Table of Contents
Part 1: Healing
1. Seven Theses: From Scripture to Today
2. Healing in the Old Testament
3. Healing in the New Testament and the Church's Practice
4. Biblical and Theological Analysis of Healing
5. The Church as Healing Community
Part 2: Health Care: Biblical, Moral and Theological Perspectives
6. Health and Health Care in Biblical-Theological Perspective
7. Biblical and Theological (Anabaptist) Foundations of Health Care Through Mutual Aid
8. Health Care in Christian History and Mission
9. Disability, God's Two Hands of Love: Internal Care, External Witness
Part 3: Toward New Paradigms
10. Health Care Reform: Evaluation and Prospects
11. From High-Tech and Triage to Shalom and Service
12. Living Toward Sustainable Health Care
Summary and Concluding Reflections
Appendix 1. Mennonites, Brethren and Related Groups in Health Care
Appendix 2. Center for Healing and Hope: Its Mission and Contribution
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Scripture Index
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