A Survey of World Missions
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A Survey of World Missions  -     By: Robin Dale Hadaway

A Survey of World Missions

Grupo Nelson / 2020 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW770431

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Stock No: WW770431
Grupo Nelson / 2020 / Paperback

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Product Information

Title: A Survey of World Missions
By: Robin Dale Hadaway
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 256
Vendor: Grupo Nelson
Publication Date: 2020
Dimensions: 9 X 6 X 0.75 (inches)
Weight: 15 ounces
ISBN: 1462770436
ISBN-13: 9781462770434
Stock No: WW770431

Publisher's Description

Reflecting thorough scholarship and decades of ministry experience, Robin Hadaway’s A Survey of World Missions examines the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of missions, as well as issues of culture and worldview, contextualization, philosophy, and mission strategy. The book is designed to assist pastors, students, missionaries, and theologians in developing sound theory and praxis for both the international and North American mission field. Through his use of field illustrations and key questions, Hadaway achieves a conversational tone, making this textbook ideal for use in both academic and lay settings. 

Author Bio

Robin Hadaway (ThD, University of South Africa) is professor of missions and holds the Gary Taylor Chair of Missions and Evangelism at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Editorial Reviews

"This book by my friend Robin Hadaway is a sound and solid study of missions from a biblical, theological and historical perspective. It is also practical and relevant to the twenty-first century context. It will serve well as a college or seminary textbook for years to come."
—Daniel L. Akin, president, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
"Dr. Robin Hadaway has spent decades on the mission field, and teaching missions and mission­aries in training. Thus, he has the unique combination of theory and experience; of both a phil­osophy and the­ology of missions, as well as a track record of missionary commitment and ac­complishment. That com­bination is what makes Dr. Hadaway such a gift to the church, and this book such a treasure for it. May the Lord use A Survey of World Missions to strengthen his church and to fan the flames of a missions awakening and a Great Commission advance."
—Jason K. Allen, president, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
"No matter should concern the Christian more than accomplishing the very mission for which Christ called his church into existence. Thus, understanding that mission is crucial. Drawing from a lifetime of Great Com­­mission passion, missionary experience, and scho­larship, Robin Hadaway has produced what I predict will become the standard textbook for introducing the study of missions. In A Survey of World Missions, Hadaway covers all the bases in providing an accessible and succinct overview of missions history, phil­os­o­­­phy, and strategy. Most importantly, Hadaway captures the essence and simplicity of mis­­sions, exem­pli­­fied in his closing words: ’we are to be his witnesses throughout the world, in the power of the Holy Spir­it proclaiming the gospel of Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection and making those who believe into his disciples. This is missions.’"
—Paul Chitwood, president, International Mission Board
"I have long admired Robin Hadaway’s infectious zeal for missions and his thoughtful insights as a mis­si­o­lo­­gist. In A Survey of World Missions, both of these exemplary attri­butes will be obvious to readers as Had­away superbly introduces the concept, work, and scope of missions from a linguistic, biblical, theo­lo­gi­cal, and historical perspective. Each chapter carefully addresses the various building blocks involved in de­veloping a full-orb­ed understanding of global missions. In doing so, Hadaway provides a thorough en­gage­­­ment with and introduction to the various challenges faced by missionaries and those who seek to develop faithful and effective strategies for the church’s call to make disciples of the nations. The chapters dealing with culture, worldview, and contextualiza­tion are par­tic­­ularly noteworthy. It is a joy to enthusiastically recommend this excellent resource."
—David S. Dockery, distinguished professor of theology and theologian-in-resi­dence, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
 "In A Survey of World Missions, Robin Hadaway provides a thorough presentation of the field of mis­si­ology, while also providing helpful explanations and illustrations of complex issues. As this reflects a career of both field experience and classroom instruction, Hadaway brings his expertise in World Re­li­g­ions, Worldview, and missions methodology to bear on the current conversations and scho­lar­ship in the field of missiology. Yet, what makes this volume most valuable is its clarity. Hadaway’s writ­­ing style suc­cess­­fully educates the reader and makes a helpful case for why complicated concepts and debates matter. I am grateful for this volume and hope many will read it."
—Jason G. Duesing, provost and associate professor of historical theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
"Written with grace and admirable clarity, Robin Hadaway’s A Survey of World Mis­sions is a fine introduc­tion to Christian missions.  This work by an experienced and wise scholar-practitioner offers a compre­hen­sive and accessible overview of missions thought and practice, past and present. It engages with multiple dimensions of missions, including theology, history, anthropology, philosophy, and methodology. This book is a pleasure to read, and will be greatly appreciated, not only by students of missiology, but also by pas­tors and lay people who wish to inform themselves about the remarkable advance of the most potent transformative force in history: the gospel of Christ crucified and risen from the dead."
—Mark Durie, vicar, Oaktree Anglican Church, Melbourne, Australia, and research fellow, Melbourne School of Theology
 "Hadaway’s A Survey of World Missions should find a prominent place in the reading and library of every serious proponent of missions. This book is fresh, well researched, and encompassing in its scope. Unlike most texts on this critical subject, Hadaway’s writing enables you to become well acquainted with the author himself as a man, a missionary, and as a respected missiologist. The reader senses that he or she is being ’conversed with,’ rather than ’talked at.’ This is a refreshing achievement for any textbook author, serving to draw the reader back for more."
—Tom Elliff, former president, International Mission Board
"While our mission and the message of the gospel never change, the mission field is al­ways shifting—today at a faster pace than ever before. This makes it even more impor­tant for us to have a foundational understanding of all the aspects and consider­ations that come with reaching the mission field. Robin Dale Hadaway has compiled an out­standing overview for pastors, missionaries, and anyone who wants to gain a greater un­derstanding of these foundational issues. I would call it an essential book to add to your collection."
—Kevin Ezell, president, North American Mission Board
 "This is one of the rare books that spiritual leaders and growing Christians need to have in their libra­ry. A Survey of World Missions is the new compelling work of Dr. Robin Hadaway. These are not the words from a novice, but words from a proven missionary leader and gifted scholar. As he tells the story of God’s work across the world, you will be inspired to give yourself to the completion of the Great Com­mission. If you want to learn more about advancing the gospel to the world, get a copy of this book, read it and share it with a friend."
—Ronnie Floyd, president and CEO, Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention
 "Robin Hadaway draws on a wealth of personal experience, wide-ranging research, and sound biblical theology in his Survey of World Missions. With a plethora of field exam­ples peppering every chapter, he treats controversial issues judiciously. While he lacks clear-cut answers on some practical dilemmas, he is absolutely solid in bringing the bib­li­­cal gospel to bear on the full sweep of world missions. In short, he cov­ers all one might hope to see in an introductory volume."
—Ant Greenham, associate professor of missions and Islamic studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
"Robin Hadaway has provided the students of mission and missiology with a readable and wider ranging overview. He frequently roots his discussion in the Scriptures, not just with the citation of verses but with discussion of exegetical questions and implications for praxis. I know Robin personally within the context of deep discussion of areas where we differ profoundly, and have found him to be warm hearted, com­pas­­sionate, and fair-minded even when engaged with people holding distinctly divergent views from his own. It is important to know the character of the author of a book such as this, and I am grateful to be able to commend Robin in this regard!"
—Kevin Higgins, president, William Carey International Uni­versity, and general director, Frontier Ventures
"Robin Hadaway brings a wealth of practical experience and academic knowledge to the field of missiolo­gy. He has produced a resource that will be helpful for professors and stu­dents alike. This introductory text covers topics related to theology, history, world religion, and mission strategy. A Survey of World Mis­sions is a helpful addition to the field of missiology; it is well researched, well written, and relevant for to­­day’s students. Ro­bin’s passion for the Lord and his mission is contagious; this book will inform the mind and warm the heart."
—D. Scott Hildreth, George Liele director, Center for Great Commission Studies, and assistant professor of global studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
"I have known Robin Hadaway as a church planter in Africa, a director of missionaries in South America, a professor of missions in Kansas City, and a senior pastor in California and Arizona. He draws on these ex­periences to produce a mission text equally valuable for the North American and international contexts. A Survey of World Missions examines the theoretical, practical, theo­­lo­gical, and methodological com­plex­ities of the missionary task. Presenting al­most every strategy in the field of evangelism and missions, Hadaway allows the reader to reach their own conclusions about their suitability. Sufficiently aca­demic for the scho­­lar, easily usable for the practi­tion­er, and clearly phrased for the lay­man, I highly recommend this im­portant book for every student, pastor, missionary, and church member."
—Johnny Hunt, senior vice president, Evangelism and Leadership, North American Mission Board
 "It is delightful and helpful to find a book about missions written by a person who is both a missionary and a missiologist.  Some books are long on theory, short on practice. Oth­ers reverse the polarities. This excel­lent survey speaks authoritatively from both perspec­tives.  It deals with practical challenges and personal applications; as well as theoretical foundations and theological mandates. This remarkable book will in­form and inspire a new generation to join the mission of God to the nations." 
—Jeff Iorg, president, Gateway Seminary
"Dr. Robin Hadaway has accomplished something that is as rare as it is masterful.  He has written a book of missiology that is at the same time comprehensive in scope and laser-precise in detail, exhaustive in research and exhilarating through personal touch, in­tellec­tu­­ally stimulating and inspirationally challeng­ing. How is all that possible in one vol­ume? Simply put, this book is the overflow of that which has con­sumed Robin Had­a­way for all the years I have been blessed to know him—the purpose and passion of Jes­us Christ and his Great Commission.  This is a must-read for everyone from the curious stu­dent to the seasoned veteran who has spent a lifetime in Christian ministry."
—Richard A. Jackson, pastor emeritus, North Phoenix Baptist Church, Phoenix, AZ
"Dr. Robin Hadaway’s A Survey of World Missions, is born out of many years of the auth­­­or’s field missions experience and lengthy time as a missions administrator. It also reflects the deep and sustained mis­siolo­gi­cal reflection of a theological educator. Dr. Had­­­­away combines the practical with the missiological while also setting out the proper biblical and theological underpinnings of the Great Commission. The work does not shy away from controversial issues related to mis­sions strategy or contentious theological is­sues that shape missions practice. He is irenic in tone and expansive in his survey of var­­ious views on mis­sions. A Survey of World Missions meets the need of the moment in evan­­gelical missions and will prove to be of lasting value for generations of missionaries to come."
—John Massey, dean, Roy Fish School of Evangelism and Missions, associate professor of Missions, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Are you looking for an up-to-date overview of world missions? If so, A Survey of World Missions by Robin Dale Hadaway is the book to buy and read! It is both comprehensive and readable; a major accomplishment. It explains the biblical/theological foundations, the major theories, and the possible future of missions. Missiologists will find this book a must have for their libraries, classes, and students."
—Gary L. McIntosh, professor of Christian ministry & leadership, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

"How will the church reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ? What is the shape of Christian missions today? Robin Hadaway is a capable guide and this book is a helpful survey of Great Commission ministry around the world today."
—R. Albert Mohler Jr., president, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Robin writes about missions as he leads and mentors missionaries—clear, practical, helpful, deep, and solid. The book flows well and covers simply yet thoroughly the foundations and task of missions. Robin has done, taught, and preached everything he talks about. A book that could only be produced by an accomplished practitioner and scholar!" 
—Eddie Pate, professor of evangelism, Gateway Seminary  

"As a professor of missions after forty years of active missionary service I have discovered it is difficult to find a relevant mission text that is not outdated. After many years of teach­ing and missionary leadership Dr. Robin Hadaway has provided a classroom re­source that not only presents refreshing insights into the biblical and historical back­ground of missions, he has captured the unprecedented work of God in the twenty-first century. A Survey of World Missions brings the reader in touch with current innovative stra­tegies that are being used to impact lostness and move Christians closer to the ful­fillment of the Great Commission. Whether for personal study or classroom instruction, this book will provide new insights into the modern missionary task."
—Jerry Rankin, former president, International Mission Board

"As a mother of a missionary myself, I found this book to be educational, inspirational, and practical. I have been greatly blessed! My late husband, Dr. Adrian Rogers, knew Dr. Hadaway for many years and I know that he would have been excited to endorse this wonderful book." 
—Mrs. Joyce (Adrian) Rogers, former pastor’s wife for thirty-two years, Bellevue Baptist Church, Cordova, TN
"In Robin Hadaway, you have a missionary, pastor, and professor all in one. Writing as both a scholar and practitioner, Robin provides a sound biblical, historical, and missiological survey of world missions that will be a valuable resource for the twenty-first century mission student—whether they be in the pulpit, class­room, or pew. My prayer for you as you read A Survey of World Missions is that a passion for world mis­sions would grow in your heart and be manifested in your life."
—Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Distinguished Chair for Church, Mission, and Evangelism, and executive director, Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, Wheaton College
"Robin Hadaway has produced a well-written, accessible introduction to missions which demonstrates the breadth of the church’s biblical, theological, historical, and anthropological reflections on the missionary enterprise, without losing sight of the unifying core which has driven the church throughout the ages to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth. The book is written with the missionary in mind, yet never loses sight of the sovereign God who alone directs his mission in the world."
—Timothy C. Tennent, president and professor of world Christianity, Asbury Theological Seminary
"Robin Hadaway and B&H have done the field of missions a ser­­vice by writing and publishing A Survey of World Missions. This book will serve well as a textbook for introductory college and seminary courses on missions. Robin Hadaway brings to the book a lifetime of service as a field mis­sionary, missions administrator, and professor of missions. Indeed, he shares personal experiences through­­­­out the book, and these illustrate the points he makes. His explanation of contextualization will clarify this complex topic for beginning students. Further, his comments on the use of money and mis­sions will prove helpful to novice and veteran missionaries alike. I can recommend this book with enthu­siasm."
—J. Mark Terry, professor emeritus of missions, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

"The mission history of the church is on display in A Survey of World Missions. For more than 2,000 years, Christ-followers in local churches have been on-mission to fulfill the Great Commission. Each generation doing what they can for the cause of Christ, each generation getting closer than ever before to finishing the task. Innovative leaders continue to study history to build on the lessons of the past and avoid repeating its failures. Robin Hadaway has turned in an opus on the history of missions backed by a lifetime of experience and generations of perspective. He reviews where the church has been to help us discern what leaders can do next. The perspective found in this book will help any church leader understand the true health of the local church is measured by its sending capacity not its seating capacity!"
—Rick Warren, founding & lead pastor, Saddleback Church

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