I've Been Wondering: Conversations with Young Theologians
Table of Contents
Preface xi
Stalking the Cat: An Introduction to the Craft of Theology

Chapter 1: "Now That I Am an Adult . . ."
Subject: Hurt and frustration with the church
Subject: Is life really a "test"?
Subject: Do we "progress" toward God?
Subject: Leaving my home church
Subject: No longer content with Sunday school answers

Chapter 2: Reading Scripture with New Eyes
Subject: The Bible and Christian doctrine
Subject: Scrambled
Subject: Faith: personal or communal?
Subject: Does the Bible have errors?

Chapter 3: Who Do We Say that Christ Is?
Subject: Is Christianity the "cult of Jesus"?
Subject: Christ, the "fully human one"
Subject: Why did Jesus have to die?
Subject: Condescending Christians

Chapter 4: Free Choice, Moral Responsibility, and Divine Sovereignty
Subject: Divine Election
Subject: Free will
Subject: Predestination
Subject: Can the saved lose their salvation?
Subject: God's justice eclipsed by his love
Subject: Is there an upper limit to "perfection"?

Chapter 5: Faith and Fossils
Subject: Noah and Dinosaurs
Subject: Concerning Adam and Eve
Subject: Does the theory of evolution contradict the Bible?

Chapter 6: Keeping the Faith in a Postmodern World
Subject: Postmodernism in the Church
Subject: Drowning in Relativism
Subject: Relativism and the loss of faith

Chapter 7: Encountering God in Worship
Subject: The arts in worship
Subject: Sacramental grace
Subject: The presence of Christ in communion
Subject: Sacraments

Chapter 8: Faith in Practice
Subject: Natural law
Subject: "Bigger" and "smaller" sins
Subject: Faith and weath
Subject: Ministry to individuals vs. social witness

Chapter 9: Gender and Sexuality on a Christian Campus
Subject: Women in the Church
Subject: Masturbation
Subject: Premarital sex
Subject: Lust
Subject: Late bloomer
Subject: Homosexuality

Chapter 10: The "Problem" of Human Suffering
Subject: "Why did God let my baby die?"
Subject: Ministering to a suffering youth
Subject: Questions about healing

Chapter 11: The Gospel and Religious Pluralism
Subject: Catholics vs. Christians
Subject: Can non-Christians be saved?
Subject: Is Christianity the only way to God?

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