Missional House Churches: Reaching Our Communities with the Gospel
Table of Contents
Acknowledgments vii
Introduction 1
Chapter 1 What Is the C/church Anyway? 17
Chapter 2 Meet the Missional House Churches 45
Chapter 3 Church Growth and Missional House Churches 67
Chapter 4 Money and Missional House Churches 93
Chapter 5 The Future of Missional House Churches 115
Chapter 6 Church Planting Movements and Missional House Churches 133
Appendix 1 Research Methodology 165
Appendix 2 Phase I: Web-based Questionnaire 169
Appendix 3 Phase II: Phone Survey Questionnaire for North American Churches with Both Baptisms and Church Plants 173
Appendix 4 Common Characteristics of Every Church Planting Movement 181
Appendix 5 Characteristics of Most Church Planting Movements 183
Notes 185
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