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In The Future That Has Come, Kennon L. Callahan confirms the seven major paradigm shifts that have happened in recent years and the new possibilities that are now open for local congregations. He confirms that the future of the Christian Movement is in reaching and growing the grassroots vast movement of grassroots groupings that are consciously, actively, and happily strong in their dedication to advancing God's mission.
Throughout this book, Dr. Callahan discusses the distinctive qualities of the grassroots movement, confirms the motivations that genuinely reach people, explores the new world-view that has emerged, examines the cultural shift to an excellent sprinter culture, and shares the nature of mission for our time. He offers practical suggestions for growing the grassroots and shares possibilities for growing creativity and objectives, and building a focus on the whole of life. In the midst of these helpful suggestions, he discusses the future of congregations, and much more.
This wise book offers clear insights on the rich possibilities for the present and the future and encourages grassroots persons to develop a healthy, constructive approach to their mission together

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