A Multi-Site Church Roadtrip: Exploring the New Normal - Unabridged Audiobook [Download]
Table of Contents
Preface Introduction: The Next Big Thing in Religion Is Here 1. Grow Big AND Grow Small (One size does not fit all) 2. Church Planting Strategy 3. Getting Multi-site into Your Genes 4. Variety of Locations 5. Community Transformation 6. Internet Campuses 7. Fun with Technology: An Oxymoron? 8. Structure Morphing 9. International Sites 10. Teaching Pastor from Another Church 11. Merger Campuses 12. Two---or More---at Once 13. Multiple Leaders on Multiple Campuses in Multiple Cities with Multiple Challenges 14. Aren’t You Sure This Isnt’ a Sin? The Theology of Multi-Site 15. Grandchildren Already Epilogue: Now What Predictions Appendixe
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