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The complete text of Operation World, 7th edition, PDF, including country profiles, prayer information, statistics, maps and charts, plus:
  • Praying for Special Ministries
  • Links to hundreds of mission agencies across the globe

The complete text of Operation World, 7th edition, ePUB format for use on portable devices

Nearly 2 hours of MP4 video, including:
  • The State of the Gospel presentation by Jason Mandryk, 66 min.
  • Jason Mandryk. Interview with Patrick Johnstone, 26 min.
  • Jason Mandryk Interviews with members of the OW team, 15 min.

State of the Gospel presentation, 43 slides, PPT

Animated global map presentations showing:
  • the growth of Christianity from 1900-2025, 27 slides PPT
  • the spread of Evangelicals from 1960-2010, 12 slides PPT

Introductory 4-slide PowerPoint presentation for each country and region, highlighting key information for prayer 965 slides, PPT

Handout for each country and region, featuring the complete prayer profiles from the book, 231 profiles, PDF

Full-color, enlarged thematic world maps from the OW book, and additional custom maps, 28 maps, PDF, PNG, EPS

Full-color, enlarged, political maps of each country and region, 463 maps, PDF, PNG, EPS

Full-color, enlarged charts for each country and region and the world, including hundreds of charts not printed in the book, 958 charts, PDF, PNG, EPS

Flag of each country 236 flags GIF (high-res and low-res)

Operation World data sets for each country and region:
  • Statistical data from the printed book, 261 tables, XLS
  • Extended Religions tables, 234 tables, XLS
  • Extended Denominations tables, 246 tables, XLS, XLSX, HTM
  • Extended Christian TransBlocs tables, 233 tables, XLS

Global time-series adjusted data (5-yr intervals) by country and region for:
  • Religions, 2 tables, XL
  • Christian TransBlocs, 2 tables, XLS
  • Global Mission Agency Directory, 1 table, XLS, HTM
  • Source list for the Operation World database, XLS

A growing set of online DVD Bonus Content, including (as of 7-Jan-2011):
  • Charts, 59 charts, PDF
  • Maps, 42 maps, PDF
  • Tables, 57 tables, PDF

"Build Your Own Operation World Map"--Online access to an unlimited number of user-created, custom PDF maps specifying geographic location, colors, data categories, etc. Choose from five Operation World themes: Percent Evangelical, Number of Evangelicals, Evangelical Growth Rate, Percent Christian, Percent Muslim.
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