The Quest for the Trinity: The Doctrine of God in Scripture, History and Modernity
Table of Contents
1. 'The history that God is': Studying the Doctrine of the Trinity in the Twenty-First Century
2. 'In your light, we see light': The Trinity in the Bible
3. 'Always with him are his Word and Wisdom': Early Patristic Developments in the Doctrine of the Trinity
4. 'From the ousia of the Father': The Fourth-Century Debates 1
5. 'The Godhead is by nature simple': The Fourth-Century Debates 2
6. 'Understood by a few saints and holy persons': The West and Augustine
Interlude: The Harvest of Patristic Trinitarianism
7. 'Distinction in the persons but unity in the nature': The Medieval Doctrine of the Trinity
8. 'By the testimonies of the Scriptures or by manifest reason': Anti-Trinitarianism from the Reformation to the Eighteenth Century
9. 'A transformation which will go back to its very beginning': The Doctrine of the Trinity since 1800
Bibliography of Works Cited
Index of Biblical Texts Cited
Index of Technical Terms/Phrases in Latin/Greek
General Index of Authors and Subjects
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