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  The Challenge of the Disciplined Life
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Foster shows you how to manage day-to-day ethical decisionmaking while helping you determine the proper place of money, sex, and power.     
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  Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home
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Isn't prayer merely psychological manipulation? As he guides you in understanding, experiencing, and practicing prayer in all its forms, Foster also helps you learn to be comfortable with its mysteries.      
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  Prayers from the Heart
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With this beautiful collection of prayers and Foster's encouragement, you can develop a prayer life that's relevant and renewing to the moments of your day and events in your life.      
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  Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth, 20th Anniversary Edition
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Discover how to incorporate the practices of meditation, prayer, worship, simplicity, and other Christian disciplines into your daily routine---and experience a richer life in Christ!      
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