The Future of Christianity
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Table of Contents

1. The Twentieth Century: Challenges and Failures in the West.

Catastrophe: The Armenian Genocide.

Stalinism: The Enforcement of Atheism.

The Nazi Crisis: The Failure of "Culture Protestantism".

The 1960s: A Crisis of Confidence.

2. The Transformation of Religion: The Reshaping of Christianity.

Globalization of Christianity.

Decline in Western Europe.

The Remarkable Case of Korea.

Resurgence in Africa.

Transformation in Latin America.

3. New Ways of Being Church: Trends for the Future in the West.

The Death of the Western Denomination?.

The Marketing of Christianity.

The McDonaldization of Christianity.

The Community Church.

Willow Creek.

The Cell Church.

A Community in Exile.

4. Challenges: Some Future Issues.

The Threat of Fundamentalism.

The New Faultlines: Islam and Christianity.

The Future of Ecumenism.

The Language of the Faith.

5. The Christianity of the Future: A Tentative Overview.

Is there a future for Protestant denominations in the west?.

Roman Catholicism.



Eastern Orthodoxy.

6. The Two Nations: The Disillusionment with Academic Theology.

A Case in Point: Biblical Studies.

The Marginalization of Theology.

The Longing for Spiritual Authenticity.

"Academic" Theology is Western Theology.

A Strategy for Recovery: The Organic Intellectual.

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