Forgotten Girls Expanded Edition: Stories of Hope and Courage
Table of Contents
Foreward by Lynne Hybels

Part I: Physical Life
1. Stand Up to the Witch: INDONESIA
Beti's Story
2. Disposable Mothers: TIBET
Sonam's and Pema's Stories
3. Sacrificed to Gods: INDIA
Sunshine's Story
4. Not Enough Girls: NORTH KOREA and CHINA
Si-un's Story
For Discussion and Action

Part II: Educational Life
5. Education for AIDS Orphans: CHINA
Mai Lin's Story
6. Beautiful Music from Untouchable Girls: INDIA
Anne's Story
7. Given by the Chief: SENEGAL
Esmee and Afia's Story
8. A New Way: EGYPT
Anissa's and Safia's Stories
For Discussion and Action

Part III: Sexual Protection for Life
9. Temporary Wives in Timbuktu: MALI
Halima's Story
10. Kidnapped! KYRGYZSTAN
Meerim's Story
11. Girls for Sale: NEPAL
Nima's Story
12. Throwaway Girls: INDIA
Poonam's Story
For Discussion and Action

Part IV: Freedom in Life
13. Behind Prison Bars: PAKISTAN
Majeeda's and Alira's Stories
14. Surviving War: SUDAN
Amina's and Khadijah's Stories
15. Sisters of War: IRAQ
Alina's Story
For Discussion and Action

Part V: Spiritual Life
16. An Awakening: IRAN
Dorri's and Nahid's Stories
17. From Geisha Daughter to Daughter of the King: JAPAN
Yoshi's Story
For Discussion and Action

Conclusion: Looking Through Eyes of Hope
Appendix 1: Guidelines for Discussion Group Leaders
Appendix 2: Recommended Reading
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