Intergenerational Christian Formation: Bringing the Whole Church Together in Ministry, Community and Worship
Table of Contents
Venturing into Intergenerationality: Our Stories

Part One: Generational Realities
1. What Is the Problem?
2. How Did We Get Here? Why Churches Tended to Separate the Generations
3. Why Bring the Generations Back Together? The Benefits of Intergenerationality
4. What Shall We Name This Approach?

Part Two: Biblical, Theological and Theoretical Support
5. Feasts, Jehoshaphat and House Churches: Biblical Foundations
6. Growing Each Other Up: Theoretical Foundations
7. Midwives, Tailors and Communities of Practice: Learning Theory
8. The Trinity, Koinonia and the Body: Theological Foundations

Part Three: Support from the Social Sciences
9. Becoming Christian in Community: "Religious Socialization" 
10. The Very Old and the Very Young: Contributions from Gerontology
11. Millennials, Xers, Boomers and Silents: Generational Theory
12. By the Numbers: Empirical Research

Part Four: Intergenerational Christian Formation Practices
13. Creating a Culture of Intergenerationality
14. Intergenerational Worship
15. Intergenerational Learning Experiences
16. Intergenerationality and Story Sharing
17. Intergenerational Service and Missions
18. Intergenerational Small Groups
19. Cross-Generational Relationships in Multicultural Churches
20. Intergenerationality and Megachurches

Appendix A: Forty Intergenerational Ideas
Appendix B: Intergenerational Ministry Resources
Appendix C: Biblical Passages that Reflect an Intergenerational Outlook

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