Creating a Missional Culture: Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World
Table of Contents
List of Figures and Tables
Foreword by Alan Hirsch
Part 1: The Power of Culture
1. What Is Missional Culture and Why Does It Matter?
2. How Culture Works
3. What's Going On in the Culture of the Church You Serve?
4. Polycentric Leadership and Missional Culture
Part 2: A Leadership Imagination That Shapes Missional Culture
5. Facing Today's Challenges
6. Hearing the Story
7. Deepening Theological Roots
8. Embracing Emotional Health
9. Relinquishing the Need to Control
Part 3: The Five Culture Creators
10. Jesus the Archetypical Culture Creator
11. Apostles: Dream Awakeners
12. Prophets: Heart Revealers
13. Evangelists: Story Tellers
14. Pastors: Soul Healers
15. Teachers: Light Givers
Part 4: Embodying a Missional Culture
16. The Cultural Web and the Neighborhood Church
17. Cultivating Missional Environments
18. Cultivating an Equipping Ethos
19. Polycentric Leadership at Work
Appendix 1: Equippers and Their Roles
Appendix 2: Equipper Candidate Reference Form
Appendix 3: Equipper Candidate Interview
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