Learn Before You Leap: 100 Case Studies for Youth Pastors
Table of Contents
Introduction: The value of talking for learning The value of Problem Based Learning (Case Studies) The value of interviews The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Case Studies and Interviews The Case Studies/Interview Questions 1. Case Studies 1-10: Ministry 1-5 Calling 6-10 Marriage/Family Ministry Interview Sheet 2. Case Studies 11-20: Music 11-15 YM programming uses 16-20 Student/Staff usage Music Interview Sheet 3. Case Studies 21-30: Media 21-25 YM programming uses 26-30 Student/Staff usage Media Interview Sheet 4. Case Studies 31-40: Counseling 31-35 Acute Crisis Intervention 36-40 Ongoing Contemporary Youth Problems Counseling Interview Sheet 5. Case Studies 41-50: Biblical Interpretation 41-45 Old Testament Issues 46-50 New Testament Issues Interpreting the Bible Interview Sheet 6. Case Studies 51-60: Teaching/YM Curriculum Development 51-55 What To Teach 56-60 How To Teach Teaching Interview Sheet 7. Case Studies 61-70: Evangelism 61-65 Evangelism Strategies 66-70 Evangelism Content Evangelism Interview Sheet 8. Case Studies 71-80: Spiritual Formation 71-75 Sacraments 76-80 Prayer Spiritual Formation Interview Sheet 9. Case Studies 81-90: Games/Recreation 81-85 The role of recreation in YM 86-90 Game issues Games/Recreation Interview Sheet 10. Case Studies 91-100: Theological Issues 91-95 “Life/Death” Issues 96-100 Spiritual Gifts Theological Issues Interview Sheets Conclusion: How To Develop Your Own Case Studies
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