Revelation 8-22: An Exegetical Commentary
Table of Contents
14. The Seventh Seal and the First Six Trumpets

     9. The Seventh Seal: The Seven Trumpets Awaited (8:1)

    B. The Sounding of the Seven Trumpets (8:2-11:19)

     1. The Setting of the Trumpets: The Prayers of the Saints (8:2-6)

     2. The First Trumpet: Burning of a Third of Vegetation (8:7)

     3. The Second Trumpet: Destruction of a Third of Sea Life (8:8-9)

     4. The Third Trumpet: Poisoning of a Third of theFresh Water (8:10-11)

     5. The Fourth Trumpet: Darkening of a Third of theHeavenly Bodies (8:12-13)

     6. The Fifth Trumpet: Demonic Locust Plague(9:1-12)

     7. The Sixth Trumpet: Death to a Third of Earth'sInhabitants (9:13-21)

15. Preface to the Seventh Trumpet

     8. The Announcement of the End of Delay (10:1-11)

     9. The Measurement of the Temple and Worshipers (11:1-14)

16. The Seventh Trumpet and Background of the Seven Bowls Begun

   10. The Seventh Trumpet: The Seven Bowls Awaited (11:15-19)

    C. The Pouring Out of the Seven Bowls (12:1-18:24)
     1.  The Background of the Bowls (12:1-14:20) 
       a. The Woman, the Male-Child, and the Dragon (12:1-18)

17. Background Concluded and Introductory Episodes for The Seven Bowls

       b. The Beast Out of the Sea (13:1-10)

       c. The Beast Out of the Earth (or Land) (13:11-18)

       d. The Victorious Followers of the Lamb (14:1-5)

       e. Four Climactic Announcements (14:6-13)

          (1) The Everlasting Gospel (14:6-7)

          (2) The Fall of Babylon (14:8)

          (3) The Torment of the Beast Worshipers (14:9-12)

          (4) The Blessedness of Those Dying in the Lord (14:13)

       f. The Harvest and the Vintage (14:14-20)

18. The Seven Bowls or the Seven Last Plagues

     2. The Rejoicing Over the Seven Last Plagues (15:1-4)

     3. The Preparation for the Seven Last Plagues (15:5-8)

     4. The First Bowl: Incurable Sores on the BeastWorshipers (16:1-2)

     5. The Second Bowl: Death to All Sea Life (16:3)

     6. The Third Bowl: Transforming of All Fresh Waterinto Blood (16:4-7)

     7. The Fourth Bowl: Scorching of All through the Sun's Intensity (16:8-9)

     8. The Fifth Bowl: Darkening of the Beast's Kingdom (16:10-11)

     9. The Sixth Bowl: Preparation for the Doom ofEarth's Kings (16:12-16)

   10. The Seventh Bowl: The Destruction of Babylon (16:17-18:24)

       a. The Bowl Summarized (16:17-21)

19. The History and Fall of Babylon

       b. Religious Babylon Destroyed (17:1-18)

       c. Commercial Babylon Destroyed (18:1-24)

20. Rejoicing over Babylon's Fall and Conquest of the King of Kings

    D. The Closing Visions of John (19:1-22:5)

     1. Rejoicing over the Fall of Babylon (19:1-10)

     2. The Coming of the King of Kings (19:11-16)

     3. The Great Supper of God (19:17-21)

21. The Millennium and the White-Throne Judgment

     4. The Binding of Satan (20:1-3)

     5. The Thousand-Year Kingdom (20:4-10)

     6. The White-Throne Judgment (20:11-15)

22. The New Creation

     7. The New Heaven and the New Earth (21:1-8)

     8. The Holy City (21:9-22:5)

23. Final Words by an Angel, John, and Jesus

    E. Epilogue (22:6-21)

     1. The Testimony of the Angel (22:6-7)

     2. The Testimony of John (22:8-11)

     3. The Testimony of Jesus and John's Response (22:12-20)

     4. The Benediction (22:21)
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