Table of Contents
Primary Bloggers
Foreword by John R. Franke
Introduction: Toward a New Kind of Conversation by the Editors 1
Blog One: What Is "Postmodernism"? By Bruce Ellis Benson 5
Blog Two: What Is a Postmodern Evangelical? by Myron Bradley Penner 37
Blog Three: Theology and (Non)(Post)Foundationalism by Bruce Ellis Benson 65
Blog Four: The Bible, Theology, and Postmodernism by Myron Bradley Penner 89
Blog Five: Evangelical Faith and (Postmodern) Others by Mabiala Kenzo 115
Comments 121
Blog Six: Postmodern Apologetics by Myron Bradley Penner 137
Blog Seven (Part One): Postmodern Ministry: In Search of a Living Orthodoxy by Ellen Haroutunian 163
Blog Seven (Part Two): Ministry in the Now by Ellen Haroutunian 167
Comments 173
Blog Eight: Spiritual Formation in a Postmodern Context by Brian Mclaren 183
Comments 191
Notes 203
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