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Enough Is Enough!

Are you hindered by fearful, limiting thoughts? I'm not smartenough. It's too late for me. I can't do this alone. Do you longfor more joy, challenge, or fulfillment? When you merely endurelife, you are surviving, not thriving. You feel resigned ratherthan inspired—exhausted rather than accomplished. And chancesare you know something is missing—but you don't know what todo about it.

Using Enough Is Enough! as your guide, you will discover howyour unique symptoms of endurance are holding you back. And youwill learn how to calm your fears and let go of the self-judgmentsthat keep you stuck in your rut. By aligning with your deepestpersonal truths instead of acting from fear, you will releaseyourself from needless suffering. And you will be inspired tomanifest the extraordinary life you were meant to live.

Written by the highly successful seminar leader and life coachJane Straus, Enough Is Enough! takes you on a compelling spiritual,emotional, and intellectual journey toward a rewarding life that istruly worth living.

In this remarkable book, Jane Straus tells her own story oftransformation with vulnerability and humor and shares theexperiences of clients, friends, and seminar participants who havealso been able to break free of the shackles of endurance. EnoughIs Enough! offers encouragement, insights, and powerful exercisesto ensure that the next chapter of your life story is aboutthriving joyfully as the unique person you have always been and theextraordinary one you are still becoming.

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