Job: Understanding the Books of the Bible Study Guides
Table of Contents
Why Read and Discuss the Book of Job?
How These Study Guides Are Different
1. Experiencing the Book of Job as a Whole
2. The Adversary Destroys Job's Possessions, Family, and Health
3. Job Wishes He'd Never Been Born
4. Eliphaz Urges Job to Trust God
5. Job Asks His Friends to Understand and Sympathize
6. Bildad Urges Job to "Plead With the Almighty" to Escape the Fate of the Wicked
7. Job Wishes He Could Take God to Court
8. Zophar Appeals to the Hidden Side of Wisdom
9. Job Insists He's as Wise as His Friends and Again Asks God for a Hearing
10. Job Looks for Someone to Believe in Him
11. Accused by His Friends, Job Declares That God Will Be His Redeemer
12. Zophar Accuses Job of Becoming Rich by Oppressing the Poor
13. Eliphaz Renews the Charge That Job Has Oppressed the Poor
14. The Friends Finish Speaking with Job
15. Where Can Wisdom Be Found?
16. Job Describes the Losses He's Suffered
17. Job Guarantees His Innocence with a Sevenfold Oath
18. Elihu Insists That God Has Already Been Answering Job
19. Elihu Challenges Job to Respect God's Authority
20. Elihu Compares God's Power to an Approaching Storm
21. The LORD Portrays a Wild World outside the Realm of Humanity
22. The LORD Describes the Terrible Power of Behemoth and Leviathan
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