but feels pulled to do what she considers unthinkable—defend the officer.

As the court case unfolds, everyone in the small community must confront their own prejudices. Caught in the middle, Adisa also tries to chart her way along a path complicated by her budding relationship with a charismatic young preacher who leads the local movement demanding the police officer answer for his crime.

This highly relevant and gripping novel challenges us to ask what it means to forgive while seeking justice and to pursue reconciliation while loving others as ourselves.

Author Bio

Robert Whitlow is the bestselling author of legal novels set in the South and winner of the Christy Award for Contemporary Fiction. He received his J.D. with honors from the University of Georgia School of Law where he served on the staff of the Georgia Law Review. Website: robertwhitlow.com, Twitter: @whitlowwriter, Facebook: robertwhitlowbooks.

Editorial Reviews

'A nice option for book groups, Christy Award winner Whitlow's timely story shines a spotlight on prejudice, race, and the pursuit of justice in a world bent on blind revenge. Fans of Greg Iles' Natchez Burning will find this just as compelling if not more so.'
'Whitlow gives a powerful message about the need for people of all colors and backgrounds to come together in times of trouble. . .'

Product Reviews

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  1. Semmie
    Age: 35-44
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    A Timely Legal Novel
    February 17, 2018
    Age: 35-44
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    This review was written for A Time to Stand.
    ** "The only part of the world we can change is the part we touch. ... Your biggest job in life is to show God's unconditional love to a world that desperately needs to see it." **

    Robert Whitlow's latest novel, "A Time to Stand," could be a story ripped right off of today's front pages -- a story of racial division, reconciliation versus retaliation, and finding forgiveness and hope.

    When Police Officer Luke Nelson, who happens to be white, shoots the seemingly unarmed teen Deshaun Hamlin, who is African American, racial divisions quickly pop up in their small town near Atlanta. And when hometown girl Adisa Johnson, who is also African American, returns to care for her sickly aunt and is then brought onto the police officer's defense team, even more division rises.

    While Luke must learn to trust that Adisa has his best interest at heart, Adisa must also overcome her predisposed assumption about his intentions in the unfortunate shooting.

    What follows is an intense battle, not only on the legal front, but also on the spiritual, personal and emotional fronts.

    The author does such a great job of moving this story along that the reader feels like he is right in the story himself. The reader will feel the tension the characters feel, as well as the hope and the defeat. It also encourages us to delve into our roots, as Adisa searches into her family's history, all the way back to slaves and sharecroppers.

    "A Time to Stand" moves beyond just an entertaining story and becomes a personal journey for the reader. Whitlow brings so much more than just good storytelling. He offers amazing life lessons with this novel, including reminding us to be strong and full in our faiths; how God intervenes in our lives and on our behalf; we can be confident in knowing who holds our future; we are the sons and daughters of the King; we all have a spiritual inheritance; and it reminds us of the promise found in Romans 8:28.

    But more than spiritual lessons, he also reminds us of lessons we all need in today's society to bridge the gap between our perceived differences. As Adisa learns, we must all work towards breaking down the barriers and that those barriers weaken through unity. With this story, Whitlow challenges us to be the change. If we all work toward being the change and being unified, we can be such a better world.

    You will love these characters, from the strong and courageous Adisa and Luke, to the supportive pastor Reggie she meets, as well as Adisa's plucky Great Aunt Josie who is recovering from a stroke.

    Fans of authors like John Grisham and novels like "To Kill a Mockingbird" will enjoy "A Time to Stand."

    Five stars out of five.

    Thomas Nelson provided this complimentary copy for my honest, unbiased review.
  2. bookblogger
    Western Michigan
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: female
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    Timely legal novel by Robert Whitlow
    January 10, 2018
    Western Michigan
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: female
    Quality: 4
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 4
    This review was written for A Time to Stand.
    A Time to Stand by Robert Whitlow

    Adisa Johnson, a young African-American attorney finds herself back in her hometown in the center of a crisis as a young man from her community lies in a hospital fighting for his life. The white police officer who shot him needs legal representation and Adisa must confront her prejudices and those of her community to help him. Her budding relationship with the out-spoken preacher who demands justice in the situation, only complicates matters.

    This timely novel demands that we put aside our prejudices and pursue justice, love and reconciliationno easy task.

    For the most part, I thought the plot was interesting though predictable. It did have a satisfying twist at the end, which surprised me. The results played out in the community a little too perfectly, but it made for a great ending.

    The characters were grew and developed within the story. Aunt Josie was well-written and familiar. Adisa was a little harder for me to relate to. I think the characters could support a sequel, especially if the author developed the relationship between Adisa and Reggie.

    Fans of Robert Whitlow will enjoy this even if it is a bit predictable. I received a free copy from the publisher for my honest review.
  3. Booklover10
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    An appropriate book for our nation today
    January 7, 2018
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    This review was written for A Time to Stand.
    Robert Whitlow did a fantastic job in addressing current day problems inside of a fiction story. His idea for this book came up atsomething that was sort of similiar to what he wrote about in the book. There was a multiethnic prayer meeting held and the idea for this book was birthed.

    The story touches on quite a lot of issues, but I think racism and the police shootings are the two big discussions throughout. I have a lot of respect for Robert Whitlow to even touch two hot topics where there is such division. He does so with respect and presenting two sides.

    Adisa Johnson is an attorney who finds herself out of a job in Atlanta, but is offered a job near her grandmother. It seems like such a blessing because she can be near her Aunt Josie, who is recovering from a stay in the hospital. However, this job offer comes at a price. Not a physical price because she would be working pro bono on a case, but it comes at a price to herself and her community.

    In her hometown, where Adisa is now living, a white police officer shot a black teenager. However, he swears that he heard a gunshot and the teen was racing towards him instead of stopping and walking slowly, like he asked. Now that black teenager is comatose, and who knows what life will be like for him when or if he wakes up.

    Theo Grayson is the attorney who offered Adisa a job. The catch: she has to represent the white police officer, whom the white community believes is innocent and the black community believes is guilty. The racial division in this case made me look at myself. It helped me to see a little of where both sides have some preconceived ideas about each other, whether they mean to or not. That is broken down by the end, all starting with the teen's grandmother saying she forgives.

    I also didn't realize how difficult these cases could be for a black woman to represent a white police officer, especially in this type of case. Adisa goes outside what is acceptable in her community to stand for justice and the law. And I couldn't help but respect Reggie, the pastor, who disagreed with Adisa taking on the case, yet they agreed to disagree and he respected what God had called to do. He even found himself standing up for her.

    There was so much beauty within these pages that we all can learn something from. In this case, the police officer and his wife is praying for the truth to be revealed. The black community is praying for justice to be served. This is a case that crosses racial lines in many ways. But even more beauty comes at the ending. May our nation learn from this book and become unified and may it start with the church.


    I receieved this book free from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion of this book.
  4. Musicgirl66
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    January 3, 2018
    Quality: 0
    Value: 0
    Meets Expectations: 0
    Luke Nelson, a white police officer, shot a black teen by the name of Deshun Hamlin. No weapon is found on the teen, who is in a coma and unable to state his side of things. Is the officer guilty or not-guilty of murder? Adisa Johnson is a young African-American attorney who is asked to be the defendants attorney. Is she doing the right thing? I really liked how all the events were woven together to reach a satisfactory end.
  5. Jennybug52
    3 Stars Out Of 5
    A Time to Stand
    December 30, 2017
    Quality: 3
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 3
    This review was written for A Time to Stand.
    3.5 stars- I live in St. Louis and it goes without saying that over the past couple of years my city has been in the national spotlight for events very similar to those in this book. Recent events in our country have forced a majority of us to confront many of our preconceived opinions of one another. There has been a lot of discussion in my community on the topic of race relations. My sons elementary school, which is 53% black and 37% white, has started a book club for parents on this topic in the hopes of tearing down racial barriers and bringing about real change in our school and our city.

    I was intrigued by the books storyline and was eager to read it. I was curious to see how the author dealt with the issues at hand. I think he dealt with them in a believable way. I have learned over recent months that no matter how much I would like to think that I can truly attempt to empathize and imagine myself in the shoes of a person of another race, I cannot. We may all be the same on the inside but sadly, history has made sure that we are not treated the same because of how we look on the outside. One thing I liked about this story was how the author didnt try to sugar coat the problems with our society when it comes to race and Americas racial history. He strove to show that even though we cant change the past, we can work together to change the future.

    I admit this story was at times hard to get into for me. I found myself skimming in parts and I felt that it took a bit too long to set things up. Thats the main reason for my rating. There were several scenes though that I thought were very thought provoking. For example, I felt Dr. Cartwrights comments to Luke at the end of the support rally really spoke to the main theme of the book.

    This story was about more than a white police officer shooting an unarmed black teenager. It was about confronting and dealing with unacknowledged biases and truly trying to understand a different perspective. Centuries of wrongs have helped mold our current world. Rather than try and erase them we should strive to learn from them, so the future will be different.

    The author created many strong and believable characters. They may not have all been strong in body but were all strong of mind. It was interesting to view situations from their points of view. All of these characters dealt with life and their circumstances in many different ways. I appreciated that he worked to uncover biases in the characters but always kept a thread of hope that those biases could be worked on and changed.

    Overall, this story was a bit different than what I was expecting. There are some avenues I would have liked to have seen explored further but the characters were believable and relatable and I enjoyed reading a Christian viewpoint of such a timely, sensitive topic. The ending was very emotional, very well written and will stick with you after you finish the book.

    I received a copy of this book for free. I was not required to post a positive review and the views and opinions expressed are my own.
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