The Big Picture: Getting Perspective on What's Really Important in Life Audiobook [Download]
Table of Contents
Contents PART ONE: SEEING THE BIG PICTURE Prologue 1. The South African Twins --- Why? 2. A Set of Twins from Zambia 3. An Impossible Operation 4. Getting the Big Picture 5. Seeing the Big Picture PART TWO: A CLOSE-UP VIEW OF THE BIG PICTURE 6. Seeing Hardship as Advantage 7. Moving Beyond a Victim Mentality 8. Parenting: Life’s Most Important Responsibility 9. Determining Priorities and Making Choices 10. Being Nice, Doing Good PART THREE: THE WIDE-ANGLE VIEW OF THE BIG PICTURE 11. What Ails America? Racial Diversity Is a Strength 12. Finding a Cure For Racial Division 13. Education: The Great Equalizer 14. Diagnosing the Crisis in Health Care 15. Revolutionizing Health Care: One Doctor’s Prescription Epilogue: The Truly Big Picture
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